Saturday, July 18, 2015

Converging Signs: Headlines Tell The Story

Today we see another day in which there are so many pertinent news articles, we only have space to list the headlines. There are that many stories that even brief summaries would be overwhelming. Pick and choose the stories to read. 

From the attempted destruction of Christianity, to the Mark of the Beast updates, North American Union, financial collapse, world government, rise of Islam, coming wars, unrest and riots, global natural disasters, totalitarianism, rising police state, earthquakes, world currency, persecution, the Middle East, you name it - we see all of these signs in a single day of news coverage. 

Things are happening very rapidly as we approach the final birth pains:

[The video in this link is worth watching]

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Unknown said...

One story grabbed me today!!!!!Greek banks to Re- open Monday as Tsipras eyes new start.I think it was just the word EYES that made me wonder if this was the conspicuous horn between it's EYES.