Friday, April 26, 2019

Rumors Of War:

Next Stop On The War Train - Iran, Venezuela Or North Korea?

Everyone knows a war with Iran is coming eventually. The CIA led coup to overthrown democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh (a nationalist) and install the Shah (Mohammed Reza Pahlevi) directly resulted in the Iranian revolution in 1979. Every US president and elitist cabinet since this event has tested the waters of public sentiment on a renewed conflict with Iran. So far they have not been able to find a rationale that the citizenry is willing to buy; either that, or they have simply been too busy perpetuating wars in other regions to get to Iran yet.
The establishment can now launch wars without being forced to construct ANY elaborate rationale, and then they can simply blame the resulting disasters on “populism” and conservatives in general.
Perhaps this is why tensions with Iran are now skyrocketing as the US reasserts stifling sanctions and declares the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. The US is also set to end all waivers for Iranian oil exports and is threatening economic retaliation against countries that ignore sanctions. This is expected to cause gasoline prices to spike even higher in the near term.
Iran has responded by declaring the US a state sponsor of terrorism, and is threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, which is one of the most important avenues for oil shipping in the world. I would also note that many European nations are not on board with higher oil prices and are seeking ways to circumvent sanctions against Iran.

I have written extensively on the Venezuela situation in the past, including in my recent article 'Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria?' To summarize, Venezuela was already near collapse due to foolish socialist policies, but the elites have decided to help the South American country along with sanctions as well as the initiation of a coup using Juan Guaido as a frontman. Currently, Guaido has entered Venezuela under the protection of the US, and is openly fomenting revolution against Nicolas Madruro.
The Venezuela conflict seems to be headed up by Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton has indicated numerous times that the military option is on the table for the region if Madruro refuses to step down and relinquish power, or if he dares to arrest Guaido.
A Venezuela scenario interests me greatly for a number of reason, but primarily because it matches up perfectly with a scenario described in 'Operation Garden Plot', a secret continuity of government and martial law program exposed during the Iran/Contra Hearings in the 1980's. Garden Plot outlines that a crisis in South or Central America followed by mass migrations north to the US border would be a useful crisis and a valid excuse to trigger martial law measures in America, starting first on the border and then spreading from there. Isn't this the situation we are staring to see today on the border?
A war in Venezuela, either through a coup or through direct US military action would amplify current unstable conditions to a maximum.

North Korea
It should come as no surprise to anyone that the “diplomatic negotiations” with North Korea have ended in shambles.  Trump's highly publicized walk out during the last summit was even praised by the likes of Joe Biden. NK is now threatening to return to missile and nuclear tests and cut off future summits if the US does not back off of sanctions by the end of this year.
The current state of devolving affairs with North Korea was highly predictable, though the amount of time it took for the farce to become widely evident was certainly longer than I expected. As I've been warning for months, there was never any intention on the part of the Trump Administration and its elitist handlers to secure a legitimate deal with North Korea, and the idea that NK would EVER denuke was ludicrous from the start.

The kabuki theater was designed as a means to solidify Trump's base and lure the liberty movement into the neo-con fold.  At the same time, it has staged the Trump Administration for an epic negotiations disaster in the near future.  "So close, and you blew it...", the media pundits will say.    

North Korea is still engaging in summit negotiations, not with the US, but with Russia and Vladimir Putin. The result will likely be the exact opposite of what the mainstream media has been suggesting (i.e. renewed efforts to denuke). I suspect that this will only hasten North Korea's break from peace talks with the West, just as Turkey's negotiations with Putin have only hasted their departure from NATO.  

The question is, if NK begins missile and nuclear tests again at the end of this year, as they seem to be threatening to do, will this be used as an excuse for a war in the region? And, is this the next stage in the scripted globalist narrative in which Trump is a "bumbling populist villain" destined to lead the nation to economic and geopolitical ruin...?

War As A Catalyst For Centralization
The purpose behind regional and global conflicts should be obvious, but for some reason the motives seem to escape many people, perhaps because they are so easily caught up in false paradigms.
Almost every war of the past century has been followed by further centralization of government power and the creation of globalist institutions which continually argue for the end of national sovereignty as THE SOLUTION to end all war.  Considering the fact that all modern wars are banker engineered wars, I would suggest that forcibly and permanently removing organized sociopathic elites from positions of power and influence is the only long term solution for ending war.

War is not just "a racket" as Smedley Butler decried; war is also a useful tool for molding mass psychology.  However, I want to remind everyone that not all globalist schemes succeed; many of them fail spectacularly.  The covert destabilization of Syria and the attempt to lure the American public into supporting a military invasion to remove president Bashar al-Assad from power was initiated over 7 years ago and has ended with dismal results for the establishment cabal.  Not only did they fail to convince Americans that CIA trained Syrian insurgents were "heroic freedom fighters" (the same insurgents that eventually formed ISIS), they also failed to convince the public and US military members that going to war in the region to unseat Assad was a rational option.  The only success in Syria, I suppose, is that no one in intelligence agencies or politics has yet been punished for their covert training, arming and funding of terrorist groups.

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