Thursday, December 3, 2009

Begging for a fight

Iran's President just won't stop. After snubbing his nose at the UN by declaring that he would build 10 more enrichment plants, rather than discontinuing his nuclear development - he now defies the world by announcing that he will also continue to pursue high grade uranium:

"Iranian President says Tehran to Produce High-Grade Uranium". Quotes from this article:

"Mr. Ahmedinejad thumped his fists on the podium lectern as he drove home his point that Tehran could care less about what the outside world thinks of its nuclear program, insisting that "neither Israel, nor its backers can stop it."

"He also stressed that he is not worried about the military option being used against Iran's nuclear facilities, despite talk of a possible Israeli attack:

He said many people warned him, when he visited the United Nations in September, that Israel would attack Iran's nuclear facilities. He said that is media hyperbole, because there is nothing that Israel can do to stop us."

"It was the second day, Mr. Ahmedinejad grabbed the spotlight on national TV to drive home the point that he is in charge of the country's nuclear agenda and that he would not compromise an inch."

Can there be any doubt that he is baiting Israel to attack?

This is like a situation where someone has hostages - held at some public location - and during negotiations to let the hostages go, the hostage taker states that not only will he NOT let anyone go, he will kidnap several other people during negotiations. Thats how bad this situation with Iran really is.

President Ahmadinejad knows full well that he is boxing Israel in a corner. In fact, he is literally daring Israel to attack.

I believe the question isn't whether Israel will attack their nuclear facilities or not. The question is really when they attack.

And when Israel does attack - everything in the Middle East will change immediately. It is hard to even imagine what would happen next (following the "invasion"). The Muslim world will be inflamed beyond belief, and Russia will immediately become involved. Iran and Russia will most likely work to develop a coalition to attack Israel - presumably the Gog-MaGog coalition.

Keep watching the Middle East - things are getting very interesting in the region.

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