Wednesday, May 3, 2017

China Issues Final Warning To N Korea

China Reportedly Issues Final Warning To North Korea

With President Trump placing his faith in China's ability to keep its neighbor under control - through threats, promises, or oil embargoes - it appears, according to unconfirmed rumors spreading widely on Chinese social media Tuesday, that North Korea just got its final warning.
As Korea Times reports, Chinese news outlets have previously said Beijing could turn its back on Pyongyang if the latter conducted a sixth nuclear test. But the rumor that China has given North Korea a final warning has drawn particular interest from Weibo users.

It said a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs junior minister invited Park Myung-ho, an official of North Korea, for a meeting. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the meeting and asked his junior to read aloud the warning to the North over the nuclear test.

The memorandum mentioned that China will condemn strongly, pull back on all economic cooperation and even blockade North Korea if it conducted the test.

A Chinese netizen said: "Maybe the bond between the nations is not that strong as we thought. North Korea is completely surrounded by enemies now."
The Chinese government did not provide any explanation or correction to the rumor, but this follows reports of China's embassy warning citizens in North Korea to "return home" as fears grow of escalation with the US.

A little more than 650 aftershocks have been recorded off Valparaiso since a M6.9 earthquake hit the region 10 days ago.

This intensification in seismic activity frightens the Chilean population, which has started to prepare in fear of a Big One.

A little more than a week after the strong M6.9 earthquake that hit 72 kilometers west of Valparaiso in Chile, the National Seismological Center (CSN) reported that more than 650 aftershocks have been meaured in the region. About 130 tremors hit the region prior the major event.
Sergio Barrientos, director of the CSN and doctor of seismology at the University of California, says there is no way to know how long the replicas will last or how many there will be in total. Everything will depend on the moment when the deformation and the friction of the plates will stop.

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