Thursday, April 4, 2019

The UN vs Israel

Trump exposes United Nations 

Occupied Syrian Golan is UN diplomatic doublespeak

The “Occupied Syrian Golan is UN diplomatic doublespeak contrived after Israel:
  • Captured the Golan Heights in the 1967 Six Day War from Syria,
  • Passed an Act in 1981 declaring that the law, jurisdiction and administration of Israel applied to the Golan Heights - which was immediately rejected by Security Council Resolution 497 .
Circumstances have since changed as Israel now faces Syria and its “invitees” Russia, Iran and Hezbollah across this very strategic piece of territory‚—whilst the UN remains powerless to end the carnage and displacement of Syria’s citizens by its ruler Bashir Assad during the past eight years.
Thirty-eight years of unbroken UN refusal to recognise Jewish sovereignty in the 1150 square kilometres Golan Heights has finally been called out and trashed by Trump.
The UN’s continuing anti-Israel and pro-Syrian bias in 2019 is the product of a structured regional-representation system which has seen decisions of its 193 member states impacted for decades by:

UN’s continuing anti-Israel and pro-Syrian bias

  1. 16 member States that have never recognized Israel
  2. 11 member States that have had no diplomatic relations with Israel for decades
  3. 30 member States (in addition to those in 1 and 2) that are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)‚—hardly a Jewish fan club
  4. 77 member States that fraternise and associate with the above 57 Jew-hating States in a 134 member voting bloc at the UN called the G77‚—guaranteeing an automatic majority for any resolution in the UN General Assembly‚—no matter how dismissive or contemptuous of Jewish rights and claims.
The Security Council’s current 10 non-permanent members include 3 OIC members—2 of whom‚—Indonesia and Kuwait‚—have never recognised Israel.
The Commission on the Status of Women currently includes among its 45 members: 6 that have never recognised Israel‚—Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.
The current 49 members of the Human Rights Council include: 9 States that do not recognise Israel‚—Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Tunisia—and another 19 who are both OIC and G77 members or only G77 members.
These States regularly denigrate and delegitimise the Jewish people under the guise of civilised debate and constructive discussion on solving the worlds’ problems‚—most of which are remarkably sheeted home to the actions of the Jewish State of Israel and its Jewish majority population.

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