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Nasrallah: 'Cancerous Tumor' Israel To Be Wiped Out, China Losing Control As Stocks Crash, Now Is The Time - Fear Rises On Financial Markets

Nasrallah: 'Cancerous tumor' Israel to be wiped out | The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Tuesday’s events as they unfold.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says that “Israel, the cancerous tumor, is to be wiped out.”
According to Al-Manar, Nasrallah says Israel is capitalizing on the unrest in the region to bolster ties with moderate Arab states.
“The Zionist entity is taking advantage of the events taking place in our region in a bid to normalize ties with several Arab states,” he says.
“Right now, there are some Arab countries that have taken Israel out of the circle of threats,” he adds, according to the Iranian Press TV. “This is something very dangerous.”
“We should activate and boost all forms of the resistance against the Israeli normalization,” he says.
Pledging support for the Palestinian cause, Nasrallah says “there is no rightful and legitimate cause like al-Quds and countering the Zionist enemy.”
Nasrallah laments that the Palestinian issue “is now out of the international and popular concerns, something which gave the enemy a historical chance in order to implement its scheme.”
This scheme “surpasses occupying Palestine. It is our duty to counter this scheme,” he says.
Nasrallah calls the recent clashes between police and Palestinian protesters on the Temple Mount “alarming.”
“The day in which we will pray in al-Quds [Jerusalem] is inevitably coming despite ordeals,” he says.

Chinese equities have suffered the sharpest one-day crash in eight years, sending powerful tremors through global commodity markets and smashing currencies across East Asia, Latin America and Africa. 
The Shanghai Composite index fell 8.5pc despite emergency measures to shore up the market, with a roster of the biggest blue-chip companies down by the maximum daily limit of 10pc. The mood was further soured by news that corporated profits in China are now contracting in absolute terms, falling 0.3pc over the past year. 
The violence of the moves unnerved investors worldwide, stirring fears that the Communist Party may be losing control after stoking a series of epic bubbles in property, corporate investment and equities to keep up the blistering pace of economic growth. 
Brent crude prices slid to a five-month low of $53.34, re-entering a bear market. The DB-UBS commodity index fell to 2002 levels, obliterating the gains of the resource "supercycle". 
The FTSE 100 fell 1.27pc to 6.497, dragged down by mining groups and energy companies. All of the year’s advances have been wiped out. 
Mark Williams, chief Asia strategist at Capital Economics, said the Chinese authorities appear to have been testing the waters to see what would happen if they stopped intervening. The market verdict was swift and brutal. 
“They have got themselves into a very difficult situation. They have put a lot of credibility on the line to shore up prices and this credibility has been badly damaged,” he said. 
The Shanghai index looks poised to test its 200-day moving average, now just below 3,600, a crucial support level watched with trepidation by China’s authorities.
The Chinese media reported on Monday night that the state regulator is ready to intervene with yet more stock purchases. It has already bought an estimated $250bn of equities and has borrowing lines for a further $450bn if necessary.

Western banks say they are coming under heavy pressure from Chinese officials to refrain from negative comments. They are effectively gagged if they wish to do business in China.

“Large parts of the market are closed, and those stocks that are still trading are selling off regardless of support measures. Clearly something very serious is happening,” said one economist.

The long-standing assumption that the Chinese authorities know what they are doing has been shattered.

The government’s heavy-handed measures include a ban on short sales and on new share issues, as well as pressure on the 300 largest companies to buy back their own stock, and forced purchases of stocks by brokerage houses.

Can you feel the panic in the air?  CNN Money’s Fear & Greed Index measures the amount of fear in the financial world on a scale from 0 to 100.  The closer it is to zero, the higher the level of fear.  Last Monday, the index was sitting at a reading of 36.  As I write this article, it has fallen to 7.  The financial turmoil which began last week is threatening to turn into an avalanche. 
On Sunday night, we witnessed the second largest one day stock market collapse in China ever, and this pushed stocks all over the planet into the red.  Meanwhile, the twin blades of an emerging market currency crisis and a commodity price crash are chewing up economies that are dependent on the export of natural resources all over the globe.  For a long time, I have been warning about what would happen in the second half of 2015, and now it is here.  The following is a summary of the financial carnage that we have seen over the past 24 hours…
-On Sunday night, the Shanghai Composite Index plunged 8.5 percent.  It was the largest one day stock market crash in China since 2007, and it was the second largest in history.  The Chinese government is promising to directly intervene in order to prevent Chinese stocks from going down even more.
-Over 1,500 stocks in China fell by their 10 percent daily maximum.  This list includes giants such as China Unicom, Bank of Communications and PetroChina.
-Ever since peaking in June, the Shanghai Composite Index has dropped by a total of 28 percent.
-Even Chinese stocks that are listed on U.S. stock exchanges are being absolutely hammered.  The following comes from USA Today

The 144 China-based stocks with primary listings on major U.S. exchanges have erased nearly $40 billion in paper wealthsince the Shanghai Composite index peaked on June 12. It’s an enormous destruction of wealth that in effects wipes out the market value of a company the size of cruise ship operator Carnival.

-The Chinese stock market crash pushed European stocks significantly lower on Monday…

The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 provisionally closed 2.1 percent lower, while the Germany’s DAX and France’s CACclosed respectively 2.4 percent and 2.5 percent lower.
The U.K.’s benchmark FTSE outperformed its euro zone peers, but still closed unofficially down 1.0 percent.

-Overall, European stocks have been falling steadily since the beginning of last week.  To get an idea of how much damage has been done already, just check out this chart.
-As I mentioned above, an emerging market currency crisis is causing havoc for economies all over the planet.  The following comes from an article that was published by the Telegraph

The currencies of Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey have all crashed to multi-year lows as investors flee emerging markets and commodity prices crumble.
The drastic moves came as fears of imminent monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve combined with shockingly weak figures from China, which stoked fears that the country may be sliding into a deeper downturn and sent tremors through East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

-On Monday, the Dow was down another 127 points.  It was the fifth day in a row that the Dow and the S&P 500 have both declined.
-Overall, the Dow is now down more than 650 points since July 20th.

-480 stocks on the New York Stock Exchange have hit new 52-week lows.  Many analysts consider this to be a very, very ominous sign.

-I have repeatedly written about the danger of the commodity collapse that we are currently witnessing, and the Bloomberg Commodity Index fell another 1.22 percent on Monday to a fresh low of 92.1493.

This is exactly what we would expect to see during the early stages of a financial crisis.
Of course global financial markets may bounce back somewhat tomorrow.  If you will remember, some of the largest one day gains in stock market history happened right in the middle of the stock market collapse of 2008.  So don’t get fooled by what happens on any one particular day.
With so much fear in the air, literally anything could happen in the weeks and months ahead of us.  One month ago, I issued a red alert for the last six months of this year.  I warned that a major financial crisis was imminent and that people needed to start protecting themselves immediately.
As I write this article on Monday evening, financial markets are already opening up over in Asia.  Japanese stocks are already down 251 points even though the market has only been open for about an hour over there.
We have entered a time when what is happening to global stock markets will once again be headline news.  We are right on the precipice of another great financial crisis, only this one is going to ultimately end up being much worse than the last one.
Now is the time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to quell a budding coalition crisis Tuesday morning, as members of the pro-settler Jewish Home party threatened to hobble, or even topple, his government over its move to clear out illegally built structures in the West Bank.

“We’re acting to bolster the settlements, and we’re doing so in accordance with the law,” Netanyahu said in a statement hours after hundreds of Israel Police special forces stormed the buildings in the Dreinoff neighborhood of the settlement of Beit El, north of Jerusalem.

Settler demonstrators had barricaded themselves in an attempt to prevent the implementation of a High Court of Justice decision ordering the demolition of the structures, and some 50 were detained after scuffles with police.
“Our stance regarding the houses in Beit El is clear,” Netanyahu continued. “We are opposed to demolishing them and are pursuing judicial courses to prevent such a step. I will request that the government’s stance, to the effect that the planning process at the site has been concluded and that there is thus no need to demolish the houses, will be brought before the High Court of Justice as well.”
“Since the construction of 24 housing units at the site was approved by the Civil Administration, and following residents’ appeal to the High Court of Justice on the matter, in an effort to prevent the demolition, it will only be carried out if the High Court orders it,” the official said. “We’re still in the midst of a judicial process.”

Despite the assurances that the court’s decision to demolish the buildings was not a fait accompli, ministers and lawmakers on the right flank of Netanyahu’s coalition – most of them members of the Jewish Home party – reacted with indignation to the evacuation of the site.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who leads Jewish Home, invoked the pullout from the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2005, which saw thousands of Israeli settlers removed from their homes.

“Ten years on from the disengagement, someone has forgotten that, this time around, the nationalist camp possesses public and political power,” he said in a statement that also singled out Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon for excoriation over his failure “to soothe” the situation.

The charade began when Americans got excited when Turkish warplanes directly began to target ISIS locations early Saturday for a second straight day. But then, all of the sudden, Turkey switched plans and opened a second front, not on ISIS, but against the PKK Kurdish rebel sites that were fighting ISIS.

The Turkish jets then hit shelters and storage facilities belonging to the PKK in seven areas in northern Iraq, including Mount Quandil where there are no ISIS and is where the PKK's headquarters are located. Even the Turkish media outlets were more enthusiastic about the Turkish air force's bombing the Kurdish militia than about bombing ISIS. "The camps of the PKK," they excitedly reported, "have been covered with fire."

All this unraveled two days after Obama spoke with Erdogan of Turkey by phone regarding attacks on ISIS and the Kurds.

But the question that begs an answer is this: if it is true that Turkey had a sudden willingness to join the fight against ISIS, why then did Turkey orchestrate a second front, not against ISIS, but against the very enemies of ISIS, the Kurdish rebels in Syria and Iraq?

Fact is, for months, Ankara had been reluctant to join the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS, despite gains made by the extremist group on Turkey's doorstep. So, as it seems, Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is using its minor attack on ISIS to deceive the world and use it as a pretext to attack the Kurdish PKK and even block access to all pro-Kurdish newspapers and news agencies which was denied "by decree of court."

The strangest observance is that even ISIS has not so far made any statements regarding Turkey's so-called bombings of ISIS in any of its media outlets.
This makes the situation quite fishy, especially after Obama and Erdogan had a phone conversation on the 22nd of July, prior to the attacks on the 24th where Turkey got the green light from Obama. Erdogan himself clearly stated: "In our phone call with Obama, we reiterated our determination in the struggle against the separatist organization and the Islamic State," Erdogan told reporters adding that "we took the first step last night."

This would be the Kurds, the U.S. allies against ISIS whom Erdogan says that Obama is determined to struggle against. The Kurdish PKK and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, Kurdish People's Defense Units (YPG) has been America's most effective battlefield partners against ISIS and Obama says nothing?

In the American psyche, the Kurds are friends—they even recruit women fighters and have heroic stories on how they were the best boots on the ground to combat ISIS. So Erdogan and Obama had to create a smokescreen. The United States has relied on Syrian Kurdish fighters affiliated with the PKK while making gains against ISIS. So Turkey is at war with U.S. 'friends' more so than they are at war with America's 'enemies' and the latest strikes on ISIS is all a charade.

And if one is to know them by their fruits, there are millions of indigenous Kurds who are continually terrorized and murdered while ISIS terrorists have freely traveled and used official border crossings to go to Syria and return to Turkey; they are even treated at Turkish hospitals by Erdogan's own daughter, Sumeyye Erdogan.
With closer cooperation between Iran and the U.S. following a recent nuclear agreement, it then becomes clear that Turkey's shift in policy to show 'a skirmish against ISIS' is necessary and a suicide bombing by ISIS that killed 32 people is easily orchestrated, which mainly killed Kurds anyway.

This whole charade is necessary. ISIS is an enemy of Iran as it is an enemy to the U.S., and Turkey walks a tight rope between its Ottoman expansionist dreams into Syria and its apparent alliance with the West. Turkey fears that the increased cooperation between Iran and Washington in the battle against ISIS would sideline Turkey's sphere of influence, so now it needs to have a face for 'a war on ISIS'.

Now the U.S. supposedly got Turkey's promise that it can use Turkish bases at Incirlik, which will soon be open to coalition forces, so they say, to presumably fight ISIS. This remains to be seen. In the past, the U.S. had to traverse 1,000 miles to target ISIS in Syria.

Either way, Turkey could care less about the ISIS threat. After all, even if the U.S. eventually defeats ISIS, the United States will clear the runway for the Ottomans to set its foot in Syria as a peacekeeping force, just as the United States cleared the runway for Iran to encroach into Iraq and become the peacekeeping force there. Both beasts intend to consume much flesh. It is, after all, a Caliphate Agenda in progress, while all credit goes to Obama, Islam's man in the White House.

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Fukushima Continues Out Of Control, Strong Quake Hits Indonesia, More Quakes In Oklahoma, Proselytizing Climate Change

Fukushima Continues Out of Control – Obama Silent on Risks - Freedom Outpost

presentation by Fairewinds Chief Engineer and nuclear expert Arne Gundersenclaims there is plenty to generate concern. The catastrophe is far from over despite the Japanese Government and Tokyo Electric Power Company push to decommission the Fukushima plant in 30 years. The closest cousin to the Fukushima disaster remains Chernobyl in Ukraine. The government there is waiting close to 100 years to decommission Chernobyl. Why the rush on Fukushima? The answer is more about politics and money than science.

According to Gundersen, problems exist at Fukushima that will last decades.
  • Three of the nuclear cores at Fukushima Daiichi are in direct contact with groundwater, a problem "nuclear power designers and engineers never anticipated.
  • Units 1, 2, and 3 were destroyed allowing the formation of holes and cracks; which with containment units breached, groundwater is allowed to come in contact with the nuclear cores.
  • "23,000 tanker truckloads of radioactive water have leaked into the Pacific Ocean" with groundwater continuing to leak in and out at a rate "at least 300 tons per day;" so far more than 1500 days have passed and no end is in sight.
  • The ice wall is a complete failure meaning Cesium, Strontium and Plutonium from Fukushima will bleed into the Pacific for decades due to unmitigated groundwater flow.
  • Constraints of the press by the Japanese government's secrecy act continue to hide the full human, financial and environmental costs of the disaster.
  • Levels of Strontium-90 concentrations outside the destroyed plant spiked 1000 % in     three months from April 2015 to July 2015.
Natural News reports that Professor Michio Aoyama of Japan's Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radiology predicts that "nearly as much radiation from the Fukushima disaster will have reached the North American West Coast as was initially scattered over Japan during the nuclear explosions" by 2016. 

Reports coming out of Japan indicate a 6000 % rise in thyroid cancer in the regionsince the 2011 disaster. However, the committee reviewing the screenings hesitate to "peg Fukushima radiation as the cause. The committee agreed not to rule out Fukushima radiation since the cases are similar to those observed after the Chernobyl disaster in 1981.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, fishermen were reporting "thick blankets of green slime" being pulled up in their nets while the Skeena River sockeye were unusually absent. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans determined the "goo" to be phytoplankton. The DFO credited the decrease in the sockeye "run" to the increased phytoplankton. The low sockeye population has resulted in fishing bans on several Vancouver Island rivers. While University of BC biologist Tony Farrell believes warm water is changing the food chain, one cannot rule out the possibility of radiation from Fukushima that has entered the ocean and landed on the coast.
The State of Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife announced an unprecedented, first ever emergency fishing closures statewide due to salmon appearing to be infected with a gill rot disease. NOAA fisheries biologist Paul Wagner called it "alarming," a "head scratcher" and associated the "die-off" to the disease. ODFW claims, "This is a pretty extreme set of conditions."

mysterious die-off of whales continues to occur in the Pacific Ocean. In 2013, Ivan Macfadyen declared the seas near Japan dead as he sailed through the waters. Researchers expressed concern over radioactive material "bio-accumulating in fish and marine animals." Seeing as the Fukushima disaster remains uncontained and out of control after four years, bio-accumulation in fish and marine animals grow as contaminated water pours into the Pacific from Fukushima.

A powerful magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the eastern Indonesian province of Papua on Tuesday, US seismologists said, causing panicked people to run out of their homes.

No tsunami warning was issued after the quake, which struck inland, and Indonesia's national disaster agency said there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The tremor hit at 6:41 am (2141 GMT Monday), almost 250 kilometres (150 miles) west of the provincial capital Jayapura at a depth of 52 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said.
"The quake was felt very strongly for four seconds" said disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. "Residents panicked and rushed out of their homes."
He said there were no initial reports of damage but added the region around the epicentre, in Indonesia's remote east, was difficult to reach, and data was still being collected.

The Earthquake-Report monitoring website said the area has "steep mountain ranges and its vegetation is rainforest, which means that the chance of dangerous landslides is real".
An AFP reporter in Jayapura said weak shaking was felt in the city for a few seconds.

A 4.5-magnitude earthquake hit north of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, less than an hour after a 4.0-magnitude temblor rattled the same region, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
The first quake was recorded around 12:49 p.m. local time, about 36 miles north of Oklahoma City in Crescent. The second quake struck at 1:12 p.m. in the same location, at a depth of almost two miles.

Oklahoma has experienced a major increase in earthquakes in recent years. In 2014, Oklahoma was the most seismically active state in the Lower 48, recording three times as many quakes as California. The largest Oklahoma quake to date had a 5.6-magnitude in November 2011, according to the Leonard Geophysical Observatory.

The triumvirate imposing man-made global warming on civil society as the 21st century’s top issue may have started at the United Nations, but it picked up steam with President Barack Obama somewhat, then surrealistically moved on to include the Vatican through Pope-Gone-Activist-Francis-Bergoglio.

The climate change movement has long dictated what the masses could eat and wear, what they could drive and where they would live.

They are now dictating to the masses what religion to practice, and their green religion is not Christianity.

The hierarchy of the global warming/climate change movement pay loyal allegiance to the pagan religion of Gaia and not the Christian God.

Without most people seeming to realize it, now that the New Green Religion of Global Warming/Climate Change is out of the closet it’s being brazenly preached from the church pulpit.

Most folk attend church services in the hopes of finding salvation, but they’ll be told to “Save the Environment” instead.

Back in April, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began an $84,000 venture to study how churches can be used to combat climate change.

“A taxpayer-funded graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is examining 17 faith-based institutions that have implemented “sustainability initiatives” in the hopes of developing workshops to teach pastors and other religious leaders how to change the behaviors of their congregants. (Washington Free Beacon, April 27, 2015)

“Climate change—which affects traditional faith-based efforts to improve human health, mitigate poverty and redress social inequity—is inspiring religious organizations to advocate for clean air and water, restore ecosystems, and conserve resources,” a grant for the project, which began last fall, states. “This project seeks to understand the empirical experiences of faith-based environmental efforts within communities.”

“Through what motivations and processes do congregation level sustainability initiatives emerge?” the grant asks. “What factors facilitate and/or hinder implementation of these initiatives? What environmental and community outcomes are perceived to have been achieved through these initiatives?”

“The results will provide insights into the role of religion and faith communities in motivating environmental behavior,” it said.

“The project, “Sustainability at the Community Level: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations,” is scheduled to last through September 2016.

“The project sees churches and other religious institutions as an opportunity to reach millions of Americans and promote “more environmentally sustainable behaviors.”

But it was back in 2009 when a newly elected President Barack Obama first began using his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership  to foist the Gospel of Gaia on the United States.

Back then the only major media personality sending out alarms was Glenn Beck, then still on the Fox News payroll. 

“Well, now President Obama is using the faith-based offices to promote the Gospel of Gaia on the United States and there’s nary a raised numb-skull voice?” Beck warned.  (Fox News)

“Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships recently issued its report of recommendations and the Obama administration is about to take faith-based initiatives to a whole new level.

“The president’s council envisions the government and religious partnering to push the good news of  global warming climate change and green issues.  Yes, the religion of environmental and social justice.  [Italics CFP’s]

“The council hopes the new EPA faith office will also help churches and other non-profits improve “access to financing,” including “establishing revolving loan programs or working with utility companies to help finance greening building projects.” 

Though Pope Francis is catching the most publicity for his throwing in with the climate change movement, he’s not the only religious leader imposing climate change on church goers through preachings from the  Sunday pulpit.

The Church of England has also traded soul saving for climate change advocacy, here.
But It was the pope’s hand-picked group on the environment that first laid claim to the supposed link between  man-made global warming and slavery.

Pope Francis put that theory to work when he participated Wednesday in a meeting on climate change and slavery, where he addressed more than 70 mayors from different parts of the world. During his address in Spanish, he analyzed the two emergencies being addressed during the course of the two-day workshop: climate change and human trafficking.

“The culture of care of the environment is not only a “green” attitude, it’s “much more,” said the Pope. Therefore, he specified that to look after the environment is to have an attitude of human ecology. Ecology “is total, it is human,” he said. The Holy Father went on to explain that in the encyclical Laudato Si’, he pointed out “that man cannot be separated from the rest.” (Zenit, July 21, 2015)

“The two-day workshop, “Modern Slavery and Climate Change: the Commitment of the Cities,” is sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 

“The Pontiff warned of “the boomerang effect that exists against man when the environment is mistreated.”

“In connection with the meeting underway, Francis said that he thought it was a good idea to invite the mayors because, the Pontiff pointed out, “one of the things most noted when the environment isn’t looked after is the unbridled growth of cities. It is a worldwide phenomenon. It is as if the heads grow big but increasingly with greater cordons of poverty and misery,” he explained.

“The Holy Father then mentioned another point in the encyclical, which criticizes the idolatry of technocracy, something that despoils work, which creates unemployment, he said, highlighting youth unemployment that affects so many European countries.

“Pope Francis presented the problems “when man doesn’t respect the relation with the Earth.” By way of example, he spoke of atomic energy – “it’s good, it can help,” but the negative part of this energy exists, such as “Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” he observed.

To conclude his address, the Holy Father called attention to the responsibility that those present have to combat the traffic of persons and to protect the environment. “The most serious and profound work is done from the periphery to the center,” he explained, in other words, “from you to the conscience of humanity.”

With statements like these, it’s easy to believe that Pope Francis has been proselytized by the Gaia-loving United Nations and their leagues of global warming alarmists.

What better way to add new recruits to the drive for man-made climate change than to persuade them at church service, even though Gaia is the proverbial dead opposite to the Gospel of Christ, for which untold millions of  Christians still thirst.

Meanwhile, move over Al Gore,  Pope Francis is here. 

Updates From The Middle East: Netanyahu To Speak At UN General Assembly In September, Saudis Denounce 'Aggressive' Iran

Netanyahu plans to join world leaders at UN General Assembly | The Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to speak at the UN General Assembly in September, sources in Jerusalem said Monday.
The presidents of China, Russia, Iran and the United States are scheduled to speak at the 70th annual UN General Assembly of world leaders — a rare appearance for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the first for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The United Nations issued its first draft list of speakers Monday for what could be its largest-ever gathering of world leaders.

Pope Francis is also set to address the General Assembly a few days before President Barack Obama, Putin, Xi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speak at the gathering.

Netanyahu’s speech will likely focus on the nuclear deal brokered between world powers and Iran earlier this month, which he has lobbied against.
The General Assembly, in mid-September, will fall just as a deadline for a congressional review of the Iran deal comes up. Jerusalem has been counting on US lawmakers to vote down the deal as a last-ditch bid to quash the measure.
Other leaders are also expected to address the accord at the world confab.
The list of speakers is expected to change several times before the high-level ministerial meeting begins September 28, but so far countries not sending a head of state include India, Britain, Syria, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.
Other countries sending heads of state include France, Mexico, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Egypt, Venezuela, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.
The Palestinians are listed as sending Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister on Monday denounced “aggressive statements” by Iran, after Tehran accused Saudi ally Bahrain of stoking Gulf tensions by making unfounded allegations against it.
“This is unacceptable to us,” Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said at a joint news conference with visiting EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

Mogherini is slated to visit Iran Tuesday to discuss bilateral relations in the wake of a landmark nuclear deal struck earlier this month.

Mogherini held talks in Saudi Arabia Monday to explain the agreement she helped broker on Iran’s nuclear program, and to push for an end to Yemen’s war.

Mogherini met with Jubeir in the latest visit by a top Western official aimed at easing Saudi concerns over the deal with its regional rival.
At the same time, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a trip to the Mideast next week and then Asia, including a stop in Vietnam. Kerry, however, will not visit Israel.

Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold and former IDF military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin will travel to the US on Tuesday to brief Jewish organizations on the Iran nuclear deal, as Jerusalem gears up to fight the accord in Washington.

Gold will brief the US Jewish umbrella group, the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations in New York.

According to Israeli news station Channel 2, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to “go all the way” in protesting the Iran nuclear deal in the US, despite the low prospects of Congress derailing the accord.

In deciding on a full-on attack against the deal rather than a quieter campaign, the prime minister is risking further alienating US President Barack Obama, who may be forced to use his veto to protect the deal.

Netanyahu’s approach is to stress that he is not opposed to the Obama administration, but merely to the deal, according to the report.
Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer briefed Republican leaders on Israel’s objections to the Iran nuclear deal on Monday, the TV report said.

Earlier, sources in Jerusalem said Netanyahu was planning to speak at the UN General Assembly in September.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday announced a trip to the Mideast next week and then Asia, including a stop in Vietnam. Kerry, however, will not visit Israel.

The top US diplomat starts off in Cairo, for the US-Egypt Strategic Dialogue on Sunday.

He then goes to Doha, Qatar, to meet with foreign ministers of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Kerry will also travel to the Southeast Asian city state of Singapore, where he will deliver a speech on US trade and investment.
The secretary will be traveling in the aftermath of the deal signed by the P5+1 powers with Iran two weeks ago, aimed at curbing its nuclear program. The deal is bitterly opposed by the Israeli government as paving the Iranian path to the bomb and giving the regime in Tehran tens of billions in sanctions relief.
Kerry has accused Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of going “way over the top” in his criticisms. Netanyahu is bidding to persuade Congress to reject the deal with enough votes to overcome a presidential veto.