Friday, August 25, 2017

Iranian Army Chief Warns Israel Will Not Survive Next 25 Years

Iranian army chief warns Israel will not survive next 25 years

Iran’s new army chief warned that the “Zionist regime” will not exist in 25 years.

The general, Abdolrahim Mousavi, was speaking at a cultural event in the city of Qom on Thursday evening and said that acts of devotion from Iranians would thwart Israel.

As an example of such devotion, Mousavi cited Mohsen Hojaji, an adviser sent to Syria, taken captive by Islamic State earlier this month and beheaded two days later.

According to a report of his comments by the Iranian Tasnim news agency on Friday, Mousavi also warned that if any country chose to enter a war with Iran, it would be Iran that would decides how the war would end.
According to Tasnim, Mousavi said that the world has realized that it is “impossible” to attempt military engagement against the Islamic Republic.
Mousavi was appointed on August 21 as the commander of the Iranian army, an entity separate from the country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps.
His comments on Thursday echo a prediction made by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei earlier in 2015.
In a quote posted to Twitter by Khamenei’s official account on September 9, 2015, the Iranian leader addressed Israel, saying, “You will not see next 25 years,” and added that the Jewish state will be hounded until it is destroyed.
The quote was published against a backdrop of a photograph apparently showing the Iranian leader walking on an Israeli flag painted on a sidewalk.
“After negotiations, in Zionist regime they said they had no more concern about Iran for next 25 years; I’d say: Firstly, you will not see next 25 years; God willing, there will be nothing as Zionist regime by next 25 years. Secondly, until then, struggling, heroic and jihadi morale will leave no moment of serenity for Zionists,” the quote from Iran’s top leader read in broken English.
The quote was apparently taken from a speech given earlier in the day.

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