Thursday, May 13, 2010

Russia in the spotlight

There have been a number of stories this week which describe Russia's growing involvement in the Middle-East, and it seems all directed against Israel (predictably). Joel Rosenberg, in his book "Epicenter" did an excellent job in covering Russia's ambitions in the region. For a variety of reasons but mainly in order to control gas and oil in the region, Russia would like to extend their influence in the Middle-East. Of course, we also know that Russia (aka "MaGog") will ultimately lead a massive invasion of Israel - an invasion that God Himself will strike down (Ezekiel 38-39).

Today we see the following articles which reveal Russia's movements in the region:

"Russia moving closer to Hezbollah"

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Syria this week and met with Hamas politburo Khaled Mashaal. On Wednesday, he even stated that Hamas should be included in the Middle East peace process, despite Israel's firm stand against the Islamist movement.

Is Russia taking a pro-Islamic side in one of the most explosive regions in the world? A former Israeli ambassador to Russia explains that Moscow is seeking to increase its involvement, and hold, in the region. Terror organizations? It's doesn't really matter to them.

Magen says the Russians are looking for Palestinian unity, in order to bring all sides to the negotiating table, "which they want to place in Russia as part of a Middle East conference attended by all parties – all the Palestinians, the Syrians and even Hezbollah."

Why is Russia engaging in these intensive efforts? "It seeks to upgrade its status. It wants to turn into a more important power. For this purpose it must activate worldwide moves, in the Middle East as well."

Dr. Petrushevsky says that during his visit in Damascus, Medvedev also bolstered ties with Syria "alongside strengthening tie with Iran, Hamas, and, through less openly, with Hezbollah."

Like Magen, Petrushevsky believes that Russia wants to become a major regional actor, but emphasizes above all else the country's courtship of the Islamic world:

For three reasons: to neutralize the Muslim world from supporting radical Islam within Russia; internal reconciliation within radical Islam while displaying pro-Islamic foreign policy, and strengthening its status in the world in this method."

Russia will be balanced and flexible. Everything is dedicated to making it into a world power and returning it to the front of the world stage."

"Israel accuses Russia of hypocrisy over Hamas"

Israel's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday accused Russia of hypocrisy after Moscow joined Turkey in calling for the official inclusion of Hamas in the Middle East peace process.

Israel, like most Western governments, defines Hamas as a terrorist organization, and as such refuses to negotiate with it. But Russia and Turkey insist that Hamas is a major player in the region that must be taken seriously, regardless of its bloodthirsty methods and its stated desire to destroy Israel.

In a statement released to the press, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman reminded Russia that Hamas is no different than Chechen terrorists it refuses to negotiate with.

Predictably, Joel Rosenberg is also watching this situation:

Russian-Turkish-Syrian Alliance Grows"

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is on an historic three-day tour through Syria and Turkey. It was the first visit by a Russian leader to Damascus since the end of the Cold War.

His top agenda items arms sales and helping both countries build nuclear power facilities. Ominously, Medvedev in Damascus called for Israel to give up its nuclear arsensal and help create a “nuclear free zone” in the Middle East.

The visits come at a time when Russia is steadily building diplomatic, economic and military alliances in the region that are consistent with the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies about the coming “War of Gog and Magog” against Israel

"Medvedev vows major Mideast role during Syria visit"

President Dmitry Medvedev pledged a major Russian role in Middle East peace efforts on Tuesday as he sought to use a landmark visit to Syria to recover influence in the strategic region.

In a nod to a Cold War ally with which relations drifted after the Soviet Union's 1991 collapse, Medvedev also promised Russian help in developing Syria's oil and gas infrastructure as Damascus seeks to restore its role as a major transit route between the Gulf and the Mediterranean.

They called on Israel to withdraw from the Syrian Golan Heights as well as "all other Arab lands occupied in June 1967"

"The parties express deep concern over the remaining dangerous tension in the Middle East, first and foremost as the result of the continuing Israeli occupation, and condemn Israel settlement activity, (and) any unilateral attempts towards occupied Arab land, including east Jerusalem," they said.

Medvedev promised that Russian military cooperation with Syria -- a regular target of israeli criticism -- would continue subject to their "mutual interests and international obligations."

One thing is crystal clear: Russia is no friend of Israel. At every turn, Russia supports Israel's enemies, Russia arms Israel's enemies with not only weapons but with energy, Russia is essentially building Iran's nuclear facilities, Russia wants Israel to give up critical land such as the Golan Heights, and now we see Russia on board with attempts to disarm Israel. It is all predictable based on biblical prophecy, but it is still disconcerting to observe.

Russia is on the move in the Middle East and they won't stop any time soon. At least until they launch a massive attack upon Israel, and at that point God will put a stop to their efforts. Directly and dramatically. How soon? We shall see.

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