Friday, December 11, 2009

EU President calls for "world governance"

Much has been written about the current Copenhagen meeting on so-called carbon based, man-made global warming. Although I have strong feelings on this, I try to avoid topics that are not strictly prophecy related. In this case however as many are aware, agreements made at Copenhagen will create a massive transfer of wealth between the industrialized nations and the poorer nations, under the premise that the large industrialized nations are "guilty" of creating world-wide pollution and need to help the poorer nations become green as they develop.

The most succinct review of the implications is found in this video link:

"Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?".

Another review is found here (note the interesting comments below the article):

"Copenhagen treaty will establish Marxist World Government".

As far as carbon based global warming, I just have the following brief thoughts:

- The carbon based global warming is based on false, fraudulent data, provided into false modeling and this fact has been painfully exposed through the "leaked" emails and information "sharing" between the main "scientists" responsible for feeding information to the UN. Mike Mickey on has a nice summary of this situation:

"The 'Greatest Show on Earth' opens in Copenhagen".

Also, a link that I highly recommend, which comprehensively covers these issues is found here:


- The CO2 based model only goes back 70-80 years, which is absurd, just by itself. During this period, the CO2 based model cannot account for the cooling period from the 1940's to ~ 1970. The CO2 model cannot account for the last 8-10 years of cooling, while CO2 has increased. According to their model, temperatures should have increased during this period. Scientifically, these facts alone make such a "model" laughable in my opinion.

- CO2 is a tiny tiny fraction of greenhouse gases, the vast majority is simply water vapor.

- The temperature "graphs" popularized by Al Gore, allegedly showing temperature spikes resulting from CO2 have now been proven to be completely fraudulent.

- A FAR better model has emerged and is gaining a lot of momentum. Henrik Svensmark, who leads the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center described a model based upon sun activity (sunspots etc) which, using reliable "surrogate markers" can model global temperatures to the sun's activity over a period of thousands of years. The mechanism for this correlation is fascinating and makes a lot of sense scientifically. Link Below:

"The Chilling Stars".

I'll let others handle the scientific aspects of this.

Back to Copenhagen, and the main point in today's post:

The new EU President, Herman Van Rompuy is confirming many suspicions regarding the Copenhagen meeting - those suspicions as outlined by Lord Monckton's video link above. Mr Van Rompuy's quotes below:

"In his first big public speech since his appointment last month, Mr Van Rompuy also said a global climate change agreement could form the basis for what he called 'a kind of world governance'".

"Speaking about the Copenhagen climate conference, Mr Van Rompuy said that an agreement there could provide the basis for some kind of world governance. 'Globalisation demands multilateralism more than ever before,' he said."

"He described himself as a strong supporter of further enlargement of the EU..."

There we have it. A newly "appointed" leader of the EU is calling for:

- World Governance
- EU expansion
- Globalization

As a prophecy watcher, it borders on the surreal. I can recall years ago, when I first started speaking on prophecy for this age, people scoffing at the notion that we could be moving in the direction of a global government, as called for by the scriptures. I cannot find anyone who scoffs at this notion today. Its part of daily rhetoric - so much so, that the public seems to accept the premise.

I don't believe that Copenhagen will immediately affect our daily lives (although it could via taxation; we'll have to see the final results from the meeting to see if that is an immediate outcome), however it does represent yet another step in the direction of a "global governance".

Once again, we see the road being paved for the introduction of the antichrist and the beginning of the Tribulation.

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