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Daily Headlines: Palestinian-Syrian Group Forming Units To Fight For Golan

Palestinian-Syrian Group Forming Units To Fight For Golan

 A militant Palestinian group in Damascus said it is forming combat units to try to recapture Israeli-occupied territory, in particular the Golan Heights, after Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah said that they would support such operations.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) said it was preparing for new operations after nearly 40 years of quiet on the Israel-Syria border.

"The leadership of the PFLP-GC announces that it will form brigades to work on liberating all violated (Israeli-occupied) territories, first and foremost the occupied Golan," it said in a statement late on Friday.
"The Popular Front's leaders have opened the door to all Syrian citizens to volunteer in the formation of the resistance."

Assad was quoted by state media as saying he would turn the Golan into a "resistance front" and would allow combatants to attack Israel from the area.
Hezbollah, which fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006 and is believed to coordinate with the PFLP-GC, turned up the rhetoric further by saying it would support any such operations.

Yes, the same group that the U.S. fully supported in their quest for power. 

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood staged an anti-Israel rally in Cairo on Friday, the first such protest by the main backers of President Mohammed Morsi since they rose to prominence in the wake of the country’s 2011 uprising.
Emerging from weekly services at Al-Azhar mosque — the centuries-old seat of Sunni Muslim learning — demonstrators chanted “the people want the destruction of Israel” in protest of recent Israeli airstrikes in Syria and the detention of a Palestinian Muslim cleric.

At one point, leading Brotherhood member Mohammed el-Beltagy took the microphone and shouted: “we will repeat it over and over, Israel is our enemy.” Others echoed the call, and one organizer whipped up the crowd in a chant urging the army to launch a war against Israel to “liberate Palestine … from the sons of monkeys and pigs.”

The rally comes a day after Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an influential Muslim cleric and Brotherhood ally, crossed to the Palestinian Gaza Strip to join a rally held by Hamas. At the rally, al-Qaradawi voiced support for militants who fire rockets at Israel and said the country has no right to exist.

“Obama has handed Iraq over to Iran and said ‘do what you like’,” Alusi, a former Iraqi member of parliament who hails from the tribal Sunni province of al-Anbar in western Iraq, told the Times of Israel in a telephone interview from his home in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq.
Ten years after freeing Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, the Obama administration has allowed a no less dictatorial regime to emerge, and then handed it over to its avowed enemy Iran, Alusi said.

Even as President Obama is following in Eurosocialist footsteps, the 14-year utopian experiment on a single currency is collapsing. The architect of the euro just ran up the white flag on the biggest policy mistakes in history. Former German Finance Minister Oskar Lafontaine called his own brainchild a "catastrophe".

Ordinary people are now suffering because of arrogant EU decisions taken in 1999. This is the "catastrophe" Lafontaine was describing. But he is a Eurocrat, after all, and he will never admit that he personally made any mistakes in launching this giant Hindenburg balloon in the first place.
Nobody is ever wrong in Europe, as in the Obama Administration. Even after admitting failure Mr. Lafontaine will not take responsibility for his brainchild. No, he tells us that he was right all along. Instead, Lafontaine blames other countries for "not acting rationally."

This is a human-made disaster. It could have been avoided, but the European ruling class was seduced by the imperial glory of its "new" model of a welfare state with peace and love forever. That is what Europroganda has been telling the world for more than a decade.

Europeans have been going along with the farce of pseudo-electoral governments. The European Union has no elected representatives with real power. Elected Members of European Parliament have no power. Unelected bureaucrats appointed by Germany and France have all the power. The EU has a nice building, but it's a pure front.
As a result, the fear and panic in Italy, Greece, Ireland, and the rest is not being heard by the ruling class in Brussels. Like bureaucrats throughout history, the EU is most interested in its own power and privileges. They are an unaccountable aristocracy.
Today we are seeing CYA all around. Britain, France and Germany are telling three different lies, which all leave them blameless. Millions of people are suffering and the elites only care about saving themselves.

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