Sunday, December 22, 2019

Netanyahu: ICC Makes Jewish Rights To Biblical Israel A War Crime

Netanyahu: ICC makes Jewish rights to biblical Israel a war crime

Israel plans to push back against the “absurd” decision by the International Criminal Court: to turn the right of Jews to live in biblical Israel into a war crime, while ignoring the human rights abuses of countries like Iran, Syria and Turkey, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet at the start of its weekly meeting on Sunday.

On Friday, the ICC “finally became a weapon in the political war against the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

He spoke just two days after ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that she believed war crimes had occurred in Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

She plans to open an investigation into human rights abuses by Israelis and Palestinians in those territories.

But first, she has asked the pre-trial chamber to rule on the question of whether the ICC can consider Palestine a state for the purposes of adjudicating this issue – and if so, whether the court has jurisdiction over all the territory in question.

Netanyahu told his ministers that there were “three absurd things” with her decision.

“The ICC was established after the horrors of World War II, mainly the horrors that were inflicted on our people, and it was designed to deal with problems that states would raise regarding war crimes, such as genocide or large-scale deportations,” Netanyahu said.

“It was designed to do so for states that did not have true judicial systems of law, which of course do exist in the Western world,” he added.

Instead, what has happened here is that the ICC has accepted a claim by the Palestinians, “who do not have a state, and have accused the only democracy in the Middle East, which operates in accordance with the highest legal standards of Western democracies, which the court has no jurisdiction over,” Netanyahu said.

Secondly, he said that the “prosecutor’s decision contradicts historical truth. It opposes the right of the Jews to settle in the Jews’ homeland. To turn the fact that Jews are living in their land into a war crime is an absurdity of unimaginable proportions.”

Lastly, he asked, “Who are they bringing here? Who are they accusing here? Iran? Turkey? Syria? No – Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. This is terrible hypocrisy,” he said.

Israel will fight for its right and its historical truth with all the tools it has, the prime minister said.

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