Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gaza Rocket Strikes South Of Ashkelon, Antisemitism In America, Beijing Outmaneuvering U.S. Navy In S China Sea

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an open field south of the coastal city of Ashkelon on Wednesday night, causing neither injury nor damage, the army said, the second attack in a week.

The projectile struck the Hof Ashkelon region shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces said.
Israeli troops began searching the area to locate the rocket, the army said.
No terrorist groups immediately took credit for the attack.

On Monday, a rocket was launched from Gaza towards the Sha’ar Hanegev region, striking an open field.
Hours later, Israeli Air Force jets bombed multiple targets in the Gaza Strip.
 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would not tolerate a “drizzle” of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip “without a response.”

Hamas’s military wing threatened Tuesday to retaliate against Israel should the Jewish state strike Gaza.
“The enemy only understands the language of force, and sometimes silence is interpreted as weakness by the enemy. Therefore, any aggression along the lines of what happened yesterday, the resistance, headed by the Qassam Brigades, will have their say,” Abu Obeida, the official spokesperson of Hamas’s military wing the Izz a-Din al-Qassam Brigades told the terror group’s Al Aqsa TV station.

Antisemitism in America: The Not-So-Dormant Volcano

Antisemitism has been expected from countries in the Middle East that are mostly Muslim countries. It has also been on the rise in most of Europe in the last two decades, with a recent surge in the last three years coming from all sides of the political, religio

Things seem to be changing in America! Over 100 Jewish Community Centers (JCC) have received bomb threats in the last two months all across our nation. Several of these threats touched some of my personal friends, as well as one JCC in my own neighborhood. Fortunately, none of them was real. But how many more phone calls before one threat turns into a real explosion and innocent lives are lost? The President covered the issue in his address to Congress when he said “Recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms.”

When I look at the recent bombs threats against multiple Jewish communities, and how they disrupted the peace of regular civilians, I cannot help but think that they were acts of terrorism. The intimidation in a bomb threat is very high as nobody can ever assume that it is a hoax, especially in the current world we live in. I also find the act of making a threatening anonymous phone call very cowardly. Antisemitism can happen in words and/or deeds. So far, the bomb threats have only been words but they can be equally damaging.

Two Jewish cemeteries in Missouri and Pennsylvania have also been desecrated with over 250 tombstones turned over. 

These attacks–strangely reminiscent of the 1930s and 1940s in Europe– were clearly targeted against Jewish people. These qualify as antisemitism in deeds the same way that several graffiti recently written on various Jewish properties do.

This may come as a surprise to many Americans, but these acts are not happening in a vacuum. I have been documenting such acts against American Jews since 1999. They were fewer and further in between than today…by a long shot. America is a huge country and isolated incidents of antisemitism have never made the front page of the papers or the eight o’clock news. Yet they happened all across the USA. This recent surge is symptomatic of a very serious problem but it can also be beneficial to many.

As surprising as it might sound, there are still many in America and around the world who either find it difficult to believe that antisemitism exist or who are simply unaware of it. The recent wave of events has propelled the issue to the forefront of the news, and it needs to park there for a while. Americans must understand that Jewish people are becoming a real target in the United-Stated like they have been in the Middle East and Europe for a while now. Outside from the obvious need to show our support to a scared community, this also should serve as a wake-up call for our country and the rest of the world. Antisemitism is back, it is growing again, and it is here to stay.

We must boldly denounce this wave of hatred against the Jewish people. Our current administration is going to have to do more than provide us with a few comforting words. When Mr. Trump makes it so clear that we are fighting Islamic radicalism and terrorism, he also needs to severely punish the perpetrators of such crimes.

Antisemitism is indeed the “Longest Hatred” and has been somewhat of a dormant volcano in America. The recent months have shown that the lava of Jew hatred is resurfacing out of a volcano that was never dead. I am not certain that we can stop the volcano, but I know that we can better protect the potential victims from its lava.

Europe is already seeing Jewish people being killed again. The evangelical community and all people of good will need to step up and reach out to help their Jewish friends, lest we become 21st century by-standers and facilitate what I call End-Times antisemitism.

The US Navy’s ability to address the concerns of allies and to keep at bay potential enemies in the South China Sea is an “open question,” military analysts suggest, pointing to a large-scale build up of missiles and warships by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), that could tip the scales of naval dominance in the region.

China has thousands of ballistic missiles aimed squarely at neighboring Taiwan. US President Donald Trump has proposed a $54-billion military spending increase, while China has increased defense expenditures with double-digit percent rises “almost every year for the last two decades,” according to Pete Apps in a Wednesday column for Reuters.

PLAN has rounded up significant sources of new funding to support a goal of projecting Chinese naval power globally, largely prompted by the unpredictability of Trump. The outspoken US President has publicly backed Japan in the dispute over Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea, talked on the phone with Taiwan’s top leader, and berated Beijing as the “grand champion” of artificial currency devaluation.

According to the Royal United Services Institute, a UK-based think tank, China’s navy is "moving toward an ambition of 500 warships, including aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, amphibious ships, and a burgeoning frigate and destroyer force." The fleet could add three aircraft carriers, 100 submarines, and other combat vessels, according to some estimates. A spokesperson for the think tank contended that since "it is hard to recall growth at a similar pace in any navy across history…Beijing is slowly pulling ahead."

Syrian government forces and their allies have liberated the Palmyra citadel located on a hill overlooking the town from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants, sources tell RT.
“Pro-government forces are now in control of several strategic mountains that are overlooking the ancient city of Palmyra. They also have under their control the famous citadel,” RT’s Lizzie Phelan reports, citing sources that are in direct contact with the army command center on the Palmyra front.

The Syrian Army took control over “the heights surrounding the historic citadel of Palmyra and as well as the SyriaTel hill after Islamic State militants abruptly left the area,” a field commander told RIA Novosti.

As a result, Palmyra is now “at a stone throw” from the Syrian Army, which is rapidly advancing towards the city, the commander added.
The army is now storming a hotel district in the southwestern part of Palmyra, RIA Novosti reports, citing a source.

Government forces engaged in fierce clashes with IS militants, leaving scores of them dead or injured, and chasing down those who retreated, the report added. Engineers are currently carrying out a clean-up of bombs and landmines in the area.


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