Thursday, June 27, 2019

Google's Push Towards Globalism

The Humanitarian Hoax Of “Neutral” Google Searches: Killing America With Kindness

By: Linda Goudsmit

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The humanitarian hoax of neutral Google searches is a dangerous example of destruction presented as altruism.

Google is currently the nation’s premier web-based information outlet with 63,000 searches per second, 3.8 million per minute, and 5.8 billion searches a day. So, what is the problem?

Google has reversed its lofty 1998 foundational mission, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Making information universally accessible and useful describes a free and open Internet that is diametrically opposed to censorship, curating content, and algorithms for social engineering the masses.

Google searches today are not neutral, free, unbiased, or random. This is how it works.

In a shocking two-minute video produced and filmed on location by Hay Festival for BBC Arts Digital 2019, Carole Cadwalladr inadvertently exposes the alarming content issues involved in a simple Google search. Cadwalladr, an investigative journalist, became famous in 2018 when she exposed the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Her investigation begins as she decides to type in a controversial single word – Jew. She starts to format the search word into a question “Are Jews …” and Google auto-completes the question “Are Jews evil?” Without even pressing return, the screen fills with an entire page of results, every single one answering, “Yes, Jews are evil.” At the bottom of the page were suggested search terms. The first one was, “Did the Holocaust happen?” Carole clicks on it and the screen populates with articles that deny the Holocaust in every single case. The top result was the Nazi website Stormfront. Top results are determined by page rank – we will get to that later.

What caught my attention beyond the staggering antisemitism in the search result, is Carole’s comment that Google searches are machine learning. The machine reads the websites and then deduces things. WHAT???

Google searches are easily designed to manipulate the public with their globalist narrative. How would it work?
Consider the seriousness of Carole Cadwalladr’s experience. Anyone who Googles the word Jew is inundated with antisemitic propaganda validating the most vicious politically motivated lies about Israel and the Jewish people. In an earlier article, the Political Purpose of Anti-Semitism, I discuss how the political purpose of anti-semitism is to galvanize support for a political movement during times of social and political upheaval. The political movement that Google supports is Globalism.
I have discussed Globalism at great length, but its defining distinction is this:
“The word globalism is often used in its narrowest context to mean global trade, which obscures its broader political intention to internationalize nation states and ultimately impose one-world government.”
The globalist elite unapologetically envision a new world order that restructures the world into one world community with one world nation, one world currency, one world flag, one world language, that are imposed under the auspices of the United Nations and ruled by themselves, of course. United Nations initiatives like its Agenda 2030 promote this restructuring with glorious promises of a better life for all. The 17 sustainable goals articulated in the documents expose the plan to loot industrial countries, particularly the United States, and redistribute US wealth to non-industrialized countries to make the world a more “just and fair place.” REALLY??

The globalist vision of one world and one world government offers global businesses like Google and Amazon an unfettered marketplace for their goods and services. Globalism is very good for globalist businesses. America-first policies are not good for global businesses – they are good for America and American workers. That explains why giant global businesses are uniformly hostile to America-first President Trump and his America-first policies.

The algorithms that control Google searches are easily altered to manipulate Americans with disinformation and misinformation designed to achieve Google’s globalist goal of one-world government. The possibility exposes the mass social engineering potential of Google and why its content must be monitored. The antisemitic search results are a case in point that demonstrates the frightening ease with which disinformation can be distributed and then changed with the stroke of a computer key.
Google’s ability to manipulate public opinion through its curated content makes Google capable of influencing elections and world events. It is truly a staggering level of social control concentrated in the hands of a few corporate globalists. Just imagine the difference in Google content if it embraced an America-first mentality determined to protect American interests, American sovereignty, and American independence.

Instead, Google provides its biased globalist support of the leftist/Islamist/globalist axis in support of illegal immigration, open borders, educational indoctrination, anti-conservative, pro-liberal, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim views to facilitate its long-term objective of one-world government.
Daniel Greenfield discusses the recent challenge to the First Amendment in his latest article, “16 Biggest Advertisers Ally to Censor ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media.” In an Orwellian gambit to “challenge hate speech and disinformation,” these globalist behemoths plan to define hate speech and disinformation for us. REALLY?? Leftists and Islamists have already defined hate speech as anything they disagree with and the globalists are no different.
The humanitarian hoax of neutral Google searches is an end-run around free speech that seeks to indoctrinate and propagandize Americans to accept the fiction that one-world government will bring peace and justice to the world. Any system of governance that can stand on merit does not require the sins of omission, commission, censorship, advertising cartel alliances, or the curated content that Google delivers daily with 63,000 searches per second, 3.8 million per minute, and 5.8 billion searches a day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Establishing a new world order of one world government is a long-term strategy, and time is on Google’s side. 

Americans who want a free, sovereign, independent America must understand the globalist goals of biased Google content and always consider the source of its search results. 

It is time for Americans to become concerned about Google’s content legitimacy, authoritativeness, and relevance. Google’s curated globalist content is not neutral – it is the enemy of American sovereignty and independence.

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