Saturday, May 29, 2010

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It looks like things are continuing to heat up in the Middle East:

"IDF bombs targets in Gaza"

Air Force jets bombed weapons-production sites in the northern Gaza Strip overnight Friday, as well as a smuggling tunnel in the south.

Late Thursday night a Color Red siren was sounded throughout the city of Sderot, after a Qassam rocket was launched from the northern Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Thursday evening, the IDF foiled an attempted terror attack near the Gaza border fence, close to Kibbutz Nahal Oz, as Palestinians attempted to take advantage of the heavy fog in order to plant an explosive device near the fence.

Air Force aircraft opened fire at the suspects, and seven Palestinians were reportedly injured.

Lebanon fires on Israeli warplanes"

The Lebanese army fired anti-aircraft guns on Israeli warplanes Wednesday after what it said were repeated violations of Lebanese airspace, state media reported.
According to the National News Agency of Lebanon, the army opened fire after Israeli planes entered Lebanese airspace for a third time over a two-hour period in what would be a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.

"Rockets Fired at Sderot as Egypt Finds Seventeen Tunnels"

Sderot residents woke up early on Friday morning to the sound of rocket sirens as Gaza terrorists launched two projectiles at the city

On Thursday, terrorists fired a mortar shell at the Shaar Hanegev region. The day before, terrorists fired four rockets at Israeli towns near Gaza, but missed their targets, hitting open fields instead

Israel prepares to detain, Deport Gaza Flotilla Activists"

Israel is preparing to detain and deport hundreds of foreign activists who are making their way to Gaza by boat in a challenge to Israel's closure of the area. The IDF has set up tents for temporary shelter and plans to divert the boats to the Ashdod port, where buses will wait to take the activists to the airport for deportation.

Israeli officials said Thursday that they hope to avoid the use of force, but are prepared to bring the activists to jail if necessary.

While the flotilla organizers present themselves as human rights advocates whose sole goal is to assist the people of Gaza, a report by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reveals the groups cooperation with radical human rights violators. Senior Islamic extremists, among them Mahmad Tzoalha and Sahar Albirawi, both top Hamas terrorists who today operate in Great Britain, and Hamam Said, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, attended the launching ceremony in Istanbul of a boat participating in the flotilla.

Activists say they are bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, government spokesman Mark Regev said the flotilla is actually “a cheap political stunt.” If the activists were truly interested in the welfare of Gaza Arabs, they would have transferred aid via the land crossings, “along with the other 15 thousand tons sent every week,” he said.

Whatever aid is on the boats heading for Gaza will be unloaded in Ashdod and shipped to Gaza by truck along with the other aid sent through Israel, officials said.

This is an interesting twist to the "flotilla story" for anyone who has been paying attention. Ostensibly, all for human rights, true? Nothing political about this?

If that's the case, then why no concern over an Israeli who has now been captive of Hamas for nearly four years?

"Human Rights" Flotilla Organizers refuse Letters for Shalit

The parents of Gilad Shalit, held captive in Gaza for nearly four years, asked the organizers of the “human rights” flotilla to take letters and packages for Gilad. The answer was no.

Gilad has been held captive by Hamas terrorists in Gaza for nearly four years, during which time he has been allowed absolutely no contact with neutral or Israeli elements.

They refused to make the transfer of the aid conditional on anything having to do with Gilad Shalit.

The Shalit family said afterwards that they regret the refusal of the convoy organizers to cooperate or to grant humanitarian aid to their son Gilad, “who has been held by Hamas in Gaza for four years, against all law and international charters.”

That pretty much says it all doesn't it?

In the following article, we see more build up to war:

"Russia sends its mightiest warships for drills in Far East to prevent a US attack on North Korea"

Flagships of three Russian fleets have united in Russia’s Far East for the large-scale naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in June, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said on Wednesday.

The flagship of the Black Sea fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, arrived at a naval base near Vladivostok on Wednesday and teamed up with the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, and the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag guided-missile cruiser.

In the midst of more instability in the region:

"France calls for North Korea to be punished for sinking South Korean warship"

France has joined the chorus of voices calling for North Korea to be punished for firing a torpedo that sunk a South Korean naval ship. The UN Security Council has indicated that it is likely to intervene.

France has joined the chorus of voices calling for North Korea to be punished for a surprise torpedo attack on a South Korean naval ship.

France’s foreign ministry has characterized the attack as “criminal aggression” and ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said that North Korea “should not go unpunished” for the attack.

A multinational investigation found “overwhelming” evidence that a North Korean submarine fired the heavy torpedo which sank the Cheonan near the disputed border, killing 46 South Korean sailors.

There is no telling where this whole North Korean - South Korean conflict will go, with tensions escalating daily. There is a reasonable chance that nothing will happen, and as a result North Korea would have successfully downed a South Korean ship, killing dozens of sailors in the process. It is a strange world that we are living in these days.

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