Saturday, December 28, 2019

Over 6,000 Christians Killed By Islamic Terrorists Since 2015 In Nigeria

Nigeria: More than 6,000 Christians killed by Islamic terrorists since 2015

“More than 6,000 Christians killed by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria since 2015, 1000 in last year alone: Reports,” OpIndia, December 26, 2019:

In a shocking revelation, more than 6,000 Christians have been brutally murdered in the last four years and 1,000 of them in last year alone by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria, reports Fox News.
According to a report circulated by Christian news outlets, more than 1,000 Christians have been killed by Fulani herdsmen fuelled by Islamist ideology in the last year in Nigeria.
The Islamic terrorist group named Fulani herdsmen have murdered Christians as part of an aggressive and strategic land-grabbing strategy across the Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Southern Kaduna and parts of Bauchi state, said Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), a British not for profit organisation.
The reports published on 18 November titled “Your Land or Your Body” mentioned that more than 6,000 Christians have been killed and 12,000 displaced by Islamic terrorists, members of the Fulani ethnic group since 2015 in Nigeria.
“They attack rural villages, force villagers off their lands and settle in their place — a strategy that is epitomized by the phrase: ‘Your land or your blood”. In every village, the message from local people is the same: ‘Please, please help us! The Fulani are coming. We are not safe in our own homes’,” the report read.
Nomadic Fulani herdsmen seek to replace diversity and difference with an Islamist ideology which is imposed with violence on those who refuse to comply. It is genocide according to the Nigerian House of Representatives, said Baroness Cox, member of House of Lords, who runs the non-profit organisation….

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