Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the news...

A couple of quick articles which represent updates for stories we are following:

This news brief is of interest for two simple facts.

Israeli Maj. Gen Amos Yadlin rarely speaks in public. Out of the blue, he now comes out and states that Iran is close to having a "technological breakthrough" for the ability to assemble a nuclear weapon. In a speech made on Tuesday, he apparently outlined the Iranian threat - and did so in an atypically public manner. In my opinion, the very fact that he is coming out to make these statements publicly, is highly significant, and for a reason.

This also seems significant, as it may indicate a signal that Israel has made the final determinations regarding an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities:

"Israel: Iran Nearing Atomic Bomb Capability"


Another "shocking" (sarcasm) story "finally" (sarcasm) reveals the true intent of Hamas:

"Hamas still wants to liberate 'all of Palestine'"

"The cat is out of the bag: Palestine, all of Palestine. Standing before 100,000 people in the center of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh this week declared the objective of the Hamas movement. The moderate prime minister of the moderate faction of the Palestinian religious movement publicly announced the peace solution for which his government is aiming."

"In recent years, quite a number of experts have promised us that Hamas does not really mean it. Hamas is only playing tough, but its intentions are lofty: cease-fire, Green Line, coexistence. Live and let live. But no message conveyed by any senior Hamas member to any diplomat behind closed doors is equal in status to the message conveyed by Haniyeh to the masses. What counts is only the direct and open statement made by the Palestinian leader to his people. Palestine, all of Palestine. Every piece of Israeli land on which any Israeli citizen lives. His home, your home, our home. The land beneath our feet."

So, as stated the "cat is out of the bag"...Hamas wants 100% of Israeli land. Of course, prophecy watchers have read such quotes for years, but mysteriously, this fact is always forgotten whenever "negotiations" take place for the elusive peace in the Middle East.


Iran is threatening to assassinate Israeli leaders in the event of conflict:

"Iran to target Netanyahu if nuclear sites attacked".


Sooner or later something is going to snap between Iran and Israel. It seems almost supernatural (and perhaps it is), that this situation has progressed as far as it has, without being triggered. The rhetoric seems to increase on a daily basis. When it does happen, as they say, "fasten your seatbelts" and hang on - because things will become VERY interesting, very quickly.

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