Sunday, December 6, 2009

Further thoughts: The EU and Middle East peace

The latest article regarding the peace efforts in the Middle East has that very title "EU faces 'last chance' for peace in Israel", as written in the EU Observer.

The more I consider this article (see previous commentary) - the more prophetic is seems and it points out several prophetic milestones. It is worth repeating because it seems to point out so many significant "facts" relating to prophecy. Some of this is redundant, but I still believe it is worth repeating.

"The EU must put real pressure on Israel to halt settlement growth in East Jerusalem or risk seeing an escalation of the Middle East conflict that could spill into Europe, a Jewish politician on the front line of the peace process has warned."

"We have reached the last moment when it is still possible to divide and share Jerusalem. If it [decisive action] does not happen this year, it will become impossible to implement any plan like the two-state solution," Meir Margalit, a Jerusalem city councillor, told EUobserver in a phone interview on Thursday (3 December)."

"This is not an internal conflict. You [the EU] are part of this conflict," he added. "I am talking about terrorism. I am talking about another London, about the clash of civilisations. The clash of civilisations started in Jerusalem and it will end in Jerusalem," Mr Margalit said, referring to the tube bombing in the UK capital in 2005."

"Mr Margolit in recent months worked with EU diplomats based in the occupied Palestinian territories to write a study called the "EU Heads of Mission Report on East Jerusalem." The EU paper, dated 23 November, was exposed by Israeli newspaper Haaretz earlier this week and has also been seen by this website.

"Israeli plans for Jerusalem, implemented at an accelerated rate, are undermining prospects for a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem and incrementally render a sustainable two-state solution unfeasible," the report says."

Meanwhile, Mr Margalit believes the situation has reached such a dangerous point that the EU should consider economic sanctions against Israel. The councillor rejected the argument that Europe cannot influence Israeli policy unless it acts jointly with the US.

"The EU is not a bunch of boy scouts," he said. "It is the biggest power here after the US. It must realise that what happens here will impact what happens in Europe much more than what happens in the US."

"The EU document represents the agreed position of the 21 EU diplomatic delegations in the region and will form part of the background for discussions on Israel when EU foreign minsters meet in Brussels next week."

As one can see from these articles, the whole peace process boils down to the fate of Jerusalem - exactly as Zechariah 12 informed us. We know from the first several passages in Zechariah 12 that the entire world would be lined up against Israel, with "moving" Jerusalem from Israel - aka dividing Jerusalem - the main "obstacle" of the overall plan for peace.

The second interesting aspect of this article is the fact that the EU is becoming SO involved in the effort to divide Jerusalem, and involved in the overall peace process. Prior to completion of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU had been a quiet partner in the "Quartet" (EU, UN, US and Russia) who had been formed to forge a peace plan, but now it appears that the EU has assumed a leadership role. Again, exactly what Bible prophecy would predict.

The third interesting part of this article is found in the fact that the EU foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels next week for "discussions" on Israel.

Just a moments reflection reveals the absurdity of the overall situation. The "nations" are meeting to determine the fate of Israel and Israel's borders. They may or may not allow Israel to be part of this process. It is hard to imagine that we are living in an age in which a sovereign nation can be split up and its borders changed, as part of a "peace process".

Can you imagine if a day came in which an alliance including the UN, the EU and Russia determined that the US should give up southern California and New Mexico - and give the land to Mexico because of "disputed" land? Now, imagine it happening against the will of the United States - as determined by these other countries.

There is only one explanation. It is supernatural. We are witnessing the countdown to the final conflict between good and evil We are witnessing the final countdown between God and Satan. We are witnessing the process of the changing of the guard on planet earth, but it must necessarily involve this scenario that we are now witnessing. Satan has had reign over the earth since Adam and Eve. Jesus is coming to regain the earth for His rule - but only after the Tribulation has run its course.

The revived Roman Empire, which is now a potent force is beginning to flex its muscles in the region. Soon, a leader will emerge and complete the process, while "confirming" the covenant.

It is just a matter of time now, but that time appears to be very near.

Maranatha! Jesus is coming for His bride!

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