Friday, October 26, 2018

Judicial Watch: Soros-Affiliated State Department Funding Immigrant Caravans

Judicial Watch Investigations Director Chris Farrell: Soros-Affiliated State Department Is Funding Illegal Immigrant Caravans (VIDEO)

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the illegal immigrants inside the migrant caravan.

Chris just returned from Guatemala where he witnessed the latest caravan traveling to the United States.

Farrell says organizers and affiliates are getting money from the Soros-affiliated State Department.

Chris Farrell: There are certainly criminal elements rolled into the caravan. There were children who were recovered from a human smuggling operation today… There is a criminal involvement on part of these leftist groups. It’s highly organized. It’s a very elaborate sophisticated operation… A lot of these folks also have affiliates getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department and that is a very great concern. If you want to start cutting money, start cutting money there.
Lou Dobbs: Do you know anything about what we’ve seen of USAID bags containing what we know not but obviously distributed by USAID. What is behind that?
Chris Farrell: I don’t have a clear answer off the top of my head. All I can do is tell you is there is all sorts of programs that these groups are affiliated with that we pay taxpayer money on. It needs to be cut off now.
As we reported earlier today the open borders group behind the illegal alien caravan marching to the US border is funded by several liberal organizations including Soros’s Open Society.

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