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Earth Signs: Volcano Eruptions Worldwide, Africa's 'Gateway To Hell' Opening Up, Chemtrails Captured By Satellite

Volcanic eruptions worldwide: Alert level raised at Kanlaon and Bulusan (Philippines), strong eruptive events at Sheveluch (Russia), Sinabung (Indonesia), Turrialba (Costa Rica), Colima (Mexico) 

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The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines on Friday issued a notice – effective 03 Feb. 2017 8:08 a.m. until 04 Feb. 2017, 9 a.m. – to airmen advising them to avoid flying near Kanlaon Volcano and Mount Bulusan, which are experiencing an abnormal period of unrest probably driven by hydrothermal processes. 

Sheveluch volcano eurptive activity starts again:

On February 5, 2017, a large eruption of Sheveluch volcano sent a huge ash cloud 5,000 meters above its summit.
The ash plume has already spread over 112 kilometers to the west – northwest direction from the volcano. Ashfalls have been reported in the vicinity of the volcanic peak.

Strong eruption of Sinabung volcano:

Various explosions rattle the Sinabung volcano on February 4, 2017 accompanied by plume of gas and ashes rising between 1,500 and 2,000 meters above the summit.
At 13:56, a more important episode was accompanied by a plume rising to 5,000 meters:

Continuous volcanic activity at Turrialba volcano since February 2, 2017

Since February 2, 2017, the volcano Turrialba in Costa Rica is emitting ash and gas plume from the main crater.
Following an increase in amplitude of the continuous tremor since yesterday and during the night, an eruption was recorded on 4 February at 9:10 local; the ash plume reached a maximum of 500 meters above the summit.

NASA satellite imagery has spotted new cracks opening up near Africa's 'Gateway to Hell' – more officially known as the Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia.
Scientists think nearby tectonic activity is causing large amounts of lava to spill out of the large, flat shield volcano, which features two lava lakes that have been bubbling and burning for decades.

It's one of the most spectacular sights in the natural world – not that you'd want to get too close, with lava temperatures inside these cauldrons reaching as high as 1,100 degrees Celsius (2,012 degrees Fahreneheit).

According to eyewitness reports, the lava lake levels have risen significantly over the past few weeks, producing "massive overflows" and "intense spattering" on top of the new fissures captured by NASA's satellites on the southeastern flank of the volcano, 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) from the summit.

The picture above was captured by NASA's Operational Land Imager (OLI) camera sat on board the Landsat 8 satellite: it combines natural colour and shortwave infrared light signals to identify smoke plumes as well as areas of increased temperature that would normally be invisible to the naked eye.

Where the infrared hot spots are marked in red on the image is where the overflowing lava channels are running.


A TERRA satellite view from the early afternoon of January 28th, 2017 about 1 PM reveals an unmistakable north-south aerosol operation over South Florida that drifted with the cirrus level flow out into the Atlantic as the day progressed.  These are not chemtrails. They are large volume aerosol plumes or LVAP.   This technique is increasingly used to dump aerosols in much larger volumes than chemtrails, alone could provide.

A ground observer in Southeast Florida posted a video that captured the event early in the morning.  This is evidence the LVAP dumps were deployed under cover of darkness before sunrise.  The observer describes these unusual clouds and goes on to show particulates raining down from the sky like coal ash from an incinerator.  The effect of this artificial cloud deck is to warm the atmosphere by trapping heat. The nocturnal aerosol deployment, therefore has nothing to do with SRM (solar radiation management) and only serves to elevate “official” temperature readings during the winter.


LVAP Aerosols Florida 12-1-2015-A

Back on January 29th we reported on what scientists were calling a 'devastating, alarming and dire' situation unfolding along the West coast of America that had scientists 'mystified' and 'stumped' with sea life from Alaska to California continuing to suffer a massive series of die-off's with no end in sight. 

What was then our first Fukushima update in several months, we've been urged by recent news to revisit what is going on there once again after the Drudge Report linked to this story from Japan Today which reported that nearly 6 years after the devastating earthquakeand tsunami struck the plant, record radiation levels have been detected inside the #2 reactor. 

As the Guardian reports, the 'extraordinary radiation levels' being detected now are the highest levels detected since the 2011 meltdown. They also report the extremely high readings "highlight the scale of the task confronting thousands of workers, as pressure builds on Tepco to begin decommissioning the plant – a process that is expected to take about four decades."

Measuring an estimated 530 sieverts per hour, Japan Today reports that radiation level can kill after even only a brief exposure, a level other nuclear experts have called "unimaginable" and a level that far exceeds the previous high radiation level measured there, only 73 sieverts per hour.

According to medical experts quoted in their story, a dose of only 4 sieverts of radiation would kill one of every two people. They also report that 1 sievert alone could lead to infertility, the loss of hair and cataracts while increasing the risk of cancer.

And even though we aren't there, why should we be concerned, and where is all of this radiation now going? This recent story from ENENews reports upon exactly why we should be concerned about what is happening half-a-world-away. 

Reporting that US states have been hit with 'extremely large peaks' of Fukushima's radioactive material and a 'significant of amount of plutonium' has been released for months on end, they also share proof the radiation is going all around the world and can be 'measured globally' with this stunner: "it blanketed the entire Northern hemisphere"

Another sign that we should be concerned is this very interesting new story that Steve Quayle just linked to from the Daily Mail that reports that "tech billionaires are building boltholes in New Zealand". Reporting that the 'super rich' are quietly preparing for 'the apocalypse', they also allude to the fact that in a WW3 scenario, the Southern hemisphere would likely be more safe than the Northern hemisphere should full-scale nuclear war break out between nuclear superpowers.

As the graphic seen above points out, one nuclear reactor is as dangerously radioactive as an entire nuclear war. And with the total meltdown of several nuclear reactors at Fukushima and the resultant radioactive poisons they have released now competely blanketing the entire Northern Hemisphere, is THAT why so many of the rich are moving into the Southern hemisphere? 

Another recent story from ENENews reports the Fukushima calamity was 'far worse than previously thought' and with the mainstream media still mostly ignoring what is happening to the Pacific Ocean and to our country and much of the world from the odorless, invisible death that is continuously pouring into our atmosphere, an official in Japan has warned that was happened there recently "is a very big turning point”...and not for 'the best'. 

The two most recent stories from ENENews over the last two days report more bad news. Warning of a gaping hole in a grate under the containment vessel, they also report the hole was likely caused by melting radioactive fuel which ate through the containment vessel. Then yesterday ENE reported that collapse was imminent at Fukushima after officials found a large section under reactor wass “unstable and about to collapse” — “Bad, bad news… Time to reconsider that trip to the east coast of Japan” they also reported. 

In the 4 videos below we hear all about these recent news stories from Fukushima with our videographer in the first video reporting that things are much worse than we'd originally been told, especially for those who have consistently been getting their news from CNN, MSNBC and the 'rapidly evaporating' mainstream media. 

In the 2nd video our videographer shares with us why he feels 2017 will be 'the year of Fukushima' with the disaster finally beginning to get the attention it deserves as things continue to spin wildly out of control there. Reminding us of the signs we've been getting recently and over the past several years, such as mass animal deaths around the world and in the oceans as shared in this End Times Prophecy story, we see why Fukushima will continue to be a global disaster for at least the next 40 years.

A powerful storm hit France's southwestern coast early Saturday, February 4, 2017, downing treesand power lines and leaving more than 250 000 homes without power. This is the second storm to hit France since Thursday. The third one, less intense, is expected on Sunday.
The hardest hit were departments of Gironde and Charentes where winds reached speeds up to 148 km/h (92 mph). Officials said firefighters were called more than 140 times overnight due to fallen trees and power lines. There are no reports of injuries.
Meteo France warned that some places could even see winds reaching 160 km/h (99 mph) and issued red alerts for Charente, Charente-Maritime, and Gironde. Allier, Cher, Corrèze, Creuse, Dordogne, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loire, Puy-de-Dôme, Vienne, and Haute-Vienne were put on orange alert.
The agency said the storm will be very violent and capable of causing huge damage that could affect people for several days. It urged residents not to travel in the area and to stay inside at all costs. 

The first storm hit the coast on Thursday evening causing wave peaks of up to 12 m (39 feet), The Local reported. Residents have been warned of the risks of "marine submersion", where large waves and declining water levels can lead to flooding in coastal areas.
"The marine submersion could cause severe and rapid flooding, and the waves could damage coastal infrastructure," Meteo France said.  
Winds are expected to ease up late Saturday before the third storm hits the western coastline on Sunday, February 5. Violent winds brought by the third storm will be accompanied by a snowstorm in the Pyrenees.

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