Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Day of Headlines

Today seemed like a slow news day as far as prophetic developments. At least it seemed that way initially; but it is all relative. Relative to most days, this morning's news seemed slow. However, just a glance at some of the day's headlines reveals something interesting. In these last days, just a passing view of the headlines reveals a world that is just on the brink:

"One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction"

"Sharp falls across Europe stock markets as debt fears dominate"

"Global stock markets see sharp falls"

"N. Korea leader to Army: Prepare for war"

"U.S. backs South Korea in punishing North"

"For Every Israeli Concession, a Palestinian Provocation"

"Obama Call for 'International Order' Raises Questions about U.S. Sovereignty"

"Obama to DoD: Prepare for N. Korea Aggression"

"U.S., European economies face major hurdles"

"World stocks sink on renewed European fears"

"U.S. is Said to Expand Secret Military Acts in Mideast Region"

"Clinton: Koreas security situation 'precarious'"

"Two Koreas snarl at each other, tensions rise"

Relative to most days, this is indeed a slow news day, but a casual glance at the headlines reveals a world which seems to be teetering just on the edge. From the world's financial crisis to the daily rumors of war - the headlines tell the story. "Slow" news days are rare lately - and even on a seemingly slow day now, there are multiple headlines which would have been attention-grabbing several years ago - but in the world today, it seems business as usual. It would be easy to become desensitized but Jesus' commands to "watch" prevent that.

We are in the midst of birth pains - and the contractions are occurring more intensely and more rapidly. The headlines tell the story.

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