Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it about time?

I usually try to avoid speculation, in efforts to stick to the "facts" exclusively. That, to me, means simply revealing the scriptures and then showing the current world events and then letting the reader determine whether these world events line up with prophecy or not. Usually, its so self-explanatory that no further commentary is needed.

However, I can't help but have several recurring thoughts in the context of everything we see today.

A quick glance at the world shows several interesting aspects (over and beyond the usual "prophetic events" discussions):

- The EU is beginning to receive commentary about its viability - in light of the situation in Greece and several other countries
that are in a similar financial situation.

- The Euro, for the first time since its inception, is beginning to have serious questions about its viability as a currency for the
EU - in fact, the concept of any form of a central currency is also beginning to receive serious questions.

- The "peace talks" (whether "direct" or "indirect") seem to have reached another roadblock - and as usual centered around the
issue of Jerusalem. There is no apparent solution - meanwhile the arms build-up in the region continues.

- The EU has an admittedly significant lack of leadership at the top. The current "leaders" lack vision and charisma, and this
lack of leadership is beginning to symbolize the overall lack of direction within the EU.

- The Med Union is in place, but it too seems to lack a specific direction and focus.

- The world's financial crisis is in the early stages. After Greece, there are a number of countries in the EU that are facing
similar collapse - a collapse brought on by years and years of the weight of non-sustainable social programs.

We know several important headline topics from biblical prophecy:

- The EU will continue its growth, and its strength will grow (despite the obstacles outlined above).
- A central world currency will be developed - as a logistical entry point for the Mark of the Beast.
- There will be a peace settlement brokered in the Middle east (at least a temporary settlement), but when brokered it will
appear to be the "be all - end all" settlement.
- We also know that the EU will have its leadership in place at some point in this continuum.

What does all of this point to?

It seems clear that the EU needs a "big" leader to emerge and lead the way out of this crumbling situation.

Only the antichrist seems capable of pulling all of this together, with the necessary solutions to these problems. It is possible for another (other than the antichrist) leader to emerge, and perhaps continue the "road-paving" process that we see today, but I don't think so.

The problems seem to big for any "normal" human to solve. From the Middle-East problems, to the world's financial crisis, to the EU's array of problems - there seems to be no apparent solution.

But we know the antichrist will ride in like a knight in shining armor and appear to have everything solved. It is one way he will gain such power and prominence. He will even seem to solve the Middle-East problems, as he "confirms" the covenant of Daniel 9:27.

But it also seems clear that he will have to arrive before the Euro collapses. He will have to arrive before any potential break-up of the EU. He will arrive in time to "save the day" in the Middle East. He will even offer an explanation for the Rapture.

I believe that we have reached a point in which none of these problems will be solved before the arrival of the antichrist.

I also believe that we are nearing a "breaking point" in which these problems could become irreversible. For instance, I don't see the EU breaking up and then re-forming. Biblical prophecy seems to indicate unencumbered growth (which is what we have witnessed thus far, with the EU developing into the Med Union), once started. Recall that birth pains, once started, do not reverse - they progress in a fairly predictable pattern.

The stage is set, but that stage won't remain so forever. It seems that everything is in perfect place for the arrival of the antichrist.

The non-believing world is seeking just such a leader - someone who can solve these seemingly insurmountable problems that the entire planet faces today - starting in Europe and the Middle-East - areas that will be the antichrist's "playground" before his reach extends to encompass the entire world.

The time is ripe. But there is one big event that must happen first: The Rapture of the Church. This epic event will take the current tenuous situation that the world is facing, and dramatically and immediately worsen everything - especially the financial situation.

We are just on the brink.

It is time to be prepared spiritually, just as Jesus directed. We are about to come face to face with our Lord and Savior - Christ Jesus.

Are you prepared?


hartdawg said...

there is just one point that i disagree on that is this: there are actually 3 things that must happen before the anti-christ emerges 1)destruction of damascus (and defeat of isreals neighbors) which sets the stage for 2)Gog/magog. after this battle the huge power vacuum will allow anti-christ to rise VERY quickly and 3)rapture which in my opiniom occure between destruction of damascus and Gog`magog

hartdawg said...

that being said, i could very easily, very easily see damascus destroyed this summer and the rapture and Gog/magog following within months, a year at the most.

Ed said...


I look forward more than anything to seeing and being with the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity. I know God loves me, and He has my heart.

My question is: do you think there is any biblical basis for the idea of a believer being "left behind", so to speak, from the Rapture? Even if this is just to do God's will during the tribulation...?

No, I have not read the LeHaye books, LOL. But I did have a dream several years ago in which my family had been taken up and I was still walking through a crumbling world. My wife says it was probably just my sleeping mind wrestling with the surety of my salvation.

I also have to admit, as a lifelong student of history, a certain fascination with the ultra-epic history-capping events that will likely come post-Rapture. But don't get me wrong, if I feel myself rising up to meet the Lord in the air, I'll be more than happy to "miss out" on the fireworks of the very last days.

Again, I just welcome any thoughts you have on the inclusiveness of the Rapture.


Expected Imminently said...

Received the SEED of Eternal Life. Eternal Life is Eternal, it cannot die. It is a Gift of righteousness in exchange for your unrighteousness with Jesus Christ The Saviour of mankind. Some fear they may do something to ‘lose’ that Eternal Gift by some act of deliberate or accidental carelessness. Well if it was up to you to keep yourself saved, that would be entirely possible.

To quote myself, “It isn’t up to us to keep ourselves saved; we are in the doubled fisted grip of The Father and The Son, sealed in by The Holy Spirit”. To escape that three sealed grip, would mean you are greater, stronger and cleverer than our Triune God! Are you? Besides; when we are faithless, He remains faithful. NOTHING can separate us from God, He is a jealous God, and will not allow anything to take away what rightfully belongs to Him, including ourselves. Effectively Jesus will say to the enemy “Hands off, I have paid for Ed’s sin and failings with My Own Blood, Ed belongs to me”.

You are a NEW MAN who cannot sin. Your old man has been crucified with Christ and is unable to affect your standing with God any more. The Gifts and callings of God are irrevocable; they are freely given at no cost to you. You did NOTHING to earn your Salvation in the first place; so you can do NOTHING to lose it.

Arminiumism would have you believe Salvation is ours only until we sin, then it is lost until we get right with God and are saved again – in perpetuity. Until the day we die, they would have us believer we cannot ever be sure we are saved.
Calvinism would have you believe that you had no choice in the matter of Salvation; that God elected you for heaven without your own ‘say so’. Other were elected by God for hell and can do nothing about it. Until the day they die, the Calvinist can never be sure that they are really saved and ‘elected’ by God for heaven. Like the Arminiumist, they do not know their eternal state until they are dead! RUBBISH!

For by Grace you are saved, by faith, and that not of yourself it is the Gift of God. NOT of works lest any man should boast. BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus Christ and you WILL be saved.

One other thing. The Raptured Church shall observe the events of the Tribulation from the ‘Upper Circle’ of heavens grandstand! At the end of the seven years, we shall follow Jesus on white horses as He destroys His enemies.

Please use your concordance to search out the above Scriptures and make them a part of yourself. Ask The Lord to confirm it to you with more confirming Scripture; then wait patiently and faithfully for the answer that will come. TRUST!

P.S. I haven't read the LaHaye books either - !
God bless you

Ed said...

Wow, thank you so much, Sue! God must be working through you - how else could you know just what I needed to hear?

And thank you, Scott, for building this forum that is bringing us together, even before we will truly be together in the Kingdom!

God bless all of you Watchers as we wait for the Lord!


Scott said...

Hello all!

First, Hart: I agree. I also believe that Damascus' destruction and Gog-MaGog occurs before the Tribulation begins and the "official" coming out of the AC.

I am trying to say that I believe we are close to "needing" the AC to arrive before certain potential events such as the collapse of the EU and the Euro etc....

That also brings us closer to the above events. I am not saying that the AC's arrival is next on the timeline, I'm only saying that his arrival may be needed soon, since the stage is set --- and therefore (implicitly) all of these events are imminent ("all" being Damascus, Gog-MaGog, and the rise of the AC).

Ed -

O agree wholeheartedly with Sue. I wrestled with this issue through intensive study and prayer for about 3-4 months one summer...I really wanted to convince myself about "ALL" Christians going up in the rapture --- ANd I completely believe "ALL" of us go up. The same rules for salvation apply to the rapture.

I get this from several sources:

1. The two main scriptures which describe the rapture are 1 Cor 15 and 1 Thess 4.

In 1 Cor 15 - Paul is addressing the church in Corinth - notoriously one of the most "carnal" churches in history. And in that passage, Paul stated "We will not ALL sleep, but we will ALL be changed in a flash in the twinkling of an eye...etc..."

Note he didn't say a sub-set of Christians, but "ALL"....Even the church in Corinth!

2. 1 Thess 5 clearly links SALVATION with the Rapture:

"For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to RECEIVE SALVATION through our Lord Jesus Christ. He dies for US so that...we may live together with Him" (1 Thess 5:9-10).

IOW - those who have reached SALVATION are not appointed to suffer the wrath.

As John 14 states (another rapture reference) -

"Trust in God, Trust also in me".....

He did everything for us. And that includes the rapture. We are ALL considered as Jesus' bride. And we'll ALL be involved in the wedding and the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Its a promise :)

God Bless


Expected Imminently said...

I somehow missed out the start of my post to you which said that the rapture is not based upon what we as individuals do or don’t do. Each believer, not forgetting the dead in Christ, is corporately the Body of Christ. A partial rapture would mean a mutilated body with bits missing.(Pretty Bride!):[
God bless your study.