Sunday, June 30, 2019

Israeli Missiles Launched From Lebanese Airspace Into Damascus Area

‘Israeli missile strikes’ kill 4 Syrian civilians, including a toddler, injure 21 – state TV

Syrian air defenses have responded to apparent missile attacks in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs, Sana reports, with its military source claiming that a number of ‘hostile targets’ have been intercepted.
At least 4 people, including a baby, were killed in the strikes on Damascus countryside while 21 others suffered injuries, according to SANA. One of those injured is a month old baby girl, who suffered burns and facial wounds.
The missiles were launched from the Lebanese airspace, where Israeli aircraft were spotted making low-altitude flights around the time of the incident, according to TV-channel Al-Mayadeen and Al-Masdar News and other regional sources.

Even though at least three missiles were intercepted, besides the casualties a number of houses on the outskirts of Damascus suffered “material damage.” The targets allegedly included Mezzeh military airport near Damascus, as well as nearby towns of Jamraya, Sahnaya, and Daraya. Another site was also targeted in Homs Governorate, near the Lebanese border.
Israel which repeatedly carried out cross-border raids into Syria in the past, but rarely admitted them, has yet to comment on the latest incident. However, in recent weeks, Tel Aviv confirmed striking multiple Syrian Army installations, in retaliation to cross-border tensions surrounding the occupied Golan Heights.
Damascus on several occasions urged the UN to put an end to these blatant sovereignty violations by Israel. The Syrian government believes that Israeli strikes only bolster the fighting spirit of the remaining terrorists in the country.

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