Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lessons From Greece And Things To Come

This article below turned out to be very interesting on many levels, most likely without intent. 

We know that sooner or later, there will be a world currency along with a single world government. The Eurozone is essentially a model of a world currency, only on a smaller scale. The principles are the same, however, with different nations all under a single currency.  

We are now seeing the raw power that comes with a centralized currency and the pitfalls which lie ahead. Interestingly, the descriptions below sound familiar to anyone who has read certain details about the Tribulation in Revelation 13 and 17. 

The bolded parts make the point:

Perhaps the Greeks made a mistake, and relied too much on rationality, on a belief in a Eurozone in which good sense and reason would prevail. As it was, the Germans were willing to ruthlessly crush the Greek banking system, while the ECB and IMF stood idly by, fomenting a financial panic and humanitarian disaster in order to displace a sovereign government and put an entire nation ‘in its place.’ We certainly have seen this kind of example made before.
This was an exercise in raw power. It was a financial blitzkrieg, an act of economic warfare and reckless destruction on a people that ought to be condemned by the free world. But this kind of ruthless abuse of financial systems seems to be the accepted thing now amongst the developed economies. And we might view Greece as a sort of an experiment in a new form of warfare and ruthlessness, as were Guernica, Warsaw, and Lidice.
It is a shame if the Greeks have not prepared for Grexit, although there are still clearly options despite the naysayers who see only difficulties in everything. Freedom is rarely the easier way.
The lesson that the countries of the Eurozone cannot trust Germany to act with wisdom and goodwill was known, but now we also see that restraint is also not in their repetoire. If one can read between the lines, it would be a pity if the rest of the European countries do not start planning now for their own active exit from such an failed concept as the European Monetary Union.

And it would be a tragedy if the rest of the world does not now see plainly where a single currency for the world would also take them, where it is already taking them. Modern theories about its benign utility to do only good aside, money is raw power. And one must be exceptionally careful of granting that power to create and distribute and manage money into the hands of vain and corruptible people without stringent transparency, checks and balances, and provisions for justice and individual freedom.

Are the lights going out all over Europe? Not yet, but there is a darkness casting its shadow over the earth. I fear that Greece is only the beginning of a new phase in the degradation of the human condition by the power of insatiable greed, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

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