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Pete Garcia: The 21 Judgements Of The Tribulation

The Late Great Planet Earth: The Terrestrial/Atmospheric/Cosmic Implications of Divine Judgment
Pete Garcia

Below is my theorized summarization of the twenty-one judgments and their environmental impacts on earth. While I acknowledge the other judgments and their horrific impacts upon mankind, the effects of those are currently outside the scope of this brief and will not be addressed.

The Seven Seals (Revelation 6): One-Fourth Of The World’s Population Will Die

1. The First Seal- *the White Horse (Antichrist)

Typically speaking, the rise of political power doesn’t necessarily mean ecological catastrophe. However, the coming Ten Nation/Region Confederacy will likely use and strengthen current environmental policies (Paris Climate Accord, Kyoto Protocols, Green New Deal, etc.) as a means to cement their global authority over the nations. (See Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.)

2. The Second Seal- *the Red Horse (War)

Given the draconian nature of the globalist power grabs, war will be inevitable as rogue nations such as Russia and China revolt. War always introduces tremendous ecological damage to whatever environment it takes place. Whether we are talking about burning ships, cities, bombs (esp. nuclear weapons), biological weapons, and just the overall wear and tear caused by giant mechanical vehicles, the earth takes a beating during times of war. If these coming war(s) are global in nature, you can expect environmental damage to occur at World War II levels.

3. The Third Seal- *the Black Horse (Scarcity)

We know that the rider on the black horse introduces incredible economic calamity to the earth. Presumably, this occurs thru the Ten Nation/Region Confederacy (the Beast) attempt at forcing the whole world into this new economic mark of the beast system, which intentionally causes widespread famine and economic disparity. Famine is usually either caused by governmental malfeasance, or environmental drought or pestilence. We can assume in this particular Seal Judgment, it is the former.

4. The Fourth Seal- *the Pale Horse (death)

The obvious implications of the black horse, lead to the activation of the consequences of the Pale Horse. IF part of the judgment of the Black Horse is the global rise in temperatures, then we should expect to see the Polar Ice caps melting. In so doing, this melting could unleash some potentially very bad viruses and/or bacteria that have laid dormant under the ice for millennia. This could also be a furious unleashing of new variants in present viruses that either make them much more transmissible, or untreatable.

5. The Fifth Seal. Martyrdom of those who refuse to worship the Beast (slaughter of the Tribulation saints)

6. The Sixth Seal- *the Great Earthquake

The Sixth Seal unleashes an earthquake of such magnitude, it causes massive disturbances in both the earth and the atmosphere. The atmospheric disturbances appear to cause the dust and smoke to obscures our neighboring solar objects, as such, causing the sun to appear black, and the moon to appear blood red.

This mega-earthquake seems to occur in conjunction with a major cosmic disturbance (such as an extreme solar storm or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)). A massive CME has the potential to wipe out all of earth’s satellites thus triggering a global internet and global communications blackout as information platforms collapse around the world. It seems the world leaders appear to know this cosmic storm is coming ahead of time as they hide in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) around the world and try and wait it out.

This may also explain why the earth dwellers hide from the “Wrath of the Lamb” as environmental judgments appear to happen both subterraneanly as well as atmospherically, simultaneously. Another thought is that these earth dwellers are led to believe (potentially as part of the great delusion) that this is Sixth Seal Judgment is “Judgment Day,” and after surviving it (thinking the worst is behind them), set out to rebuild the new world order.

7. Silence in heaven


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