Thursday, May 17, 2018

Netanyahu: It's Time To Tell Palestinians To 'Abandon The Fantasy That You Will Conquer Jerusalem'

Netanyahu: It's Time to Tell Palestinians 'Abandon the Fantasy That You Will Conquer Jerusalem'

During an interview with VICE News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Palestinian leaders inform to “abandon the fantasy” of conquering Jerusalem.
Discussing the violence on the Gaza border after the U.S. moved its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, Netanyahu said, “I think President Trump did a very important thing. He not only kept his promise and the promises of successive American presidents, he also recognized a simple reality. 
You are sitting right now in the government office of the Israeli government in Jerusalem. The prime minister’s office is right here in Jerusalem. The Israeli government, the seat of Israel’s government is in Jerusalem, which is its capital. And it has been the capital of the Jewish people ‘only’ for 3,000 years. I think that’s the key, ultimately to peace. Because a peace that’s based on lies will crash on the rocks of Middle East reality.”
He added, “It’s time to tell Palestinians: abandon your fantasy of destroying Israel, abandon the fantasy that you will conquer Jerusalem, abandon the fantasy that says Israel will disappear. It will not.”


john said...

As of late, we are being schooled in the fine art of what really great leadership looks like. At least as far as such a time as this. The One Who established His throne in the heavens and who’s sovereignty rules over all is bringing about what was long ago foretold. IMHO

Mark Smith said...