Saturday, September 25, 2021

The New War, The UN And The WEF

The Brits have a coronavirus winter ‘Plan A’ that involves booster jabs for the over-50s and vaccinations for 12- to 15-year-olds– Letter from Great Britain- [09-25-21]

The last two years have taught us that we are engaged in a new kind of war where the enemy is unseen, intangible and unwinnable.  This essay by Kit Knightly puts our current tribulations into the context of a real world conflict without the use of traditional weapons and military equipment.  It is a perfect scenario for an internal never-ending conflict waged against our own people.

“Worldwide, pundits frequently compare Covid to the war on terror, and Covid to terrorists. The war metaphor has been ubiquitous in speeches, headlines and TV spots.  The message is clear and simple: The virus is our enemy. We are at war.  And this war really is perfect.

It has all the benefits of a real war, and none of the drawbacks; all the ephemeral malleability of the “war on terror”, and none of its potential complications.  Think about it…

In the name of Covid we have seen taxation, censorship, surveillance, state expenditure to the private sector and state powers all increase. These are all the cliché “emergency powers” the state seeks out in wartime.  And they’ve achieved it with a simple three-stage trick.

First, take a virus, give it a name and attribute to it the exact same symptoms of every other cold and flu virus. You just created a new disease. Second, take a test that can “find anything in anybody”, run it on everyone who goes into hospital (especially the terminally ill) and change the legal definition of “cause of death”. You just created “deaths” from your new disease.

Third, start running that same test on everyone, multiple times a week. You just created millions upon millions of “asymptomatic cases”. Combine these three, and you have created a “pandemic”.

They created an enemy out of thin air, through a wave of propaganda and statistical manipulation. “Covid” is nothing but a filter, a lens placed in front of the public eye that distorts reality without actually changing anything at all.

Just as with the “war on terror”, the real threat is almost entirely imaginary, but this time the optics are so much better. Instead of worshipping the troops, we now pay homage to “healthcare heroes”, the “soldiers on the frontline against the virus”. No bombs, no violence, just dancing nurses.

And what can’t happen with Covid? Simple, anything they don’t want to happen. Because of the very nature of the manufactured pandemic, they have total control of the narrative.  They can control the “cases” through the tests. They can control the “deaths” through the definition of “cause of death”. They can just tweak the meaning of a word here and there, and start and stop the “pandemic” on a whim. They can slow down the “spread”, or speed it up. Introduce a new test or treatment or “cure” it, then create a new variant to bring it back.”  This war doesn’t even really exist, so it never has to end and they definitely can’t lose

SO – who are the protagonists in this war on the global populace?  Actually it is all well documented under the control of the UN working with the WEF.  “The United Nations (“UN”) “unites” the governments of 193 countries of the world.  The World Economic Forum (“WEF”) “unites” 1,000 of the world’s largest corporations.  The two are joined by a strategic partnership to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030; an agenda which aims to control every aspect of our lives.

None of these organisations or companies have officials which represent the people. We have not elected them into office to govern or make decisions on our behalf.  And, no electorate has been asked if their goals are our goals or if their goals will create the world we, the people, want.

Paragraph 28 of the Agenda states that “we commit to making fundamental changes in the way that our societies produce and consume goods and services.”  Paragraph 52 states that this journey “will involve Governments as well as Parliaments, the UN system and other international institutions, local authorities, indigenous peoples, civil society, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community – and all people.”

Within the UN’s Sustainable Policy, which Britain has adopted, we find the objective to remove private ownership whilst at the same time we also find the objective to re-wild the countryside – the UN envisions that most of the people in the world will be living in cities by 2050.

The Agenda is “a codename for a master plan at the United Nations to change the political and economic system of the world to one of collectivism.  And in order to do that people must not be allowed to have independence.  They must be dependant on the state otherwise they won’t be easily controlled by the state. That means they can’t have private property. They can’t have land of their own. They have to live in, preferably, high rise apartments that are provided to them by the state as a benefit, so to speak,” says G. Edward Griffin, “in order to control mankind you have to get them all into the big cities. You have to get them dependent on the state for food, shelter, electrical power, their water, everything.”  That’s the dirty secret behind the Agenda.

The Agenda has been rolling out, bit by bit, to cities throughout the world for years.  Local governments are incentivised through handouts from their central governments to implement it.  For example, at various times the UK adopted the ‘Core Cities Group’, the ‘100 Resilient Cities Project’, and the ‘Global Parliament of Mayors’ movement. These initiatives aim to gain total control of the levers of power in our cities and regions. The Agenda is a “global movement, coordinated through a global to local action plan.”  A key facet of that action plan is to push the agenda down to the most local levels in society.  There are multiple paths and they all lead to a ‘One World Government’.  You can read all the details here:


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Anonymous said...

Very well-written Article. My thoughts are, yes we can win. DON'T play the enemies game, period! Millions upon Millions of the masses can just opt out to playing their games of, stop, go, threat, fear pushed, illegal mandates, and our oppressor's will have no one to play their game with IMO!!!

Civil War might be the end result of this, tried of hearing words, time for action may come from seeing no improvements, plausible, right?? No way should the masses cow down to masters of deception intent on destroying our Nation, or shame, shame, on us!!!Believe in God, is belief in freedoms to do so, so therefore it all goes hand in hand, don't give in to stupid is ringing loud and clearer!

IF there are other resolutions that come to light, speak up, because either supernatural events occur to change this course of destruction we have put on, or, the masses find the courage, faith, love of freedom, to get it done themselves!!

Everything we thought was real is not, it's been a big fat lie, we were lied to every inch of the way, more so since 9/11 as our Globalist's put their hands in our cookie jars, IMO! Slapping their hands did nothing, cutting them off might seal the deal..figuratively speaking, or not?