Thursday, February 23, 2017

Massive Coronal Hole Facing Earth - Major Quake In Coming Days?

Massive coronal hole still facing Earth expect major quakes in coming days as our Sun hurled a twisted plume of debris more than 250,000 km into space

Yesterday, an explosion on the sun's eastern limb hurled a twisted plume of debris more than 250,000 km above the solar surface. NASA's orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:

An 8-hr movie recorded by extreme ultraviolet telescopes onboard the spacecraft shows what happened: A tornado of magnetized plasma became unstable when the twister twisted a bit too much. Magnetic fields crissed, crossed, and exploded in a process known as "magnetic re-connection." The flying debris will not hit our planet; the blast was too far off the sun-Earth line.

Meanwile a massive coronal hole is still facing Earth meaning we could still expect more major quakes and volcanic activity in the coming days.

Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole should reach Earth on Feb. 23-24. Credit: NASA/SDO.


Carol said...

Just wondering thesr incidents with sun never used to happen years ago. Now everything is happening altogether political religion economy nature. Truly if you don't know the lord mens heart will fail from fear

Scott said...

Birth pains - indeed - such signs will increase dramatically during the Tribulation - I have always wondered what all they will be seeing that causes such fear

Anonymous said...

The best we faithful few can do is remain on our knees in constant prayer.

It is our one and only option as children of Christ.