Thursday, August 31, 2017

Netanyahu: Iran Turning Syria Into 'Base Of Military Entrenchment' In Order To 'Eradicate Israel', Muslims Coming To Faith Through Visions And Dreams

Syrian Opposition Confirms Netanyahu’s Allegations on Iran Buildup with Russian S-400 Missile Protection

The Syrian opposition website Zaman Al Wasl earlier this week reported that Russia has built a base for its S-400 long-range air defense missile systems in Hama province, 10 miles from the newly discovered Iranian missile facilities in an area considered the most loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.
On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres that Iran is building sites to produce precision-guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon, with the aim of using them against Israel.
Netanyahu said Iran is turning Syria into a “base of military entrenchment as part of its declared goal to eradicate Israel,” and is busy “building sites to produce precision-guided missiles towards that end, in both Syria and in Lebanon. This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the UN should not accept.”

The Russians have denied a rumor that during Netanyahu’s Visit to the Kremlin last week, he and President Vladimir Putin had a serious disagreement over Israel’s intent to go after those Iranian facilities. The Russians later denied the tiff, even though Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov this week openly warned Israel—while not naming names—against such a move.

But Zaman Al Wasl has established that the Russians have first deployed S-400 batteries at the Hmeimym airbase, and the new deployment on the “Dhahaer rama Ahmed” hilltop near Masyaf city in northwestern Syria is yet another Russian “fevered efforts to fortify the Alawite-dominated territories and secure Iran’s long-range missile facilities.”

The S-400 Triumf, whose development began in the late 1980s, has been in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 2007. With a maximum range of 250 miles, and a radar capable of detecting incoming targets at a distance of 375 miles, it has been described as “one of the best air-defense systems currently made.”

Military experts who examined satellite images of the new installations told Zaman al-Wasl that Russia has also installed batteries of its supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles P-800 Oniks, also known as Yakhont near the same Iranian air base.

United Nations watchdogs have said that they don’t believe it necessary to search Iranian military sites to verify that they are in compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, as they do not suspect any misdoings on the facilities. The US has strongly pushed the UN to inspect Iranian military sites, which have not been investigated thus far.

Over the weekend, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley met with officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN-affiliated international organization whose stated purpose is to promote the peaceful, non-military use of nuclear weapons. The IAEA has been tasked with ensuring that Tehran abide by their terms of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and not produce weapons-grade plutonium or enriched uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons.

Part of the agreement was that the IAEA could send inspectors to Iranian sites, including military ones, if they believed that illegal nuclear activities were being undertaken there. Iran has traditionally been cagey about letting international inspectors into their military complexes to check for nuclear activity, citing national security concerns.

 IAEA officials stated, they would search only if they suspected Iranian misdoing. The JCPOA only allows for IAEA searches if they can provide a basis for their concerns. Another anonymous IAEA official told Reuters that they hadn't asked for access to Iranian military sites because they had "no reason to."

A Christian from the West Bank who lost everything because of his decision to leave behind his Islamic faith has said that most Muslims decide to turn to Jesus Christ because of visions and dreams.
"Most Muslims come to the Lord through visions and dreams, not through evangelists," the Christian, identified as Ismail, said in an article for persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA on Tuesday, noting that he has seen many Muslims come to Christ over the years.
Ismail recalled growing up in a devout Muslim family, but was prompted as a teenager to investigate questions about Jesus after an overseas Christian organization sent evangelistic material to his cousin.
He pursued knowledge about Christianity despite highly negative views of Christians from his community.
His searching continued, however, leading him to get in contact with Christian students and a Christian pastor, who tried to answer his questions about why God would send His son to Earth.

Ismail said that he was fascinated with the way Christians would pray directly to God, and tried it out himself.

"I told the Lord that I was a sinner and prayed about His love. The words were amazing, but in my heart there was still doubt. The Muslim notion of 'what you don't see doesn't exist' kept me from accepting Christ," he explained.
That changed, he said, when God appeared in a short dream and spoke to him.
"I saw a white face and heard a voice: 'Follow Me.' Nothing more. But it was enough. I made the decision to follow Him," Ismail recalled.
His decision to become a Christian at the time was met with great hostility in the Palestinian village he lived in, and he was cast out by his family.
"I lost all my status, all my family. I was forced to leave the house. My father told me to leave and never come back again," Ismail said.
He has since been engaging with the Bible even more intensively, declaring that his faith fills his "whole existence."
There have been several stories in recent years of non-Christians experiencing dreams of Jesus which has led to their conversion.
A now former shaman in a village in northwest China shared in another article for Open Doors in July that she saw Christ while on her deathbed.
"I was in the back seat of a taxi as my brother drove me toward an endless darkness. But then three men, who were wearing brilliant white robes, approached. But their light was so bright, I couldn't see their faces," Ting, the former shaman, said of her experience.

In 2015, an Islamic State terror group fighter who had killed Christians also turned to Christ after reportedly dreaming of "a man in white."

Youth With a Mission Frontier Missions, a nonprofit missionary organization, said at the time that the IS jihadi told a YWAM leader "that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, 'You are killing my people.' And he started to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing."

The report added: "The fighter said just before he killed one Christian, the man said, 'I know you will kill me, but I give to you my Bible.' The Christian was killed and this IS fighter actually took the Bible and began to read it. In another dream, Jesus asked him to follow Him, and he was now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be discipled."

It will now become much easier for 'refugees' from Africa to seek asylum in Europe, according to a new agreement between four western European countries and Chad and Niger. "Particularly vulnerable refugees" will now be able to apply for asylum in Europe directly in place in the African countries.

Four Western European countries have agreed on a new asylum policy, allowing African 'refugees' to seek asylum in European countries, directly on the African continent, reports AP.

It is the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, who jointly presented the news, together with EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, after the representatives of the countries gathered in Paris to discuss integration, migration and defense within the EU. Representatives from other African countries also participated.

Several African leaders have asked for increased support from the EU, since their countries are used in many ways as transit areas for refugees and migrants heading for the European continent.

Specifically, the European countries intend to work with Chad and Niger, where they want to start a process of coping with what is described as "particularly vulnerable migrants" and help them to begin a new life in Europe.

In this way, if their asylum applications are approved, migrants will now be able to travel to Europe in a legal and safe manner, instead of dealing with, in many cases, life-threatening voyages with unsafe boats across the Mediterranean.

Exactly what is meant by "particularly vulnerable" people is not fully clarified, but asylum will be based on a list by the UN.

This means a flood of asylum seekers like the world has never seen before, as the signal effect has probably reached the entire African continent already. It is the end of Europe as we know it.

The agenda and the objective for the insane mass migration inflicted upon us by traitors: Culture clashes -> wars -> depopulation -> ending the wars -> introducing the UN's New World Order (NWO).

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