Tuesday, December 15, 2009

War Preparations

Below is an interesting commentary on the ongoing war preparations in the Middle East. While many of us have speculated that the trigger point would be an "attack" on Iran's nuclear facilities by Israel, the commentary below gives a different perspective:

"Iran Hezbollah Prepare for Pre-Emptive War".

Iran and Hezbollah Prepare for Pre-Emptive War

Ill Winds, What is brewing in Lebanon?
By Scott W. Winchell

It appears a powder keg that has been stockpiling in the Middle East for quite a spell is about to explode. What is Hezbollah planning? Is Israel ready? Is Iran planning a larger, bolder strategy for the demise of Israel? What of the involvement of Russia? The plan is a major preemptive strike on all major Israeli airports; auxiliary and military airfields to prevent any military take off against Iran. Ahmadinejad has effectively set much in place in a plan that now appears ready for launch! Iran has erected a building and assembling factory for rocket and missile development for Hezbollah in Lebanon and they are armed to the teeth.

The word is they plan to take out Israeli bases in a prelude to invasion in the Sheba’a Farms, Ghajar, and the Seven Villages region of the Golan. Any invasion, attack, or even a successful victory there would only embolden the Iranians, Syrians, and others to act on other unknown plans. Remember, Hezballah declared victory the last time because any success is all they need for their propaganda machine, and if they succeed there; repercussions are likely to be felt around the world.

It is known that Iranian Republican Guard agents have been placed throughout the world, including the USA and Europe. Is this the other time bomb? Well, it appears so! What then is the overall strategy? Is this the conflagration predicted that will cause worldwide chaos, thus bringing the Mahdi to power? It is said that the arrival of the Mahdi will be during a time of great chaos and strife the world over. With the economy of the world in freefall, Afghanistan re-emerging as a hornet’s nest, Jihadi training here in the USA and elsewhere, increased attacks from lone wolf Jihadist types like the terrorist massacre at Ft. Hood, the time may be at hand.

If Israel is attacked, will the Obama administration act decisively? If the snail’s pace that Obama exhibited in deciding- it took them so long to decide -what to do in Afghanistan, and then doing it all wrong, setting the US armed forces up for failure, we can hardly expect him to act quickly in response to an attack on Israel by Hezbollah and others.
Obama has already thrown (Bibi) Netanyahu and Israel under the bus, so it seems we are at a crossroads. Iran is bolder than ever, and the ties that bind connect the entire world. What about all those visits and interactions with Chavez in Venezuela, and the little tyrant in North Korea? The plans may be bolder than officials have anticipated. The naiveté of this administration knows no bounds and the Islamic world and Russia has taken notice. They rightfully believe we are weaker then ever and they are clearly emboldened.

Information has been flowing from many reliable sources at breakneck speed and the timing of Russia deciding to send the S-300 rocket system to Iran, Russia also trying to give MiG-29s to Lebanon, and what many believe is an already nuclear-armed Iran, the cards are falling into place. And this is no house of playing cards! Make no mistake; what happens there will affect the entire world. Russia’s efforts of late indicate truly that they see the Middle East as the proxy war for control of oil from the Middle East between Russia and the USA, and the players have seemingly disparate goals yet they dove-tail with larger goals like those of the Russians and the coming of the Mahdi.

America has from one side, a losing Arab Sunni alliance represented by mainly Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, and the Gulf States, versus Russia who has a victorious Shiaa alliance represented by mainly Iran, Syria (Alawite regime part of the Shiaa religion) Hezbollah and now Hamas. Should a nuclear conflict erupt in the Middle East between Israel and Iran (and others) and develop the process into the annihilation of the Jewish state, this could become the end of American presence in the Middle East.

An Israeli collapse may have a domino effect where all the Sunni monarchies in the Gulf capitulate on the spot to an upcoming victorious Iran in order to save their necks. We will see then on the tactical level, an Iran Caliphate ruling the Middle East from Iran all the way to the Mediterranean, (known as the Shiite Crescent), with the American presence reduced to ashes.
On the strategic level, a smiling Russia lies behind the scenes providing a giant come back to the Levant through Iran. Iran would supply it with military, technological, and scientific support, controlling the energy resources of the Middle East.
Russian revenge is one other goal, humiliating the US in that region of the world. With Saudi Arabian, Iraqi, and Iranian oil trading on the market with the Euro, where will the fate of the dollar be? America Foreign policy will be destroyed and damaged forever as the situation within the US may develop into a deep, severe depression where the possibility of riots may erupt in major cities where Washington will be focused on itself busy restoring Law and Order.

In the USA, expect Jihadi sleepers to come out of the woodwork and attack our neighborhoods, malls, and backyards. Expect individuals with predisposed Jihadist ideas to take up arms against us. Expect surprises at every corner. Jihadi forces throughout the world have been planning for years, and the critical mass may be at hand. The tipping point is likely to be a small event, but with so many tendrils connecting so many entities and players with divergent yet expedient aims, we fear the newest world war of Dar al Islam against Dar al-Harb is in the offing."


This is an interesting perspective indeed. The views towards Russia and their involvement in the Middle-East is exactly what is summarized by Joel Rosenberg in his book "Epicenter". It also (unwittingly?) points out much of the Gog-MaGog alliance has formed or is in the process of forming.

It is also interesting that virtually all news coming form the Middle-East could be placed firmly in the category of "Rumors of War", exactly as Jesus informed us in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13).

Israel is continuing their ongoing war preparations as well:

"Israel's Air Force Is Prepared For All Scenarios".

Just more rumors of war. That characterizes the Middle East today: One big rumor of an imminent war.

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed." (Matthew 24:6)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is the most terrifying and prophetic article I've read yet. Thank you so much for finding and posting it. Praying for Israel and for our Lord to come quickly.


Scott said...

It really is sobering isn't it?

I just wonder how much longer the "lid" can be kept on the ME situation -- its so ready to explode. I often see it as divine - that things haven't exploded yet. Of course, its al according to God's timeline.