Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In the news...

"Iran dismisses US deadline for nuke deal". Once again Iran's leader refuses to accept ANY deadline or a deal to discontinue their nuclear development. What a shocking development.

How much longer will the countries continue pretending that sanctions will solve this problem? Surely they know this - it is obvious to even the most casual observer. It seems clear to me that the U.S., among other involved parties, is stalling, and then at some point it will be "too late to do anything". At that point, the U.S. and other nations can claim that they tried everything, unsuccessfully, and now we must deal with a nuclear Iran. Effectively, these nations will have been able to deflect a tough decision.

Unfortunately, Israel doesn't have this luxury. Their very existence is at stake. Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu knows this full well. I believe Israel wants this situation to be crystal clear to the world: Iran will NOT negotiate, and that leaves only one remaining "solution", and at that point Israel will take action. We seem to be VERY close to that breaking point.


In a separate, unrelated news item, we see another story relating to persecution:

"Christian teacher fired for offering to pray for sick pupil". Quotes from this article:

"A Christian teacher fears she may never work again after she was sacked for offering to pray for a sick pupil."

"Olive Jones, 54, said she had been made to feel like a criminal, and claimed that Christians were being persecuted due to 'political correctness'."

"Mrs Jones, who taught children not well enough to attend school, said that after she raised the topic of prayer during a visit to a 12-year-old's house, the girl's mother lodged a complaint."

"Just hours later, said Mrs Jones, her boss told her she would no longer be working for Oak Hill Short Stay School and Tuition Service, in Nailsea, Somerset."

"She said managers had ruled her comments could be perceived as 'bullying'."

"Mrs Jones had told the girl and her mother that there were people praying for them. She said: 'I asked the child if I could pray for her. She looked at her mother, who said, "We come from a family who do not believe", so I did not pray."

This Christian was fired not for actually praying, but for REQUESTING the opportunity to pray.

We generally think of persecution as something happening in places like China, Indonesia, etc. but we are seeing it creep into western industrialized countries including the U.K. and the U.S. in ways like this. Similar stories (a teacher wearing a cross, a nurse attempting to pray etc.) are becoming very common these days.

Its all part of the process of preparing the world for the Tribulation and the rise of the antichrist.


In another story that I found interesting, we see the world's ongoing efforts to indoctrinate our children. Similar to the story above, I believe this is more of the overall effort by secularists to divide the family - yet another example of the road being paved for the world to believe the combined media-state effort to indoctrinate the world towards their global, secular view:

"Turning children into Orwellian eco-spies".

This is a very interesting article - the opening paragraphs of this article:

"There is a long and sordid tradition of trying to socialise children by scaring them. The aim of such socialisation-through-fear is twofold: firstly, to get children to conform to the scaremongers’ values; secondly, to use children to influence, or at least to contain, their parents’ behaviour.

When I was a schoolchild in Stalinist Hungary, we were frequently warned about the numerous threats facing our glorious regime. I also recall that we were encouraged to lecture our errant parents about the new wonderful values being promoted by our brave, wise leaders. The Big Brothers of the 1940s saw children as tools of moral blackmail and social control. Today, in the twenty-first century, scaremongers see children in much the same way, exploiting their natural concern with the wonders of life to promote a message of shrill climate alarmism."

Once again, to repeat - I firmly see the non-Christian world in the preparation stages of the entrance of the antichrist and the beginning of the Tribulation. It seems that almost everything we see in the world today (globalization, financial crisis, pandemic fears and the perceived need for global solutions, the move to a single currency, the international criminal court, the recent efforts by the UN, etc....) is moving in that general direction.

It has to be this way however. It strikes me that - the world, as known, during the 1950's for instance - would have been a very difficult environment for the antichrist to succeed. At that time (again, just as an example) - it would have been impossible for a leader to emerge and create a world governance suited to his needs. At that time, it would have been impossible to even discuss things like a world government and a world financial system.

Today is a very different story. The world is calling for it - almost every day we see a world leader, and/or the UN calling for various forms of world governance.

The world (aka "the nations") will get their wish. They will soon have a world governance and they will have their world leader.

I wonder how that will work out for them.

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