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TISA Ready To Take The Place Of TPP, Dutch Election Nexit?, Civil Unrest In America - To End In Bloodshed?

The theme of today's collection of articles could be taken from one of the articles below: "The Ruling Class Is The Liberal Resistance": 

TISA Ready to Take the Place of TPP

TISA’s Worse Than TPP—Kiss Internet privacy and national sovereignty goodbye  – National Economics

We got rid of TPP and now they’re bringing it back with TISA. In some ways it’s even worse that TPP.
TPP was killed because Congress wasn’t going to go along with it and US President Donald Trump withdrew the county from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as soon as he got into office.
But now we’re finding out that it lives on through the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA). TISA has actually been around for a long time, some 21 rounds of negotiations since April 2013.
And while many things can be said about TISA, it was obviously designed as a back up to TPP. In fact one can speculate that TPP was actually expected to fail and TISA was developed to take its place.
What is TISA? It’s another version of corporate globalism that further deregulates banks, reduces Internet privacy and turns various kinds of manufacturing into services to make internationalization ever easier.
Not only is TISA similar to TPP, it’s a lot bigger, including the US, the European Union and numerous South American and Asian countries. It’s actually a good deal more inclusive than TPP.

Don’t be fooled by the idiotic exertions of the Red team and the Blue team. They’re just playing a game of “Capture the Flag” on the deck of the Titanic. The ship is the techno-industrial economy. It’s going down because it has taken on too much water (debt), and the bilge pump (the oil industry) is losing its mojo.
Neither faction understands what is happening, though they each have an elaborate delusional narrative to spin in the absence of any credible plan for adapting the life of our nation to the precipitating realities. The Blues and Reds are mirrors of each other’s illusions, and rage follows when illusions die, so watch out. Both factions are ready to blow up the country before they come to terms with what is coming down.
What’s coming down is the fruit of the gross mismanagement of our society since it became clear in the 1970s that we couldn’t keep living the way we do indefinitely — that is, in a 24/7 blue-light-special demolition derby. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with accounting fraud, but in the end it is an affront to reality, and reality has a way of dealing with punks like us. Reality has a magic trick of its own: it can make the mirage of false prosperity evaporate.
That’s exactly what’s going to happen and it will happen because finance is the least grounded, most abstract, of the many systems we depend on. It runs on the sheer faith that parties can trust each other to meet obligations. When that conceit crumbles, and banks can’t trust other banks, credit relations seize up, money vanishes, and stuff stops working. You can’t get any cash out of the ATM. The trucker with a load of avocados won’t make delivery to the supermarket because he knows he won’t be paid. The avocado grower will have to watch the rest of his crop rot. The supermarket shelves empty out. And you won’t have any guacamole.
There are too many fault lines in the mighty edifice of our accounting fraud for the global banking system to keep limping along, to keep pretending it can meet its obligations. These fault lines run through the bond markets, the stock markets, the banks themselves at all levels, the government offices that pretend to regulate spending, the offices that affect to report economic data, the offices that neglect to regulate criminal misconduct, the corporate boards and C-suites, the insurance companies, the pension funds, the guarantors of mortgages, car loans, and college loans, and the ratings agencies. The pervasive accounting fraud bleeds a criminal ethic into formerly legitimate enterprises like medicine and higher education, which become mere rackets, extracting maximum profits while skimping on delivery of the goods.
I look for the financial fireworks to start around March – April, as the irresolvable debt ceiling debate in congress grinds into a bitter stalemate, and it becomes obvious that there will be no voucher for the great infrastructure spending orgy that Trump’s MAGA is based on. Elections in France and the Netherlands have the potential to shake apart the European Union, and with that the footing of European banks. Pretty soon, everybody in all parties and factions will be asking: “Where did the glittering promises of Modernity go…?” As we slip-side into the first stages of a world made by hand.

Do the Dutch want a referendum about their membership of the European Union, following the British example? And if so, would they vote for a Netherlands' exit, a Nexit?
It is unclear how many people would support a Nexit, but with anti-EU MP Geert Wilders' party leading the polls, these questions will feature in the election campaign the coming weeks.
On 15 March, the Dutch will elect a new Lower House of the parliament. According to an average of the most recent polls, Wilders's anti-immigration Party for Freedom could receive between 25 and 31 seats of the total 150, making it the largest party in the house.

The rage among the left continues to build and it is being supported in earnest by mainstream personalities in Hollywood and the music industry.
According to cyclical analyst Martin Armstrong, things are only going to get worse as protests spread and soon turn to large-scale riots.
All of this is building to violence. Then the police will respond and then the outcries will be see – Trump is running a police state. This will only tear the country apart. Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.
This is like a rumor mill. By the time it gets to the 5th person, it is nothing like what was said. You have black students in high school repeating Trump said all blacks are ignorant. Others saying Iraq is not a terrorist nation because they never heard of that. Still others said people should come in and not even be checked. This is the mindset that is sweeping the nation and it is really scary. This is part of the cycle of civil unrest and indeed it looks like the computer is going to be right once again. This will be the BIGGEST spike in civil unrest in American history, It is already the biggest with regard to trying to block and overthrow the Trump Administration and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schummer are all encouraging this violence.  Nancy Pelosi says she cannot work with Trump at all and she is the head of the Democrats.
This will ONLY end in bloodshed.
Armstrong’s economic confidence model has been highly accurate for over thirty years, having predicted, among other things, the Savings and Loan crash of the late 1980’s to the very day, the collapse of Japanese stocks, and the destruction of the Russian economy.
Several years ago Armstrong’s political forecasts specifically noted that periods of civil unrest were coming.
We’re here.

It's unfortunate that this has to be a discussion about hate – unfortunate because hatred is divisive, destructive, and at the very least unpleasant.  It has never been totally gone from us, and now it is in the process of overwhelming an entire side in our political debate.
During times of war between countries, hatred has always had its way to one degree or another.  Many people from the U.S. and other allied countries hated Germany and Japan during WWII.  The converse was true as well.  During the current war against radical Islam, it is clear we are hated, and many of us return that toward the ideas of jihad.  That's not surprising.
What is surprising has been the hatred, and the degree of it, from the left-leaning leaders and citizenry of our own country toward their own domestic political and social opponents.  That's we.  What is hated is quite countable: Christianity.  Class, wealth, and accomplishment.  Conservatives.  The GOP.  America as founded.  These all have been targets of left-wing hate.  But now it's also the average U.S. citizen who does not walk in lockstep with the left – and finally, any person, even those who lean left, who does not 100% agree with the new Inquisition.
Our universities have been filled with professors for decades that have exhibited hatred toward traditional Christianity.  Constant references to how uptight, hypocritical, stupid, and just plain wrong Christians can be have been a staple in their classes for years.  It's been a mark of TV sitcoms, as well as movies, for the same amount of time.  The crowning achievement of this campaign is the new discovery that 65% of Democrats believe, against all evidence, that Christianity is more violent and filled with hate than Islam.
Class warfare has been used by the left for generations.  Dislike of the wealthy has been a norm.  A couple of years ago, a particularly odious form of class warfare took place called the Occupy movement.  Its rallies were filled with hatred and violence, often destroying the property of private individuals and even the public parks the rallies were staged in.  The hatred had been ratcheted up.  To add insult to injury, at least a few rapes occurred during these demonstrations.
An interesting aside is how those wealthy individuals supporting Democrats are exempt from hatred, while those wealthy individuals on the right are more vilified than ever.
Approximately 35% of our population have become unhinged maniacs.  That's a huge amount of our population that has accepted hatred of its fellow citizens as okay.  That's a monster waiting to rear its ugly head, a Godzilla that will destroy everything in its wake just to survive.
If you think I'm exaggerating, just look at how the latest Berkley riots happened, and look at the coverage given them in our mainstream media.  These people are yelling "fascist" at those who are simply speaking an opinion.  All the while, the insanity and irony of them using the violent tactics of real, historical fascists goes unacknowledged.  Not one adult from the leftist mainstream media, Hollywood, the Democrat leadership, or their voting base has stood against them.  I know there is a "silent minority" there.  But clearly these silent Democrat adults are cowed, held in line by leftist hate tactics.  They are washed over constantly by the expansion of two minutes hate periods, and hate weeks, into continual hate.
We cannot survive with this many people on the edge of sanity.  This is an ugly, and unsustainable state of affairs, one that cannot remain without grave consequence for us and our nation.  Without a change in their party, without a self-examination and turn from this destructive path of harnessing hatred against its own citizenry, America cannot reach its promise.

The liberal push-back through the judiciary against the controversial Trump immigration executive order tells us a lot about our liberal friends.
For instance, the Seattle liberal judge who stopped the E.O.'s implementation was concerned about the impact on "businesses, universities, and citizens."

Yes, Your Honor.  Government actions very often have that sort of effect on business and universities.  Government is very bad for business.  Hadn't you noticed, old chap?  You tell me about the impact of a government that taxes the people out of 36 cents for every dollar, as reported by, would be.  Better put a stop to that, too, before big government crashes the economy.
President Trump, rightly or wrongly, has declared that immigrants and refugees are a danger to the United States homeland.  It is beside the point to worry about the effect of the order on normal business operations.
If you are a liberal in the United States in 2017, you feel yourself empowered to impose your will on the American people on everything from education to marriage to abortion.  If you are right about all that, and you know you are, then it is a small step to imposing your will on the American people when it comes to immigration and terrorists and defense in general, whatever the president may say.
And why not?  Today's world is good to liberals.  They get to monopolize all the comfortable sinecures at the nation's universities and NGOs.  They get to flit from one international metroplex to another for sabbaticals and visiting professorships.  Their women get to slough off the dirty work of life, from cleaning to child-raising, onto the lower orders, as women of the first rank have always done.

It's a great life, and worth defending.  If you are a liberal.
The problem for liberals is that, while they have been living off the fat of the land, as ruling classes always do, things have not been going so well down on the farm.
And the beauty of democracy and universal suffrage is that it permits the peasants to peaceably assemble at the voting booth and advertise their grievances without resorting to the extreme measures of rebellion and civil war.  There is no need for "resistance."
Instead, the "resistance" turns out to be the ruling class and its supporters: liberal rich kids at Berkeley, the black liberal rich kids of Black Lives Matter, and the liberal judges in Seattle and San Francisco, vigorously asserting their droit de seigneur over the peasants.  These privileged scions of the ruling class, who have spent the last ten years clutching their pearls at every rumor of right-wing extremism, are loudly calling for violence and "resistance" against a routinely elected president of the United States.
A ruling class is sending its supporters into the street to bully and intimidate.  What else is new?
Ever since the election, I have tended to wake up in the night with anxiety about where our nation is headed.  It seemed that life was easier in the old days before Trump, when conservatives didn't challenge our liberal masters and did not dare to provoke "resistance" from the ruling class.

I have been covering the Bundy Ranch situation since it came to a head in 2014.  As time has gone on, more and more information has come out about the aggression and corruption in the Bureau of Land Management.  The latest is more video evidence that has been previously unreleased, including BLM agent body camera video, and was leaked following the beginning of the cases going to trial last week in Nevada.
A video surfaced online showing previously unseen footage from the Bundy Ranch protest in 2014. Defendants have always insisted that the Government escalated tension in the Tuquop Wash on Saturday, April 12th, 2014. Leaked video shows federal agents being instructed to sling or put their long guns out of view. Instead, Special Agent in Charge Daniel P. Love deployed militarized BLM and US Park Police agents who subsequently pointed their weapons at protesters. Body cam footage records agents laughing about shooting animals and speaking as if they wanted an armed confrontation.

The narrative and timeline of events has always been disputed. Defendants insist that the Sheriff had announced that BLM’s roundup of Bundy cattle would cease. Eager to watch the cattle return to Gold Butte, protesters met horseback riders in the Tuquop Wash who would guide the cattle under the highway and back to the range.
They arrived to find federal agents with weapons raised and repeated attempts to tell them to disperse. People with binoculars could see snipers positioned on elevated ground behind the wash. The aggressive nature of federal agent’s action caused some citizens to take defensive postures out of the reasonable concern for grave bodily injury or death.
The Government would have people believe that Bundy dispatched an armed assault force to retrieve his cattle. Although it is well-documented that the Sheriff had already announced a cease of roundup activity, this video depicts a concise but accurate version of events in the wash and includes video clips that incriminate BLM agents for the escalation of tension.
The video also presents evidence that the BLM acted unconstitutionally in attempting to corral people into "First Amendment Zones,"  photos of the overly aggressive arrest of Dave Bundy exercising his rights under the First Amendment to take photographs of the heavily armed BLM at Bundy Ranch, and body cam video of the agents talking about killing protesters.  This is exactly the kind of footage that former Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and reporter/political prisoner Pete Santilli have said was found in the defense discovery.  Take a listen.
This is only the tip of the iceberg of evidence the prosecution sought to hide from the court and the American people, but it's all going to come to light!  There is no escaping it with the technology of the internet available to us.  The issue now is for those of us to support these men and get the information out so that it pushes it into the mainstream media where they have to talk about it and we must be focused on the fact that that Constitution does not allow for agencies like the BLM nor does it allow the central government to own land unless it is for specific purposes and obtained via the state legislature.

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