Monday, April 22, 2019

Is The Stage Being Set For Global Crackdown On Biblical Christianity?

Are elites setting the stage for a global crackdown on Biblical Christianity?
Leo Hohmann 

It’s been building for decades, but never has the anti-Christian bigotry of the global elites who run the world’s major media outlets been more obvious than it is today.

At least 290 Christians, including four Americans, were massacred at three churches and several hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday morning, many of them as they were worshiping their Risen Savior. A team of Islamic suicide bombers carried out the atrocities in what was described by authorities as a “well coordinated attack.”

Compare the world’s response to this attack on Christians to that of the attack on two mosques in New Zealand last month, when a lone madman shot and killed 50 Muslims. Coverage of the mosque attack consumed the media for more than a week. They sent reporters to interview the survivors and communicate in great detail the agony suffered by the victims, who were clearly and repeatedly identified as Muslims.
There were calls for prayer and solidarity with Muslims in cities across the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. The Council on American Islamic Relations, also called CAIR, called on state and local police to provide extra protection for mosques across the U.S. Donations were gathered up for the families of the 50 Muslims who were murdered.
In Sri Lanka, where a much larger event has played out, we’ve seen a very different manner of response from the corporate media and the leftist politicians they adore.
CAIR and its Democrat allies screamed “Islamophobia!” and “white nationalism!” in regard to the New Zealand attack. But these same folks have largely avoided any reference to the 300 victims in Sri Lanka as “Christians” and downplay or ignore the “Islamic” connection of the perpetrators. Those attacked while sitting in their churches have been called “foreigners,” “worshippers,” “people” and “people of faith,” anything but Christians.

There have been no candlelight vigils and around-the-clock reporting on this massacre by the cable-news networks.
Words matter. Actions matter.
When national and international leaders speak, we must pay attention. Their relative silence also speaks loudly.
I believe they are laying the foundation for a global crackdown on Christianity, a crackdown that is already underway in countries as diverse as China, France, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The same Christophobic war on Christianity will arrive soon in a city near you. “Soft” persecution has already caused conservative U.S. Christians to lose jobs and to be passed over for promotions simply because they are pro-life, believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, or stand against creeping Sharia in their community.

This soft persecution will turn hard soon enough, just wait. For a preview of what’s coming, take a look across the big pond at the formerly free countries of France and Germany. Churches are desecrated there every day. Pastors are attacked.

Are you ready for it?
On Monday morning, 24 hours after the murderous attack on Christians in Sri Lanka, most of the media had finally admitted this was an Islamic-inspired operation. But CNN was still agonizing over exactly who was responsible for the carnage.
In an article headlined “Mystery surrounds the source of the Sri Lankan attacks” CNN national-security reporter Peter Bergen called the terrorists “religious extremists” but couldn’t bring himself to pin it on Islamic terrorists, preferring instead to describe the attacks mainly in the context of Sri Lanka’s past history of civil war. Never mind that its civil war ended 10 years ago!

To find out what actually happened on that Easter Sunday morning I had to hunt for details.
I found them in a response from Barnabas Aid, a UK-based Christian relief organization that has sources on the ground in Sri Lanka. They sent me the following account via email:
“Yesterday morning on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, the ugliest of violence broke out as a wave of bombings targeted Easter Sunday worship services and Easter breakfast buffets at hotels for Christians who had completed all-night vigils. At least 290 people have been killed and 500 injured, but the tallies are constantly rising. ‘This was a sad day for Sri Lanka and especially for the Church in Sri Lanka,’ wrote Godfrey Yogarajah to Barnabas Aid within a few hours of the attacks. He is deputy secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance and general secretary of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka.”
Islamic terrorists, some two dozen of them, targeted two Catholic churches and one Protestant church.
One of the churches was Zion Evangelical Church in the city of Batticaloa.
Barnabas Aid has close ties with this congregation of 400-plus people and has been helping war widows at the church for several years. Around 35 people were killed Sunday at Zion Church, many of them children.

Shahram Hadian, a pastor at the Truth in Love Project in Spokane Valley, Washington, and a former Muslim who grew up in Iran, described the attitude of America’s leftist establishment toward growing Christian persecution in a Facebook post Sunday, the day that saw mass casualties of Christians in Sri Lanka:
“Where is the outrage of the left and all of my ‘liberal’ Christian brothers and sisters, who were incensed after the attacks in New Zealand. The entire world ‘stopped’ and mourned after those attacks. Will we see the same here?
“Will our governments now call for the Lord’s Prayer to be read over the radio and air waves, as we saw the Islamic prayer of azan broadcast over the airwaves in New Zealand, after those attacks?
“Where is Ilhan Ohmar and Rashida Tlaib? Must be that ‘some people did something’ in Sri Lanka. The left is too busy protecting Islam while it gets taken over by Islam.
“Is [Minnesota] Attorney General Keith Ellison (Muslim Brotherhood) and other elected officials in Minnesota going to set up a Christophobia task force to investigate attacks against Christians and churches like they did after New Zealand? Of course that will never happen. The silence and hypocrisy of the world is sickening.
“The Lord Jesus Christ will not forgot and He will avenge the blood of His Martyrs,” Hadian said, citing Revelation 6: 9-11.
The words of Jesus, just before His arrest and crucifixion, also come to mind. He warned His disciples, as they ate the Passover meal together, “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” (John 15:20).

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