Thursday, May 11, 2017

Russian Plan For Syria Places Iranian Military In Golan, Psychiatrist Summarizes President Macron's Personality,

“Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal”.’ ” Ezekiel 38:2 (The Israel Bible™)

Russian President Vladmir Putin’s plan to set up Iranian Army officers as observers on the Israel-Syria border is even more audacious than first reported. 
If implemented, Putin’s plan will establish the Golan as part of Syria, supervised by the Iranians, and it will become a no-fly zone for the Israeli Air Force (IAF) protected by advanced Russian anti-aircraft systems.
President Putin suggested to President Donald Trump that a solution for the Syrian crisis would be to establish “de-escalation zones” manned by Russian, Turkish, and Iranian military personnel. These would replace similar zones currently manned by US military personnel.  
Israel immediately responded by informing both the Russian and US government that “the Israeli government will on no account countenance an Iran military presence along its border”.
It became clear this week that the Russian plan is even worse than previously thought. The plan would, in fact, put Iranian military personnel inside the borders of Israel, ceding parts of the Golan to Syria. 
“A map released by the Russian foreign ministry Saturday of the four “safe zones” in Syria covers not only southern Syria but Quneitra and the Israeli Golan
The ceasefire in those zones is to be monitored by Russian, Iranian and Turkish army officers. They will also be no-fly zones, meaning that the Israeli air force will be barred from flying over its Golan enclave, should the Russian plan ever take off.”
The exact boundaries of these zones will be determined by the observation groups one month after setting up their observation posts. 
President Putin discussed the plan with President Trump last Tuesday, though it is unclear whether Trump gave his assent.
The plan has a hidden aspect which is even more disturbing. General Qassem Suleiman, commander of Iranian forces in Syria and Iraq, recently reorganized the military structure of the troops in Syria. 

Under the new arrangement, the 8,000 Hezbollah troops currently fighting for Syrian President Bashar al Assad are now under Iranian command. If Putin’s plan takes effect, Hezbollah troops could simply put on an Iranian uniform and act as ceasefire monitors in the “safe zones”.

[Whether its Iran or Russia, its all the same prophetically, as both nations are part of the invading coalition]

Moscow this week responded to Israel’s concerns about posting Iranian and Turkish officers on its borders to monitor the potential “de-escalation” zones Russia is proposing for Syria.

Russia agreed in high-level contacts in the last few days to replace them with Russian military officers in the Mt. Hermon region and the areas where Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian borders meet. 

The proposal also calls for the expansion of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which supervises the cease-fire between Israel and Syria on the Gola

The Russian military are preparing to establish four ceasefire safe zones in Syria. The southernmost would be located along Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan. The issue came up during Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s talks with US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington on May 11, and a day earlier, in a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. 

Top Psychiatrist Says French President Macron is a “Dangerous Psychopath”

A prominent Italian psychiatrist says that French President-elect Emmanuel Macron is a dangerous psychopath who could potentially ruin France.
In a video interview with ERTV, Dr. Adriano Segatori explores Macron’s psychological background, which he says was shaped by Macron’s relationship with his 64-year-old wife.
Segatori begins by alleging that Macron “suffered a grave sexual assault” at age 15 by his future wife Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior, and that this led to Macron developing an omnipotent personality complex born out of “the idea that limits do not exist”.

Although Macron first met his future wife when he was a 15-year-old student in her class, they were only “officially” a couple when Macron turned 17.
The Italian psychiatrist claims that Macron was a victim of “pedophilia,” although there is no evidence to suggest Trogneux is guilty of this charge. The age of consent in France is 15, unless the older party has a legal or factual authority over the victim, in which case the age of consent is 18.
Asserting that Macron “has a full blown case of narcissism” that can be described as “malevolent,” Segatori says that Macron needs the admiration of others to compensate for his vast inferiority complex.
“Its structure is what gives rise to a psychopathy because we are confronted with an individual, Emmanuel Macron, for which his psychic organization is perfectly definable as psychopath,” states Segatori.
“The word “psychopath” is not an insult,” he points out. “A great American psychoanalyst Nancy McWilliams explained in text, that a psychopath can reach the highest levels of the American administration. So a psychopath can for sure be a deviant person but if he is well organized socially, culturally, intellectually, he can reach the summits of the elites in the field of politics and finance, which is the case of the profile studied at hand.”
Segatori goes on to assert that Macron is a remorseless elitist who despises the poor, has a “fascination for the superficial” and is prone to hysterical and dramatic outbursts.
“Emmanuel Macron, like all psychopaths, is particularly dangerous,” warns Segatori, adding that he has the potential to completely ruin France because he doesn’t care about the French people and is merely concerned with maintaining his own fragile identity and self-aggrandizement at the expense of others.


Anonymous said...

If Putin is seeking for a strategy, he is looking in the wrong place. He knows very well what would come if the Iranian military were to set a toe on Israeli soil.

Drop to your knees and beg for safety and mercy. Chaos is coming, and Our Lord has sent it.

WVBORN56 said...

Is there any doubt now we are going home soon? It sure is looking like 2017 is really going to be the year for the rapture! It’s crazy all that is occurring. The biggest sign for me still is the building coalition of nations in Ezekiel 39 gathering in the mountains/border of Israel in the Golan Heights. I think we are gone prior to Gog-Magog war and it looks to be coming soon.

Our very near future is surreal! It is hard to even imagine having a glorified body, flying to meet Jesus, speaking/understanding another language, meeting heroes of our faith, seeing our parents again, experiencing the Bema judgment seat of Christ and the marriage super of the Lamb. “Oh what a day of rejoicing that will be” Just think you may be seated next/near Peter or Paul or John at the marriage super of the lamb. Yes, this is indeed a blessed hope!

We have a comfort level with our daily routines, jobs and church life now. All that goes away. The daily "grind" of all our many responsibilities comes to a screeching halt. I run a business with several hundred employees. Not showing up again will certainly have an impact. Multiply that by several million followers of Jesus "vanishing" in an instant.

The unknown is always a bit scary but we know that our future with the Lord will be perfect and should not cause us any concerns. It is hard to imagine because what we know and experience now is going to be so different that we can’t even fathom what is coming….but it will be great, amazing and better than our wildest imaginations.

And it certainly appears to be coming our way very very soon!

Wow.....just wow!

Scott said...

Agree. Im particularly interested in the alignment of the gog magog nations just to the north of israel. VERY interesting development imo.

Sandra said...

Amen WVborn....well said!

Gary said...

WV...thanks for your encouraging post. It was like a B12 shot! Oh how I hope it's getting close!

foretastes said...

Amen, amen, amen!