Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Rumors Of War: Israel vs Iran - IDF Prepares For Confrontation With Iran

IDF preparing for confrontation with Iran - Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi

The IDF is preparing for a limited confrontation with the Islamic Republic as Israel continues to act against Iranian entrenchment, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi warned on Wednesday.

“There is a possibility that we will face a limited confrontation with Iran and we are preparing for it,” Kochavi said at a conference in honor of former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak at the IDC Interdisciplinary Center in Herzilya.

“We will continue to act and responsibly,” Israel’s top military officer said, adding it would have been better had Israel not been the only one engaged in the effort to stop Iran.

The IDF, he said, is carrying out operations both publicly and below-the-radar to prevent the enemy from obtaining precision missiles, even if those operations bring about a confrontation.

“We will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria, or in Iraq,” Kochavi said, publicly acknowledging for the first time the Israel Air Force has attacked against Iranian targets in Iraq.

“Iraq is undergoing a civil war, when the Quds Force is operating there on a daily basis, when the country itself has turned into an ungoverned area. Advanced weapons are being smuggled by the Quds Force in Iraq on a monthly basis and we can’t allow that,” he said.

According to Kochavi, there’s been a change in threats, with all fronts active in trying to carry out terror or rocket attacks against Israel.

“It wasn’t always like that,” he said, pointing to years of relative quiet from Lebanon and Syria. But over the last few months there were many instances where there were warnings of immediate threats to Israel that the military had to contend with.

Iran continues to produce missiles that can reach Israeli territory, Kochavi said, explaining the Iranian military industry is much larger than all the military industries of Israel combined, allowing for them to produce more precise and long-range rockets to threaten the Israeli home front.

In addition, Quds forces in Syria as well as Hezbollah have spectrum barriers and advanced anti-aircraft missiles that can threaten Israeli jets, which nonetheless continue to have freedom of operation across the Middle East.

According to the chief of staff, while war is a solution to be used after all diplomatic solutions have been exhausted, “in the next war, be it with the north or with Gaza, the intensity of enemy firepower will be great.”

“There can be no war without casualties and I cannot not guarantee a short war,” he said. “We will need national resilience.”

“I’m looking at everyone in the eye, it will be intense. We have to prepare for that. We have to prepare for that militarily, on the home front, and mentally,” Kochavi warned.

And in the next war the IDF will strike urban areas belonging to the enemy intensely after warning civilians to leave.

“It’s the enemy that chose that,” he said. “We will strike hard, including the infrastructure of the country that allows the terror group to act against Israel. Know that the responsibility belongs to the government of Lebanon, Syria and Hamas.”

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