Sunday, April 21, 2019

Farage And The Charge Of The Brexit Brigade

Farage & The Charge Of The Brexit Brigade

Nigel Farage will be prime minister of England one day. Note I didn’t say the United Kingdom. There are real secessionist movements which the next phase of his quest for Brexit which will likely tear the U.K. apart.

Farage has rightly navigated the last nine months of the Brexit saga to emerge the front-runner in a complete realignment of British politics after making a mess of things post-referendum.

Infographic: European Parliamentary elections: UK voting intention | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista
And there is no more proof needed than the polls released by YouGov this week of people’s voting intentions for next month’s European Parliamentary elections.
Am I the only one getting a giggle out of the abbreviation for the new “Change UK” Party?
And even with a five point lead over Labour, Farage is saying that there’s a lot of work yet to do. Because the European elections are only the start of what comes next.
And he’s absolutely right.
The European elections are where voters go to lodge their frustrations and show their anger. But this is far deeper than a protest. It is the beginning of a realignment of British politics along a different axis than before.
The false divide between Labour and the Tories is fading as they both have come together to ‘bin’ Brexit, as the Brits would say, fighting amongst themselves for control of the next parliament.

And that’s what Farage is exploiting. By branding his new party the “Brexit Party” he’s not mincing words. He knows that the majority of England (not the U.K.) outside of London are staunchly anti-EU.

He’s got his finger on the pulse of the English electorate, including that large percentage of Labour voters who also voted to Leave alongside the majority of Tories.
Farage knows he has the right approach, politically, to unite the center-left and center-right of England into a very viable political force which can galvanize around this issue just like they did in 2016 to the chagrin and horror of the British Establishment.

This is ripe for Farage to pick up much-needed points in the next general election to put his Brexit party over the top. If Mogg and the rest of the ERG are smart, they will join him and ditch the Tories. This gives Farage seats in Parliament they already represent and will guarantee their re-election.

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