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IDF Strikes Gaza, Ukraine's Poroshenko Prepared For 'Total War'?

IAF Strikes Gaza In Response To Rocket Fire

The Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas training facility in the area of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday night in retaliation for a rocket fired at southern Israel earlier in the day. The attack marks the first time Israel carried out an air strike in the Gaza Strip since Operation Protective Edge ended in August. No injuries were reported.

The IDF spokesperson issued a statement confirming that the IAF hit "terrorist infrastructure" belonging to Hamas's military wing in the southern Gaza Strip.

A direct hit was detected, the statement said, adding that the "attack constituted a response to the steep trajectory rocket fire towards Israeli territory at the noon time hours."

Earlier Friday, a Code Red siren was heard shortly before noon in the Eshkol Regional Council, an Israeli community close to the Israel Gaza border, and was soon followed by blasts, residents reported - indicating that a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in Israel. 
IDF forces canvassing the area found the rocket in an open area, and no injuries or damage were reported. This is the third time a Gaza rocket has landed on the Israeli side of the border since the end of Israel and Hamas' 50-day summer war.

The head of the Eshkol Regional Council Haim Yellin warned residents that a diplomatic approach must be taken to restore quiet in southern Israel in a remark after the code red alert this morning, "Whoever thinks that a strong IDF response is the solution for quiet in the Gaza border communities does not understand that wars are decided by politicians, who with courage can bring peace and security. After Operation Protective Edge, the country had an opportunity to establish a long-term arrangement. Instead of this, we found ourselves with a ticking clock until the next escalation and war."

Ilan Yosef, from the Nir Yitzhak kibbutz located in the Eshkol Regional Council, said the alarm was sounded on the first day of a visit by Jewish-American parents visiting their children who had volunteered to serve in the IDF and were residing in the kibbutz.

“We are prepared for a scenario of total war…. We don’t want war, we want peace and we are fighting for European values. But Russia does not respect any agreement”
“More than anything we want peace, but we must at the moment face up to the worst-case scenario.” Said in an interview Ukrainian president to the German daily, Bild.

So it seems that the ‘anti-terrorist action’ which mainly focuses on the bombing of civilians in the areas of New Russia will be continued. Carrying out a series of interviews with Dr. Matthew Piskorski (founder of the Center for Geopolitical and one of the international observers of the situation in the New Russia) I asked him about the status of the Ukrainian army and situation on the front. It is worth noting that some of the information cited here comes from the prime minister of DLR, Oleksandr Zacharczenko. Here is the report of situation in New Russia from dr.Matthew Piskorski.

The morale of people who are forcibly recruited in the army, sent to die in horrible conditions, are very low. Now, Ukrainian army is unable to secure weapons and even lunches and food.
From what we know, a lot of food, which is sent to the units fighting on the front is stolen on the way. Extremely small rations reach to conscripts on the front

I received information that at the border of DRL district, actually, near Donetsk, Grat missile systems are settled in several towns. There are approximately 50 of them at this moment. These are of course the systems that prepare a massive attack, actually sweeping away from the surface of the earth, the population of the city district. If the Ukrainian authorities decided to take such a desperate step then there will be thousands of victims among civilians. On the other hand, I am convinced that the Ukrainian troops today are not ready to carry out any major operation.

Ukrainian army does not exist. One month ago, official statements of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine said that 67% of the Ukrainian army equipment was destroyed, or is not suitable for use. Because of that, we do not have to deal with the regular army. We have to deal with a jumble of volunteer battalions consisting of nationalist extremists and mercenaries from third countries

I also talked with representatives of the DRL and learned some very interesting things. The Ukrainian front consists of three lines. Conscription or let’s say openly cannon fodder fight in the first line: young people who were forcibly conscripted into the army and sent to the southeast of Ukraine in order to take part in the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operations’. These people, whenever there is a possibility, submit to the representatives of the People’s Republic hoping that thanks to the prisoners exchange program they will go back home. They cannot withdraw because, behind their backs stand Ukrainian Guard unit that shoot each retreating soldier.

This is the old method known from the period of the Second World War. This method is now applied in Ukraine. And the third row, the most ruthless, the most dangerous military units are penal battalions that shoot both of these recruits mentioned at the beginning as well as possibly retreating units of the National Guard. Accordingly, the so-formed front is obviously chance to carry out various kinds of military operations on a smaller scale

This will, however, take place at the cost of lives (including thousands of people in the operations on a large scale), mainly conscripts – ordinary citizens, young people who are now conscripted into the army in Ukraine. This in turn will cause the predictable protests, predictable outrage of the families, mothers, wives, children of those who died on that front. This would have dire consequences today. Any intensification of hostilities on the part of Kiev would have dire consequences, even for Kiev. I’m not afraid of the level of morale and level of preparedness of the so-called ‘separatists’. I suspect that these so-called ‘separatists’ built more professional, better equipped army than the Ukrainian army.

Geopolitical goal of the sponsors of current authorities in Kiev is not to maintain the Ukrainian statehood. Geopolitical goal of the current sponsors of so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’ (operating through figures, such as local oligarch Igor Kołomojski and a few others) is to maintain a zone of chaos in our part of Europe, namely to continue this conflict without a firm resolve to either side in the years to come . In order to lead this conflict to a source of contention, the source of conflict between the European Union and the leading countries of the European Union and Russia, and that the conflict has allowed Western world geopolitical reformat and setting up a Trans-Atlantic investment partnership zone that is subordinate to the United States the EU economy. This is the geopolitical background of the conflict. I stress once again that the party authority, the sponsor and the party coordinating these events is the United States, with a minor contribution from its European partners

Washington has decided to arm Ukraine for renewed military assault on Russian ethnics in Donetsk and Luhansk.

The US Senate approved the first reading of the draft law according to which henceforth Ukraine has the status of an American ally, without holding membership in NATO. This bill requires that the US, in the case of direct military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, will put its troops into action in the territory of an allied country in order to fight against the Russian enemy.

As a consequence, we have a situation in which Ukrainian troops can join the storming of the Donbas. In the event of a failure, they can accuse Russia of aggression and then America will have the full right to start a war in Ukraine.
As Poroshenko said he is ready for ‘total war’.
Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

Ezekiel 38-39 In View: The Hook In Gog's Jaw?

We already know that the Russian economy is on shaky ground as their economy depends upon gas and oil exports. The recent Israeli gas and oil discoveries threaten the Russian economy as much as any other factor, including the recent drop in gas prices. This obviously involves speculation, as we know the land of Magog will come to "loot and plunder" and that could have several meanings yet to be determined. However, Russia is very interested in Israel's recent discoveries: 

Russia wants in on the Israeli natural gas boom, but the U.S. wants them to stay out, and that’s why they haven’t made progress negotiating with the Israelis, ambassador to Israel Sergey Yakovlev hinted in an interview withGlobes.
Russia has been seeking entry into the Mediterranean gas fields for some time, but so far to no avail. Gazprom, for one, showed interest in becoming a partner in the Leviathan reserve, one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea, but nothing substantive came of it.

“Representatives of our companies have held bilateral meetings with your attaché in Houston,” said Yakovlev, “but so far we have seen no results on the ground.”

When asked about rumors that the Americans are not exactly enthusiastic about Russian involvement in the regional gas market, Yakovlev assented.

“The Americans will not welcome Russian involvement in gas in Israel, but this is economics, not politics,” he told the Israeli interviewer. “A great deal depends on your political leadership. If someone tries to impose barriers on you, you have to decide whether to pay more, or to obtain a better contract and pay less. I think that the economic motives outweigh everything else. We have sufficient experience in this industry, and if Israel wants, this could be an opening to fruitful collaboration.”

The world is more nervous about the drift toward nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia than at any time since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis. When French President Francois Hollande urgently side-tracked his return-flight from a diplomatic mission recently, in order to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, at a private room that had been scoured ahead of time to eliminate any possible bugging devices, there was speculation as to what had caused Hollande’s sudden detour, and there were even rumors of a possible cause being an American “false-flag” event in the works to be blamed on Russia as a pretext for going to war against Russia
All that was publicly released about the two-hour meeting were platitudes, hardly anything that would have justified side-tracking Hollande’s flight so as to surprise intelligence agencies and be able to meet the Russian leader in an untapped room.

As President Obama’s speech at West Point, on 28 May 2014, propagandized for (i.e., rationalized) this conquer-Russia view on the part of America’s aristocracy: “Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us.” So, Obama made clear to the graduating West Point cadets that the BRIC countries are the enemy (Russia and its leading supporters of international independence, the enemies against a mono-polar or “hegemonic” world), from the standpoint of America’s aristocracy, whom the U.S. military now serves to the exclusion of any public interest. Ours want to crush the aristocrats in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Though it’s alright for those other countries to produce more, that’s true only if American aristocrats control the local ones there, like in any other international empire — not  if the local nation’s aristocrats control the country. That’s not the way aristocrats in banana republics are supposed to behave. They’re not supposed to be independent countries. Not really.

The President who had invaded Libya and Syria, and re-invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and who perpetrated a violent overthrow and installed racist fascists (nazis) in control of Ukraine, is lecturing the world against “Russia’s aggression,” for its having accepted back into Russia’s traditional fold little Crimea, which craved to return to Russia.

On December 11th, the U.S. Senate voted 100% (unanimously) to donate U.S. weapons to the Ukrainian Government in its war against Russia. On December 4th, 98% of the U.S. House had done likewise. Both bills also accuse Russia of having invaded Ukraine, and this accusation of an aggressive Russia provides a pretext for the U.S. to attack Russia, now that the Ukrainian Government has flipped from neutral (according to some estimations) or pro-Russian (according to others) to being clearly and publicly anti-Russian...They then promptly set about terminating Russia’s 42-year Crimean lease for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which is key to Russia’s security. Crimeans, who had always overwhelmingly considered themselves to be Russians and not Ukrainians, demonstrated against that Ukrainian move against them and against Russia, and Russian troops came into Crimea, to local applause, but to the condemnation from Washington and its allies.
Russia’s taking back Crimea was not aggression at all, though America’s noise-media say it was; it was instead protection of Crimeans against the CIA’s American invasion of Ukraine. When the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev donated Crimea from Russia to Ukraine in 1954, it was much to the consternation of Crimeans at the time, and ever since. Yet, one of the explicit alleged ‘justifications’ for war against Russia, that are listed in the Republican House’s bill (“Whereas the Russian Federation’s forcible occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea. …”) is a blatant lie, because Crimeans overwhelmingly wanted Russia’s protection against the new, Obama-imposed, Ukrainian regime, which Obama’s State Department and CIA had just installed when overthrowing the President for whom nearly 80% of Crimeans had voted.

 In fact, a poll that was issued by Gallup in June 2014 showed then that 71.3% of Crimeans viewed as “Mostly positive” the role of Russia there, and 4.0% viewed it as “Mostly negative”; by contrast, only 2.8% viewed the role of the United States there as “Mostly positive,” and a whopping 76.2% viewed it as “Mostly negative.” This wasn’t much changed from a year-earlier Gallup poll

So, now, both the Senate and the House, plus the U.S. President (via his State Department, CIA, FBI, and entire Administration), are actually at war, a hot war not a cold war, against Russia, through their proxy, their made-in-Washingtonracist-fascist or nazi, Government of Ukraine, which currently is doing the fighting and the killing and the dying, but which couldn’t do it but for that Western backing.

Western nations want to chain “the Russian bear,” pull out its teeth and ultimately have it stuffed, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned. He said anti-Russian sanctions are the cost of being an independent nation.
Putin used the vivid metaphor of a “chained bear” during his annual Q&A session with the media in Moscow in response to a question about whether he believed that the troubles of the Russian economy were payback for the reunification with Crimea.
“It’s not payback for Crimea. It’s the cost of our natural desire to preserve Russia as a nation, a civilization and a state,” Putin said.
The president said that even if “the Russian bear” started “sitting tight… and eating berries and honey,”this would not stop pressure being applied against the country.
“They won’t leave us alone. They will always seek to chain us. And once we are chain, they’ll rip out our teeth and claws. Our nuclear deterrence, speaking in present-day terms,” Putin said.
“As soon as this [chaining the bear] happens, nobody will need it anymore. They’ll stuff it. And start to put their hands on his Taiga [Siberian forest belt] after it. We’ve heard statements from Western officials that Russia’s owning Siberia was not fair,” he exclaimed.

Now that U.S. intelligence has blamed North Korea for the Nov. 24 cyber attack on Sony Pictures, there is growing concern that the Hermit Kingdom has the capability of bringing down the vulnerable U.S. national grid system.
However, national security experts question North Korea’s capability to take down an entire grid system alone through a cyber attack, as opposed to targeting an individual company.

At first, North Korea wasn’t assessed to have the capability of such an electronic attack. But U.S. intelligence sources said it increases the threat of an attack on the nation’s life-sustaining, critical infrastructure.

Sources told WND it was the 3,000-person North Korean Unit 121 that undertook the sophisticated attack on Sony.
“You have to assume that North Korea is in our grid,” said retired Col. Cedric Leighton, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer.
He did not elaborate on the extent of the communist nation’s ability to launch a cyber attack on the U.S. grid.

To underscore the potential of its cyber-attack capabilities, Peter Pry, who was staff director to the congressionally mandated commission that studied the impact of an electromagnetic pulse event, or EMP, on the grid and other critical infrastructures that depend on it, said North Korea has invested heavily in cyber-warfare capabilities over the past 20 years.
Pry also is executive director of the congressional advisory Task Force on National and Homeland Security, and spoke with WND in an exclusive interview.

Russia and China similarly have isolated their critical infrastructures from cyber attack, he said, and they have hardened their grids against a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack as well.
On the other hand, the U.S. and its allies are vulnerable due to their interconnectivity to the Web.

Underscoring Pry’s concerns about China’s cyber warfare capabilities, National Security Agency Director Adm. Michael Rogers last week told Congress that China indeed could shut down the U.S.
Rogers said China, along with “one or two” other countries, had the capability to launch a cyber-attack that could shut down the electric grid system in parts of the U.S.
With the U.S. remaining on the defensive, it is a “losing strategy,” Rogers said.
He said the cyber threat was “so real,” the first admission by a top cyber official such as Rogers confirmed that prospect publicly.
He said that U.S. adversaries constantly are doing electronic “reconnaissance” looking for ways to attack industrial control systems that automatically operate pipelines, chemical facilities, water treatment plants and other SCADA-operated facilities.

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Syrian Rebel Group Ditches U.S. - Now Combined With ISIS - Moving South Towards Israel

Syrian Rebel Group Ditches U.S. - Now Combining With ISIS - Moving Towards Israel

The Syrian rebel militia Al Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, backed and trained for two years by US officers, mostly CIA experts, in Jordan, and supported by the Israeli army, has abruptly dumped these sponsors and joined up with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The sudden defection of this 2,000-strong anti-Assad force leaves IDF defense formations on the Golan, US and Jordanian deployments in the northern part of the kingdom, and pro-Western rebel conquests in southern Syria in danger of collapse.

The Brigades’ jump into the radical jihadi camp was negotiated in the last two weeks by its commander Mousab Ali Qarfan, who also goes by the name of Mousab Zaytouneh. He was in direct contact with ISIS chief Abu Baqr Al-Baghdadi, whom our sources report has recently relocated from Iraq to his northern Syrian headquarters at al-Raqqa.

Unlike the Sinai Islamists, Ansar Beit al Maqdis, the Yarmouk Brigades did not pledge allegiance to ISIS. The ir pact was forged as an operational alliance, which is just as grave a peril for the rebel militias’ abandoned allies.

For Israel, in particular, the new development is fraught with three dangers:

1. The Yarmouk Brigades are strung out along Israel’s Golan border with Syria, from the UN peacekeepers camp opposite Kibbutz Ein Zivan (see map) in the north, down to the Israeli-Syrian-Jordanian border junction in the south. The Brigades therefore sit along 45 of the total 76 kilometers of the Syrian-Israeli border. This means that a long stretch of Israel’s Golan border with Syria has fallen under the control of the Islamic State.
2.  This militia also commands sections of the Syrian-Jordanian border, as well as districts of the southern Syrian town of Deraa. Therefore, the link between Jordan and southern Syria, which served American strategic interests, is now under military threat.
3.  Islamic State forces are preparing to take advantage of their new asset with a buildup near the Druze Mountains (see map) for a rapid push south towards the town of Deraa, where they will join forces with their new ally.  

Battle allegedly occurred near base where U.S. troops are stationed.
A news agency attached to the Shafaq Foundation for Culture and Media of Faili Kurds reports U.S. ground troops engaged in a battle with IS fighters.
The battle allegedly occurred near the Ain al-Asad base in western Ramadi, Iraq.
According to sources, the U.S. soldiers were equipped with light and medium weapons and supported by F-18 aircraft.
The report states the U.S. troops were “able to inflict casualties against fighters of ISIS organization, and forced them to retreat from the al-Dolab area, which lies 10 kilometers from Ain al-Assad base.”

US troops have entered with its Iraqi partner, according to Colonel, Salam Nazim in line against ISIS elements and clashed with them for more than two hours, to succeed in removing them from al-Dolab area, and causing losses in their ranks, at a time American fighter jets directed several strikes focused on ISIS gatherings that silenced their heavy sources of fire. He points out that the clashes took place between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sunday night.

In November 180 U.S. military advisors arrived at the base.
“The U.S. military advisors will help in training Iraqi combat forces to fight ISIS on the ground while the US-led coalition is supporting them by providing aerial cover. They will also help in setting the plan to liberate the province of Al-Anbar as they work closely with the Iraqi security forces,” Iraqi News reported on November 10.
On December 11 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure authorizing the use of military force against the Islamic State but barred the use of ground troops.

The European Parliament overwhelmingly backed the recognition of a Palestinian state “in principle” on Wednesday, following a series of votes on the issue in EU nations.

The motion was a watered-down version of an original resolution which had urged EU member states to recognize a Palestinian state unconditionally.

The resolution accepts “in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two state solution, and believes these should go hand in hand with the development of peace talks, which should be advanced.”

The resolution also urged Fatah and Hamas “to end internal divisions” and highlighted “the importance of consolidating the authority of the Palestinian consensus government.”
The vote came hours after a European court ordered the EU to drop the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas from its terrorism blacklist on technical grounds.

France, Britain, Spain, Ireland and Portugal have all passed votes to that end.
Sweden has gone even further, officially recognizing Palestine as a state.
Jerusalem has maintained that recognition should only come once bilateral negotiations produce a two-state solution.
The motions, including Wednesday’s EU vote, are largely symbolic in nature and intended to put pressure on both sides to renew peace negotiations, which stalled in April after a nine-month, US-brokered effort.
The Palestinian Authority estimates that 135 countries have now recognized Palestine as a state, although that number is disputed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Europeans appeared to have learned nothing from the Holocaust, after a European Union court ordered the removal of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas from its terror blacklist.

“Today we witnessed staggering examples of European hypocrisy: in Geneva they call for the investigation of Israel for war crimes, while in Luxemburg the European court removed Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations, Hamas that has committed countless war crimes and countless terror acts,” Netanyahu’s office quoted him as saying.

Netanyahu’s war crimes comment was apparently a reference to a speech made earlier this week in the International Criminal Court by the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, who said the Palestinians intended to apply for membership in the ICC.

“It seems that too many in Europe, on whose soil six million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing,” Netanyahu added.
“But we in Israel, we’ve learned. We’ll continue to defend our people and our state against the forces of terror and tyranny and hypocrisy,” he said at the start of a meeting with US Republican Senator-elect Joni Ernst.
The General Court of the EU ruled Wednesday that the original listing of Hamas as a terror group in 2001 was based not on sound legal judgment but on conclusions derived from the media and the Internet.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum called Wednesday’s ruling a victory for the Palestinian nation and for its rights. Another Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said it was a correction of a political mistake by the EU.

Earlier Wednesday, Netanyahu called on the EU to return the group to the terror list, saying Israel was “not satisfied with EU’s explanations that taking Hamas off the terror list is a ‘technical matter.’”
“The burden of proof falls on the EU, and we expect it to permanently return Hamas to the list, so everyone will understand that it is an inseparable part of it — Hamas is a murderous terror organization that emphasizes in its charter that its goal is to destroy Israel,” he said in a statement.
In a meeting Wednesday morning with the Foreign Ministry, EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen said that EU intends to do everything it can to get Hamas back on the list.