Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Gaza Rocket Attacks On Southern Israel Resume, Israeli Aircraft Bombs Multiple Targets In Response

Gaza Terrorists Resume Rocket Attacks on Southern Israel

The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted two rockets that were heading straight for heavily populated areas in Israel’s southern region late Wednesday night after Gaza terrorists launched another rocket attack at the Jewish State.
A third rocket landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council district, in the central Negev. Another explosion was reportedly heard in the Merhavim Regional Council district as well.
The Red Alert incoming rocket siren was triggered at around 11:30 pm in the Central Negev communities of Orim and Patish, in the Eshkol Regional Council district, abruptly yanking Jewish families out of their beds and sending them racing for cover. Residents of the Gaza Belt region near the border have only a 15-second window within which to reach a safe space before rockets, missiles and mortar shells land in their vicinity.

No physical injuries were reported.

Israeli aircraft bombed several targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday, the IDF said after a single rocket was fired into Israel, ending a week-long stretch of relative calm in the Gaza Strip.
The army said IAF aircraft struck Hamas targets in the north of the Strip and in the south near the towns of Khan Younis and Rafah. There were no immediate reports of casualties.
The IDF said it hit eight targets at the three sites, including Hamas training bases and a weapons production facility.

Late Wednesday, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired a single missile into Israel from the Gaza Strip, the army said, with the projectile apparently falling in an open field despite after a failed interception attempt. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The rocket fire sent thousands of residents rushing to bomb shelters and
The IDF said it had identified a single launch from the Strip toward Israel and “an interceptor was fired at it.”
However, the missile apparently missed its target, Israel Radio reported, and the rocket from Gaza landed in an open field in southern Israel.
Residents of the area reported hearing the sounds of explosions following the sirens.
The Israeli military initially said it was investigating what triggered the sirens, which sounded in the communities of Urim and Patish in the central Negev.
An Eshkol region spokesperson said emergency response personnel were searching the area.
The alarms ended a relative calm that has persisted in the Gaza Strip region following a flareup between the Hamas terrorist group and Israel last Wednesday, which was sparked by a rocket launched from the coastal enclave that struck a home in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.
The rocket caused significant damage to the house, but no injuries as the mother inside rushed her three sons into their bomb shelter. A second rocket launched from the Gaza at the same time landed off the coast of the greater Tel Aviv area.
In response, the Israeli military launched a series of air raids against some 20 targets in the Gaza Strip.
The Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad publicly condemned the rocket launches, leading to the suspicion that the projectiles had been fired accidentally.

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