Friday, August 11, 2017

'No War No Peace': India Raises Military Alert Over China Border Dispute, China Will Prevent U.S. First Strike Against N Korean Regim

‘No War, No Peace’: India Raises Military Alert Level Over China Border Dispute

The standoff between China and India along the Doklam Plateau has shown no signs of de-escalating, as India continues to bolster its strength and increase operational readiness along the border.

New Delhi raised the military alertness level as a "matter of caution," according to anonymous sources speaking to Reuters. The level in question is known as "no war, no peace," and instructs the soldiers to take defensive positions. 

For seven weeks now, China and India have faced off over the Doklam plateau, an area disputed by China and India's ally Bhutan. This sequence of events began when China attempted to build a road through remote and rugged Doklam, which they call Donglang and claim is a part of Tibet. Bhutan protested, as they also claim Doklam as part of their territory. Bhutan and India are signatories of a "Friendship Treaty," and so India intervened on their smaller ally's behalf.

The construction of the road screeched to a halt after India dispatched troops to the region, which China claims is a violation of their sovereignty. The government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planted its feet and claimed the Chinese project threatens India's security.
China's demands for India to pull back were ignored, and so Beijing deployed their own forces to the disputed border. Hundreds of soldiers from the two most populous nations in the world stand within view of one another. China continues to warn of "counter-measures" to escalate against India if New Delhi doesn't back down.

China will prevent the US and South Korea from carrying out strikes on North Korea and trying to overthrow the leadership there, but will remain neutral if Pyongyang launches missiles at American targets first, the state-run Global Times said.
The warning, delivered through an editorial in the Chinese state-run newspaper on Thursday, comes as both the US and North Korea continue to exchange incendiary remarks, raising the risk of overreaction or miscalculation amid the crisis.
Beijing should make it clear that “if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral,” the Global Times wrote.

But if the US and its ally South Korea take on Pyongyang and try to “overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so,” the paper stressed. 
Beijing was unable “to persuade Washington or Pyongyang to back down at this time,” the Global Times said, adding it primarily pursues peace and stability in the region. All sides involved in the crisis should understand that “when their actions jeopardize China's interests, China will respond with a firm hand,” the government paper explained.

China – North Korea’s long-standing economic partner and ideological ally – reiterated on Friday that all sides involved in the crisis must “speak and act with caution” as well as build up trust rather than “taking turns in shows of strength,” according to a Foreign Ministry statement quoted by Reuters.
Earlier in the week, US President Donald Trump added more fuel to the North Korean crisis, saying that his previous threat to unleash “fire and fury which the world has never seen” was perhaps not “tough enough.”
Speaking on Thursday at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump said the North Koreans “better get their act together or they’re going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world.” The open threat from Washington came after Pyongyang ridiculed Trump’s “fire and fury” remark as a “load of nonsense.”

Pyongyang also announced that a detailed plan to launch missiles against the US Pacific airbase on Guam will be completed soon. In response, the US military signaled it could dispatch strategic B-1 bombers to target North Korea’s missile launch sites, underground facilities and other installations.


Caver said...

Hummmmmm.....China is getting more and more interesting. Anybody else sensing this?
South China Sea
N Korea vs US, Japan, Guam, others

Its like they now feel militarily ready to stand toe to toe and they're ready to do it on any number of fronts at the same time. IN fact, they're being downright belligerent in a low key kind of way.

Suresh said...

A Chinese state-run newspaper called on Beijing on Friday to "stay neutral" if North Korea strikes first in a conflict with the United States, despite a mutual defence pact between the Asian allies.

The nationalistic Global Times tabloid said in an editorial that Washington and Pyongyang were playing a "reckless game" that could lead to "miscalculations and a strategic 'war'".

Scott said...

Yes China has been in the rumors of war category now for a few months and its gaining momentum. Very interesting development

D. Pearson said...

Hey all,

Ive been away for a while and I don't know when I will get internet service again.
The situation is increasingly getting ugly. So much msm isn't covering. Isis is still waging a war on christians, and we are sending them to their final destination, no 72 virgins, just fire and heat.

Until we meet in the end!

Scott said...


You are in my prayers brother and I ask everyone else on this site to do the same.

Stay in touch if possible, and let us know how its going over there!

Caver said...

David, lifting you and your unit up.

D. Pearson said...

Thank you brother, semiper fi

D. Pearson said...

Guys, it's so hot! 120• today.
I'm old and I'm not liking the heat. We are making a lot of progress.
My unit doesn't stand for Christian persecution. Desecration or churches of killing christians.

Believe me, isis is reaping what they sow. MARSOC boys don't play. Christians with superior fire power are their worst nightmare, and the hunters have become the hunted!

Scott said...

David you are in my prayers always. We"ll be seeing you soon in New Jerusalem. Hang in there and thanks so so so much for all you do for this country. Words cant even express how much respect and admiration i have for you. I hope everybody on this board will be praying for your protection. God bless brother