Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Earthquakes Increasing Again

It seems like the last week has been getting more and more active in terms of earthquakes, most recently Alaska and Panama-Columbia being the active areas :

WCATWC60 Miles E Of Iliamna AlaskaJul 29 02:366.2123MAP I Felt It

  • Soldotna - I was in my Rv and felt it! I looked out to see other campers shaking and swaying. I thought someone was rocking my Rv. It seemed to last for a long time.
  • USGSRedoubt Volcano, AlaskaJul 29 02:356.2121MAP I Felt It
    USGSRedoubt Volcano, AlaskaJul 29 02:356.3118MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSRedoubt Volcano, AlaskaJul 29 02:356.2124MAP I Felt It INFO

  • Anchorage - Pictures fell off the wall, could see trees shaking.
  • EMSCSouthern AlaskaJul 29 02:356.3118MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSouthern AlaskaJul 29 02:356.210MAP I Felt It
    USGSAcandi, ColombiaJul 29 00:106.110MAP I Felt It
    USGSAcandi, ColombiaJul 29 00:105.910MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONPanama-colombia Border RegionJul 29 00:105.910MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCPanama-colombia Border RegionJul 29 00:105.92MAP I Felt It
    WCATWCPanama-colombia Border RegionJul 29 00:106.19MAP I Felt It

    Data sources courtesy : USGS - EMSC - GFZ - GEONET (New Zealand only)

    USGSDrake PassageJul 28 21:574.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCDrake PassageJul 28 21:574.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCFox Islands, Aleutian IslandsJul 28 21:215.310MAP I Felt It
    EMSCFox Islands, Aleutian IslandsJul 28 21:215.22MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONFox Islands, Aleutian IslandsJul 28 21:215.310MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSYunaska Island, AlaskaJul 28 21:215.410MAP I Felt It
    GEONETPictonJul 28 20:094.7271MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCSouth Of Kermadec IslandsJul 28 20:074.7349MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCelebes SeaJul 28 18:514.8582MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONCelebes SeaJul 28 18:514.7586MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSCelebes SeaJul 28 18:514.8577MAP I Felt It
    USGSMolina, ChileJul 28 18:054.849MAP I Felt It

  • Santiago - A peine perceptible, table qui bougeait un tout petit peu et lumière se balançant légèrement
  • EMSCLibertador O'higgins, ChileJul 28 18:054.860MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONNear Coast Of Central ChileJul 28 18:054.847MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSNorthern East Pacific RiseJul 28 10:345.010MAP I Felt It
    EMSCNorthern East Pacific RiseJul 28 10:344.910MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONNorthern East Pacific RiseJul 28 10:344.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSDomartang, ChinaJul 28 09:404.931MAP I Felt It
    EMSCEastern XizangJul 28 09:405.030MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONXizangJul 28 09:404.810MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCTongaJul 28 05:574.930MAP I Felt It
    USGSHihifo, TongaJul 28 05:574.830MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONTonga IslandsJul 28 05:574.811MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSCCentral PeruJul 28 03:514.7110MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSAmbo, PeruJul 28 03:514.8115MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFONCentral PeruJul 28 03:514.695MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGSUnaaha, IndonesiaJul 28 02:385.129MAP I Felt It
    EMSCSulawesi, IndonesiaJul 28 02:385.230MAP I Felt It
    GEOFONSulawesi, Indonesia

    An earthquake with magnitude 6.2 occurred near Pedro Bay, AK at 02:35:58.80 UTC on Jul 29, 2015. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)

    There have been: (M1.5 or greater)

    • 89 earthquakes today
    • 725 earthquakes in the past 7 days
    • 3,057 earthquakes in the past month
    • 38,136 earthquakes in the past year

    The biggest earthquake:

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