Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Iran: 'Death To America' As MPs Burn U.S. FLag

Iranian MPs Burn US Flag in Parliament, Chant 'Death to America' in Protest of POTUS Trump Canceling Nuke Deal

As they chanted, “Death to America!”, members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) burned a United States flag in Parliament Wednesday in protest of the announcement on Tuesday by President Donald Trump that he was withdrawing the U.S. from former President Barack Obama’s nuclear weapons ‘prevention’ deal with Iran and reimposing sanctions on Iran. The burning of the flag and a symbolic copy of the deal was posted online by the Iranian news agency IRIB News.

Another version, “Be careful, don’t burn down the parliament!” 🙂 Larijani head of Iran parliament jokes as a group of ‘enlightened’ parliamentarians burn the American flag and scream “Death to America” 
Screen images:

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani gave a speech in response to Trump in which he repeatedly slammed the U.S. while also saying he would try to keep the nuclear deal with the remaining partners.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif posted his government’s intentions to preserve the deal, “In response to US persistent violations & unlawful withdrawal from the nuclear deal, as instructed by President Rouhani, I’ll spearhead a diplomatic effort to examine whether remaining JCPOA participants can ensure its full benefits for Iran. Outcome will determine our response.”


Mrs.C said...

"IDF: Iranian Forces Fire Rockets at Israel"

Gary said...

Hey Scott:
Looks like it's gonna get exciting...Drudge is reporting that Iran just fired 20 missiles from inside Syria at Israel.