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In The News:Hezbollah - "Game-Changing" Arms In Play

Hezbollah Head Says Syria Will Supply 'Game-Changing' Arms

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday that Syria will supply his Lebanese militia with “game-changing weapons,” describing the move as Syria’s response to airstrikes earlier in the week.
Nasrallah spoke less than a week after unnamed Israeli officials said Israeli aircraft twice struck shipments of advanced weapons in Syria believed to be bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel did not officially confirm responsibility for the early Friday and Sunday strikes around Damascus.

“Syria’s response to Israel’s air strikes is to tell Israel that if your goal was to prevent boosting the resistance’s capabilities then take note … [Syria] will give the resistance arms,” Nasrallah said, according to a translation posted on the website of the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper.
“And it will provide the resistance with sophisticated weapons that the resistance has never obtained before,” he said during the televised address.

Syria has been the main conduit for Iranian weapons to Hezbollah.
Nasrallah also said Syria had opened up the Golan Heights for “resistance groups” to fight against Israel.
“Whoever wanted a war on Syria, the response was to open the Golan front for any popular resistance groups,” he said.
He added that Hezbollah would aid any group attacking Israel from the Syrian side of the Golan.
“This is more important than firing a rocket or carrying out an airstrike in occupied Palestine,” he said.
Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad warned Thursday that Damascus would not hesitate to strike back in reaction to any future Israeli military assault on its territory.
“We will respond immediately and harshly to any additional attack by Israel,” Mekdad said during an interview with AFP.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad warned Thursday that Damascus will not hesitate to strike back in reaction to any future Israeli military assault on its territory.
“We will respond immediately and harshly to any additional attack by Israel,” Mekdad said during an interview with AFP.

The deputy foreign minister further cautioned that the Syrian army was instructed to return fire in the case of an Israeli offensive, without awaiting orders from the political leadership.
“An order was given to immediately respond to any new Israeli aggression,” he said.

Christian persecution under Islam is probably the absolute worse human rights crisis going on in the world today, and yet it is virtually unknown in the West.  Thus I wrote the book to fill the vacuum, since the mainstream media and others—such as the Obama administration—have, to varying degrees, decided to ignore or whitewash this otherwise growing epidemic of human pain and suffering.

If any other group but Christians were being attacked, their plight would make international headlines.  But because from childhood on up in America—from high schools to universities, from the media to Hollywood—Americans are conditioned to view Christians and their history as hypocritical, fanatical, intolerant, the source of the world’s woes, it is difficult to acknowledge that, in fact, Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group around the word, especially the Islamic world.
A January 2013 Reuters report estimates some 100 million Christians around the world are being persecuted for their faith. Thus I wrote this book to give

Almost every single country that Obama has helped rebels and opposition forces to topple the ruling secular regimes has gotten markedly worse for Christians.  Under Gaddafi, one never heard of Libya’s immensely small Christian minority suffering.  Post-Gaddafi, and thanks to Obama’s support for the al-Qaeda linked jihadis who were always a part of the opposition, the very few churches there are under attack and bombed; nuns are harassed and forced to flee; Christians possessing Bibles are arrested and tortured (one recently died from his torture).
It is the same now in Syria, which, under secular strongman Bashar Assad was tolerant towards its Christian minorities.  Now, the “freedom-fighters”—code for the Obama-supported foreign jihadis—are targeting Christians for killing, displacement, and hostage taking for ransoms.  The atrocities being committed are many and barbaric—beheadings, enslavements, rapes, and wholesale massacres—filling the over 300 pages of Crucified Again, including, as you point out, in pictures.
Wherever there are sizable Muslim populations living side-by-side with Christians, the latter are under attack.  So, yes, Christians are being persecuted, to varying degrees, in all Muslim nations. 

What a relief that Israel withdrew from Gaza, liberating the Palestinians there. Well, not exactly.

Hamas is lobbying for a stricter enforcement of Islamic law in Gaza—including provisions to cut off the hands of thieves, and execution of individuals who cheat on their spouses…. Hamas expects the new regulations to take effect in the coming months, after introduction of the legislation in the PA parliament.

The report notes that “Existing laws mete out the death penalty to individuals convicted of murder, spying, homosexuality, or selling land to Jews” and that the new legislation will also include “lashes for a large number of ‘crimes,’ including drinking alcoholic beverages and gambling.”
And furthermore, “Hamas has a large majority in the PA parliament, with 74 of the 134 parliamentarians belonging to the Islamist party,” and the new legislation
is expected to easily pass. Once it does, the laws will be extant in both Gaza and Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria, but it is not clear if they will be enforced there.

By and large, the same people who have made the Palestinians and their alleged rights a cause célèbre for decades cannot be gotten interested in these realities. There are certain to be more Israeli Apartheid Weeks next spring, but there will be no Gaza Torture or Gaza Sharia weeks. Back when waves of Palestinian suicide bombers were strewing body parts all over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it was Israel’s checkpoints and separation fence that became the focus of—supposed—moral concern.
Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry has launched yet another major diplomatic initiative aimed at restarting Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that are supposed to lead to “peace.” The ongoing refusal to internalize the problematic nature of the “Palestinian people”—who exhibit the same afflictions so evident in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and elsewhere in the region—is stunning to behold.

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How many Americans have heard of Extortion 17? Extortion 17 was the call sign for the Chinook helicopter shot down in Afghanistan on the night of August 6, 2011. Killed in that crash were 25 special ops forces, including 15 members of Seal Team 6, 5 national Guard troops and 8 Afghans.
Today, the families of the military killed in that crash held a press conference to lay out the coverup by Obama and the military that has gone on since that crash. The video of the press conference can be found here
I watched the live stream of the press conference, admittedly crying throughout. Then the point came that the tears turned into white hot anger. Every American citizen must watch this video. The major Obama regime coverups did not occur only in Fast and Furious, the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and Benghazi. The man sitting in OUR White house is methodically destroying our country, our military and our very existence.

At the beginning of the video is footage of the Islamist Imam praying over our soldiers at Bagram Air Base. Of course he prays in Arabic, but in the English translation he sent our heroes into eternal hell as infidels while praising the Islamist relationship with our country. You read that right, and our Government and our military let that happen.
This operation reads like a set up from the beginning. All the Special Ops forces were packed into one National Guard Chinook. There was no escort for the Seals that night, no pathfinder, and conveniently the “eye in the sky” (drone) didn’t work. The seven members of the Afghan military that were to accompany our service members were switched out just prior to take off. The names of the seven Afghans appearing on the flightmanifesto were not the seven that boarded that helicopter on the night of August 6, 2011.
Apparently the call to switch out these seven Afghans was made by an “out of theater” commander. To this day, no one has come forward identifying that commander. America needs to demand an answer to that question. Remember, prior to this crash, Barack Obama and Joe Biden had identified Seal Team 6 as the forces that killed Osama Bin Laden. One has to ask, “were they a trade off for Bin Laden?”

In Benghazi, four Americans were abandoned. In Afghanistan, over 1500 soldiers were killed and nearly 15,000 wounded, many of them denied air support and the ability to fight back under rules of engagement that likely also played a part in the betrayal at Benghazi.
Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin said that a single death is a tragedy, but a million deaths is a statistic. The four deaths in Benghazi are a tragedy. Afghanistan however is just a statistic.
The day after Benghazi, the parents of Navy SEALs from Seal Team Six, along with former military officials, appeared at the National Press Club to demand a congressional investigation. The media responded with a collective shrug and resumed providing non-stop coverage of the Jodi Arias case. Some Lady Macbeths go to prison. Others are meant to go to the White House.

A revealing moment came last month during newly christened Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's initial appearances on Capitol Hill. Among his most persistent questioners was Mr. Forbes, who demanded to know:
Why were unit commanders being prohibited from informing their units about religious programs offered by the chaplain's office?
Had Navy officials banned Bibles from a service hospital--and if so, why?
Why did the Air Force remove the word "God" from a unit patch?
Why had a Department of Defense training directive included Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons in the same category of religious extremists as al Qaeda?
If you understand anything about Washington, you will not be surprised that Mr. Hagel hemmed, hawed and backpedaled, apologizing for not being aware of any these issues or their answers. Not to worry, though. He promised to get back soon with answers for the record. Don't hold your breath, and don't expect to see this dust-up headlining the evening newscast.

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