Monday, May 24, 2010

As summer nears, the Gulf is heating up

As seen in a new article from the Jerusalem Post:

"Mideast Affairs: As summer nears..."

Relations between Iran and the Gulf states are more strained than ever. Iran is issuing threats and working nonstop to undermine their stability. It repeatedly declares that these countries are part of its historic territory and it will take them over at the appropriate time.

The Gulf states are aware of what is going on, but they are conducting an appeasement policy toward Teheran – even if they themselves have no confidence in it. All this is occurring while with increasing dread they helplessly follow the nuclear crisis, epitomized by Iranian determination and aggression in the face of American weakness.

The tension level in the region has increased in recent days as once again a measure of Iranian subversion in the Gulf states came to light. In Kuwait a spy network acting on behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was uncovered; it intended to establish the infrastructure in anticipation of a takeover of the country: to incite the Shi’ites against the regime, establish sleeper cells to act when the time came and provide support for illicit economic activity.

Given the failed attempts by the West to impose sanctions on Iran, and the voices emerging from Washington that diplomacy is the way to solve the crisis and that the military option is off the table, Ahmadinejad has nothing to fear, at least at the current stage. He feels he can advance his subversive plan and strike at the countries of the region. The provocative naval maneuvers that Iran continues to conduct are intended to deter the US and Israel, but they also convey a clear message to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states: “We are here alongside you and we have massive power. Do not dare to provoke us.”

Meanwhile, the US offers no response.

In other news, we see Turkey moving more and more into alliances with Russia (aka "MaGog") exactly as Ezekiel 38 informed us:

"The Istanbul-Moscow Axis of Evil"

Turkey is pivotal because of its location as the boundary between Europe and the Middle East (remember, Napoleon said that "geography is destiny"), its large population, industrial capacity (15th-largest economy in world), and formidable army (second-largest in NATO).

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan and his AK Party are dismantling the foundations of the secular republic and pursuing Islamist domestic and foreign policies.

The domestic Islamist transformation of Turkey -- a country with vast secular population, excellent universities, emerging civil society, and a previously free press (now being intimidated) -- is tragic enough. But the transformation of Turkish foreign policy increasingly presents a clear danger to American interests.

In practice, this means allying with rogue states Iran and Syria (whom even President Obama recently saw fit to designate a state sponsor of terrorism). Worse, Turkey now embraces terrorist murder squads like Hamas and Hezbollah and fetes their leaders as honored guests. Turkey hosted Sudanese President Bashir, who is under indictment for crimes against humanity by the International Court of Criminal Justice.

In my conversations with U.S. officials, I have found dismaying unawareness of the consequences of the ugly reality that Turkey is now a functional ally of Iran

I was not surprised to read upon returning to the U.S. that Russian President Medvedev had made a state visit to Turkey's Islamist President Gul. Medvedev proclaimed establishment of "a full -scale strategic partnership," which includes Russia's building a nuclear power plant, as well as energy pipelines, in Turkey. This is hardly a new Warsaw Pact, nor an existential axis of evil. But neither can it be dismissed casually by incantations of "engagement" or defaulting, as the Europeans do, to soft power.

A Russian-Turkish alliance stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea presents a new set of problems for American diplomacy. A NATO member in a "strategic partnership" with Russia is contrary to more than a half-century of NATO doctrine. The problem is magnified when the NATO ally becomes an ally of Iran and holds joint military exercises with Syria. My soundings in Moscow suggest that the Russian government comprehends these changing dynamics and the advantages they give to the Kremlin. I see no evidence that the same can be said of our government.

One would think that the above article was written by a prophecy expert. I can recall years ago, when prophecy watchers wondered when (not "if") Turkey would start its movement into the Russian-Iranian axis. At the time, it appeared that Tukey was a "shoe-in" for entry into the EU - a fact that seemed inconsistent with the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 where Turkey (ancient "Beth Togarmah" of Ezekiel 38) is seen as aligned with the Russian-Iranian led invasion of Israel.

But over the past 2-3 years we have watched as Turkey began "dismantling the foundations of secular republic and pursuing Islamist domestic and foreign policy", not to mention aligning with Russia in a big way.

Turkey was the last piece of the Gog-MaGog invasion. The other regions mentioned have, for years been aligned with the radical Islamic terrorist movement who seeks to destroy Israel (Iran, Turkey, Northern Africa, etc.).

The pieces are now in place. All that seems needed is a triggering mechanism to be ignited. It may be as early as this summer.


Anonymous said...

hello! i have nothing to add, i just wanted to thank you for your time and this blog. a friend sent it to me a few weeks ago, and i check in often. thank you for keeping us up to date on events that never make our news or papers. be blessed!

Scott said...


Many thanks for the kind comments - they are greatly appreciated. I thank God daily that He allows me to do work that I love doing. Its beyond exciting to watch the signs that Jesus gave: Signs that reveal His soon coming.

God Bless and Maranatha!