Sunday, September 26, 2021

Tyrannical Scenes From Australia Grow Darker And More Disturbing

The Tyrannical Scenes out of Australia Grow Darker and More Disturbing

What’s going on in Australia may be the most disturbing story of the year. A once, somewhat flourishing democracy has been reduced to a tyrannical medical state in which people are violently abused by government authorities for daring to walk outside. All in the name of fighting COVID-19, of course.

Unfortunately for those that live Down Under, there is no end in sight, and the scenes are only growing darker.

Both of those videos purport to show people being violently assaulted by police for the sin of not wearing a mask outdoors. The fact that masks are ineffective outside (just as they are everywhere else) doesn’t matter. The state says you have to wear one, and if you don’t, physical abuse will follow. There appear to be no lines whatsoever, when it comes to the force being used by the police in Australia.

On that note, this next video may be the worst one I’ve seen.

Imagine how much of a coward one has to be to choke a woman like that over not wearing a mask outside, where science says COVID-19 spread is essentially non-existent. Instead, because these tyrannical governments are typically irrational, Australia wants people to remain sealed inside, where the spread of COVID is scientifically far more likely.

What we are seeing in the above videos would draw outrage from the US government, if this were a country in the Middle East or Asia. But because it’s Australia, a supposed Western democracy, these tyrannical acts are being ignored.

By the way, how is all this violent enforcement of mask mandates going?

Meanwhile, Australia’s leaders aren’t even hiding the ball anymore. Emboldened by the lack of international and internal pushback, they are now publicly admitting that they never plan to return to normal. Enforcement will be indefinite, based on ridiculous, likely unachievable COVID goals.

In yet another example of the incredible efficacy of masks, cases in Victoria are up 16,150% since they required masks anytime outside the home in July, with compliance enforced by aggressive policing.

So sure, masks are useless, but at least they’re also indefinite

— IM (@ianmSC) September 25, 2021

I’m not sure who that woman is, and I have little desire to look it up. I just know that she’s been at the forefront of Australia’s COVID insanity since the beginning. The word “evil” comes to mind. This is what happens when you hand a bunch of unimpressive bureaucrats and elected officials total power. Australians gave up their guns willingly, and now their government has no reason to fear them. There is no deterrent for tyranny.

And I realize the standard response from those who support what Australia is doing is to point to their low COVID deaths. But I don’t buy that at all. One, their closed borders and climate likely have far more to do with a lack of COVID deaths than beating people up for not masking outdoors. Further, as their sudden surge in cases shows, they’ve only been delaying the inevitable. That’s not a success. Rather, it’s just failure arriving late to the party.

Lastly, even if one does believe these disgusting police tactics are slowing the spread, what is the line? What’s the limiting principle? How much tyranny is acceptable in the name of “saving lives,” and where does it end?

Australia is no longer a free country, and those in other nations better hold the line — or this dystopian nightmare will come to their shores as well.

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