Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fukushima Update: Die-Offs On U.S. West Coast Tied To Fukushima, China To Launch Second Aircraft Carrier

Professor links die-offs on US West Coast to Fukushima radiation — “Nobody has any idea what to do about the continuing contamination” — River flowing under plant with “molten fuel on the bottom” and it’s going into ocean

Could I just make an observation that’s been missing from this interesting discussion? Fukushima accident is not over – not by any means… The cancer rate in Japan is going to rise steadily. It’s going to be denied by the government because there’s no transparency on this issue in Japan. There’s a particular example of the problem that intrigues me is when they put the plant in, they not only dug it out so it’d be closer to the water source – the sea – but they put it where there was a river flowing underneath that area. They went up the hill and they diverted the river so that it flowed down on the sides of the large area there and that was no problem. They never anticipated an earthquake could wreck their diversion. So know we have a strong underground river flowing directly under the plant where three huge globs of molten fuel are sitting on the bottom, giving off radiation, and sending that radiation into the water through the river that’s underneath the plant. And it’s going out into the ocean and we’re seeing damage in the marine life in the West Coast of the U.S. and British Columbia. There’s no way that’s going to be stopped, until they get the molten cores out of there, and they have no way — that they know of — of doing that. Nobody has any idea what to do about the continuing Fukushima contamination.

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Fukushima – It’s Coming for California Video

In two weeks, on March 11th, the world will NOT be celebrating the 6th anniversary of what will probably become the world’s most disastrous and expensive industrial accident ever – the failure of 3 of the 4 operating nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan.
Now we know that the event was not contained. It is not all right. Within days, the fuel rods melted an all three reactors that were running at the time of the earthquake and resultant tsunami that knocked out the plant’s backup power generators.
What did happen was an uncontrollable fission reaction that burned its way through not only the bottoms of the steel containment vessels, but right down into – and most likely through- the concrete foundation under the plant!
This 600-tons of super-radioactive, super-hot, burning uranium fuel is probably now heading for – guess where – the center of the earth.

On February 21, all major Chinese TV channels were reporting that the hull of China’s second aircraft carrier was finished, and awaited the painting stage to start. However, progress may be further along than officially acknowledged.

It should be noted that officially it’s China’s intentions to build a fleet of aircraft carriers along with other possible specifications for future ships which have been discussed for years now.

There is no doubt that those among China’s principal geopolitical opponents knew about these plans for just as long, since it would be difficult to hide the massive hull of an aircraft carrier being built in the docks of the Dalian city from satellites.

As for the new aircraft carrier that is under construction right now, experts agree that it is still following Soviet design like Liaoning, but Chinese experts argue that the characteristics of this new warship will be “much more impressive”. In particular, it seems that China is planning to expand the number of J-15 fighter jets (a variant of Russia’s Su-33) that are to be carried simultaneously.

Perhaps, with the hull completed this year, the ship will become fully operational in the next two to three years. The Chinese navy is planning to acquire this next fully operational combat carrier by 2020.

It’s been extremely noteworthy to learn that in addition to the future presence of two groups in the Western Pacific, the other two aircraft carrier groups are going to patrol the Indian Ocean. As for the remaining two, they are most likely to be kept in reserve.

In conclusion, one might note that the great Indian Ocean is vast, so its waters can host all sorts of aircraft carriers and other warships from different countries without any conflicting preconditions.
But the fact is that they will move around on the same routes, carefully keeping an eye on each other. And in this case, as they say, “various scenarios” may unfold in this region.

Thirteen days before Christmas, somewhere in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea, a massive volcano unexpectedly rumbled back to life.  

Just like that, Bogoslof volcano began its first continuous eruption since 1992, belching great plumes of ash tens of thousands of feet into the cold sky over the Aleutian islands, generating volcanic lightning, and disrupting air travel—though not much else.

The volcano is on a tiny island about 60 miles west of Unalaska, which is the largest city in the Aleutians. It has a population of about 5,000 people.

Bogoslof hasn’t quieted yet. One explosion, in early January, sent ash 33,000 feet into the air. Weeks later, another eruption lasted for hours, eventually sprinkling enough ash on the nearby city to collect on car windshields and dust the snow-white ground with a sulfurous layer of gray. Over the course of two months, Bogoslof’s intermittent eruptions have caused the island to triple in size so far, as fragments of rock and ash continue to pile atop one another.

“Most people in the U.S. perceive volcanic eruptions as rare, and [believe] that we’d be able to get advance notice because of the advance in science and instrumentation,” said Estelle Chaussard, an assistant professor of geophysics and volcanology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. “However, the massive eruption of Mount St. Helens, in Washington, was only 37 years ago, and it took until the volcano became active again in 2004 to start a truly comprehensive monitoring. ... This kind of assumption is therefore very dangerous, because most of our volcanoes are not as intensively monitored as we think they are or as they should be.”

Almost half of the active volcanoes in the country don’t have adequate seismometers—tools used to track the earthquakes that often occur during volcanic eruptions. And even at the sites that do have seismometers, many instruments—selected because they are cheaper and consume less power—are unable to take a complete record of the ground shaking around an eruption, meaning “the full amplitude of a seismogram may be ‘clipped’ during recording, rendering the data less useful for in-depth analyses,” according to a 2009 report by the U.S. Geological Survey.

"As I sit here at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) during my son's dance class, I'm trying to put into words how I feel. I have never been at a loss for words. They have always been at the tip of my tongue but today I have no words. Just shock. Just sadness. " 

These were the reflections of Inna Kolesnikova-Shmukler as she observed her four-year-old and his friends at the Indianapolis JCC, just hours after it was evacuated following a bomb threat, along with 28 other JCCs and Jewish day schools across the country on Monday - the fifth wave of such threats in less than two months.

“I didn't think that the horrific antisemitism that has been plaguing the United States since January would reach Indianapolis but now I see that there is really nowhere to escape it,” Kolesnikova-Shmukler told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

She notes that it's the first incident of antisemitism she had experienced in her 25 years of living in the city and is grateful for the support that elected officials, as well as friends and acquaintances, had shown the community following the event. In addition, a neighbor brought dozens of roses to the center to be shared out among the staff. “Out of the ugliness there was some light, it brought people together,” Kolesnikova-Shmukler says.

She also points out that most of the members of the JCC are not Jewish, but were targeted in any case. Though this may be the reality at some JCCs, the targets were undeniably Jews. The vast majority of the institutions which received threats have the word “Jewish” in their names, as was pointed out by US-Israeli Adina Friedman, whose daughter was among the children pulled out of Gesher Jewish Day School in Virginia on Monday.

She had dropped her nine-year-old off early that morning, en-route to the J-Street conference in Washington DC. She received an email from the school around 9:30am informing her of the bomb threat and subsequent evacuation, along with assurances of the children’s safety.  The email brought her tears, as she was flooded with feelings of sadness and worry.


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Sparky said...

And END TIME MINISTRIES THE ANTI CHRIST AND FALSE PROPHET !good read , for me , I have no doubt the false prophet is the illuminati placed pope , the last popes resignation ( first ever ) was by DESIGN, just wait and see who the elites roll out as their anti christ to rule over their new world order , good read " so you think you know the genuine blood lines of the Illuminati " think I suggested that before , but is the best post I've ever read to sum it all up in short

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Mark, the good part of that is we won't have to see who they roll out for the AC.....we'll be gone. He'll be revealed to the world as the one who "confirms" the covenant with Israel but that's only for those still here, or "left behind". We'll already be with our Savior!!! We'll already be home!!!!

This nuclear business is beyond scary....its really a life ending/changing event. I was in the Naval Nuclear Reactor program when Three Mile Island broke. This is the movie China Syndrome on steroids.

There is no known recovery from this AND this exceeds anything ever "Situation Planned" before. Its right over an underground river running into the Pacific. Its not one core slowly burning its way down into the earth, its three.

We see the results from the coast of Japan to Hawaii to California's coast and all over......fish die offs, fish with huge tumors, birth defects, and so on. It will continue to get worse with the radiation build up in the food chain above it.

The only place you will see any type of realistic discussion on it is at the "alternative" news blog / news sites. To date, nobody officially wants to touch it.

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Proof that there are some things even Mr. Trump can't fix. Natural and supernatural calamity remains on the rise.