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Paris 'Post-Mortem', End Of Christian Europe? Macron, A New Franco-European Monarch

Paris Post-Mortem - The Journey To 'A Reality Check' Has Already Begun'

The tensions in the Euroland situation remain: the 20 percent-plus youth unemployment, the papered-over insolvency of the European banks, and the implacable contraction of economic activity, especially at the southern rim of the EU.

The clash of civilizations brought on by the EU’s self-induced refugee glut still hangs over the continent like a hijab. 

The sclerosis of Europe is assured for now.

Europe’s economic fate may be determined by forces far away and beyond its power to control, namely in China, where the phony-baloney banking system is likely to be the first to implode in a global daisy-chain of financial uncontrolled demolition. Much of that depends on the continuing stability of currencies.

The trouble is they are all pegged to fatally unrealistic expectations of economic expansion. Without it, the repayment of interest on monumental outstanding debt becomes an impossibility. And the game of issuing more new debt to pay the interest on the old debt completely falls apart.

In a crisis of debt repayment, governments will not know what else to do except “print” more money, and this time they are liable to destroy faith in the value of “money” the world over.

For the record, I’m not in favor of political chaos and economic anarchy, but that seems to be the only route that Deep Staters ‘round the world want to go down. The convenient protocols of finance in the industrial era which allowed routine borrowing from the future to get today’s enterprise up and running have lost their mojo. The short and practical theory of history applies to this: things happen because they seem like a good idea at the time.

In 732 a relatively small army of French Christians led by Charles Martel defeated an invading Muslim army in the Battle of Tours, near Poitier, France. Abd-ar-Rahman, the Muslim governor of Cordoba, Spain was killed in the fighting, and the Moors retreated from what is now France, never to establish themselves north of the Pyrenees.

Yesterday, the French had a similar opportunity to repulse the Muslim invasion that is destroying the 2000-year old Gaulish Christian culture that arose from the ashes of the Roman Empire, but no Frankish army showed up at the French polling stations to repulse the invasion. 

Instead, Emmanuel Macron, a "Useful Infidel," was swept into power as President of France. Unlike in the United States, Hungary and Poland, and to a lesser extent in Great Britain, where the ascendant political leaders of those countries at least recognize the threat of Islam to their cultures, Macron is a globalist and an "open promoter of multiculturalism". As such, he does not consider Islamism a national threat because the French nation, or, as he has said, French culture, does not really exist.

For the Far-Left and for their Muslim allies this is true, because French culture is, despite the violent secularizing of the French Revolution and intervening years of Socialist governments, at its core, Christian.

And so, the culture that gave us Chartres Cathedral, Mont St. Michel, Bernard Of Clairvaux, St. Louis and Notre Dame Cathedral and Jean d’Arc has, according to its new President, ceased to exist.

This assessment isn’t ours alone, according to the Diversity Macht Frei website, the Macron leaks of emails allegedly hacked by hackers associated with the American 4Chan community, contain secret proposals that would lead to the islamisation of France and Europe. These are shown in a Powerpoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne. Harmonizing education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean is one of the key objectives.

Create a common history textbook with Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in historical perspective the mutual contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

- to develop a sense of belonging to a common history
- to reduce the fantasies of victimisation on one side as well as civilisational superiority on the other

The writers at Diversity Macht Frei say the document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This is justified by with the claim that Muslims are currently getting their "Arabic fix" from mosques, where they risk being radicalised.

Thus "soft islamisation" that is being advocated as the remedy for "hard islamisation" and this represents a kind of de facto reward being offered to jihad violence. In this way Jihad gets results. It leads to societies being islamised, one way or the other conclude the Diversity Macht Frei writers.

Other plans for measures to islamise France include facilitating mosque construction by making it easier to arrange finance for it and providing reserved Muslim areas in municipal cemeteries. Again this is justified by claiming that it will lead to the emergence of a "French I

The email that references this presentation can be seen through this link.
It says: "The PowerPoint study on the Islam of France (provisional and very confidential): prepared by the IM [Institut Montaigne] and Hakim El Karoui, who was introduced to you [Emmanuel Macron} at a previous lunch."
Some basic facts on Hakim El Karoui shared by the Diversity Macht Frei writers.

There are two key takeaways for Americans in the French election and the Macron emails that show just what a close thing our election was for American and Western Judeo-Christian culture.

The first is that, this [Italian publication] Figaro article shows, some references to these proposals have already been made in the mainstream French and European press so the idea of “French Islam” is not that far-out in terms of the thinking of the left-wing intelligentsia in France. What wasn't known until the hacked emails was that Macron's people were on board with it.

The second is that while American voters stopped, at least temporarily, the “fundamental transformation of America” led by the Obama Red – Green Axis, European voters apparently have no interest in doing the same in the cradle of Western Christian culture. Reinventing the West is now the accepted policy of the French government, so if our common cultural heritage is to be saved, it is up to the peoples of the Anglospere and Central Europe to do it, because France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria are already gone.

French presidents, with the Republic's pomp and the powers granted to them, are often called a "republican monarch".
If a victory celebration is a presage of things to come, then France and Europe may have found in Emmanuel Macron a new kind of French monarch. One who is national as much as European, modern yet seeking tradition, but one who will have to start a revolution in order to stay in power.

The fact that Macron walked to the tune of Beethoven's Ode to Joy, the EU's anthem, was a strong statement of his views: that France can no longer be itself without the EU - especially after defeating Marine Le Pen, who wanted to take France out of the EU.

The message was bold in a country in which 10.6 million people had just, on Sunday, voted for the far-right anti-EU Le Pen. But there was a good atmosphere in the crowd gathered at the Louvre - where star-spangled blue flags were almost as numerous as the national blue-white-red banner - even if not everyone recognised the music.

Earlier in the night, Macron had said that he would defend "France's vital interests," as well as "Europe, the community of fate that the peoples of the continent gave to themselves."

Macron launched his bid to the presidency like a start-up, with his own political movement looking as a personal brand - his En Marche! movement bears his own initials - and said that he wanted to "modernise France" and "renew the political life".

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