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Weekend Headlines: Putin Speaks, Greece Is The Model For A Catastrophe That Is About To Engulf Entire World, ISIS Celebrates Gay Love By Tossing Gays From Building Rooftop

There are so many pertinent articles in circulation it is hard to keep up, as events continue to line up at an increasing pace (aka "Birth Pains"):

This first article should be read in full - as an extensive interview with Vladimir Putin is documented (below is part of the lengthy introduction, click on the link for the actual interview with Mr. Putin):

The lies about Russia and Russia’s president have grown so thick, threatening the world with devastating war, that distinguished Americans have formed the American Committee for East-West Accord. The members of the founding board are former US senator Bill Bradley, Amb. Jack Matlock who was US ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, William J. vanden Heuvel who was US ambassador to the UN during the Carter administration, John Pepper who is the former chairman and CEO of Proctor Gamble, Gilbert Doctorow who is a businessman with a quarter century of business experience with Russia, and professors Ellen Mickiewicz of Duke University and Stephen Cohen of Princeton University and New York University.

It is extraordinary that the cooperation between Russia and the US created over the decades by successive administrations, beginning with John F. Kennedy and culminating in the end of the Cold War with the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements, has been destroyed by a handful of American neoconservative warmongers in the past year and one-half. The achievement of a 40-year struggle wiped out overnight by a handful of insane warmongers who believe that Washington has a right to world hegemony.

The problem began with President Clinton violating the promises given to the Russians that NATO would not be taken into Eastern Europe. 

This breach of American promise was followed by the George W. Bush regime withdrawing from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty and changing US war doctrine to permit pre-emptive nuclear attack by the US on other countries, principally Russia.
These provocations were followed by announcement of US missile bases on Russia’s borders.
The Obama regime added a coup in Ukraine, long a province of Russia, and the establishment of a US vassal government that threatens Russian security.

In the past such provocations would have led, if not to war, at least to counter-provocations. However, Vladimir Putin is a cool and thoughtful character, a credit to the human race. He politely complains of the provocations, but continues to refer to Washington and the pseudo-governments of Washington’s vassal states as Russia’s “partners,” even though he knows that they are Russia’s enemies.

Putin responds to threats, to illegal sanctions, and to incessant propaganda with statements that governments need to respect each other’s national interests and to work together for common benefit. 

No politician in the West speaks in this way. 

Western politicians, including non-entities such as Washington’s lapdog UK PM Cameron, issue threats to Russia in violent language that make Adolf Hitler’s threats seem mild by comparison. Russia could destroy the UK in a few minutes, and we have the spectacle of the moronic British PM issuing threats to Russia despite the fact that the UK is not capable of bringing any meaningful force whatsoever with which to confront Russia. The lapdog Cameron relies on Washington, just as the moronic Polish government relied on the “British guarantee.”

The Washington morons think that they are isolating Russia, but what the fools are doing is isolating Washington and its vassals from the world. 
The large, important countries of Asia, Africa, and South America are allied with Russia, not with Washington. The BRICS–Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa–have created their own development bank and are conducting trade among themselves in their own currencies without use of the US dollar, the failing “world reserve currency.”
Save the web address of the American Committee for East-West Accord and keep up with their work. Do not rely on the presstitute media. Robert Parry recently described, accurately, the New York Times as Washington’s version of Big Brother’s (Orwell, 1984) “Two Minutes of Hate.”

Save the web address of the American Committee for East-West Accord and keep up with their work. Do not rely on the presstitute media. Robert Parry recently described, accurately, the New York Times as Washington’s version of Big Brother’s (Orwell, 1984) “Two Minutes of Hate.”

Putin is the image that the presstitute NYTimes flashes on the screen to evoke the inculcated hate of “the enemy.” The hate of the enemy keeps Washington’s wars going and conditions Americans to accept their own loss of liberty as habeas corpus, due process, and right to life crumble in front of their unseeing eyes, eyes blinded by propaganda.
At the just concluded St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to which I was invited but was unable to go, which I regret as I might have been introduced to Putin, Putin gave believable assurances to a large array of foreign businesses present that Russia was committed to the rule of law and that their activities in Russia are safe. If you believe any of the propaganda fed to you by the Western presstitutes, including Bloomberg, about the “collapsing Russian economy,” you can disabuse yourself of the lies by reading Putin’s account of the Russian economy.
Of more interest is the interview he gave to the outmatched American presstitute, Charlie Rose. For your convenience, here is the interview:

While much of the world focused last week on whether or not the Federal Reserve was going to raise interest rates, or whether the Greek debt crisis would bring Europe to a crisis, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague awarded a $50 billion judgment to shareholders of the former oil company Yukos in their case against the Russian government. The governments of Belgium and France moved immediately to freeze Russian state assets in their countries, naturally provoking the anger of the Russian government.

The timing of these actions is quite curious, coming as the Greek crisis in the EU seems to be reaching a tipping point and Greece, having perhaps abandoned the possibility of rapprochement with Europe, has been making overtures to Russia to help bail it out of its mess.

And with the IMF's recent statement pledging its full and unconditional support to Ukraine, it has become even more clear that the IMF and other major multilateral institutions are not blindly technical organizations, but rather are totally subservient lackeys to the foreign policy agenda emanating from Washington. 

The United States government is desperately trying to cling to the notion of a unipolar world, with the United States at its center dictating foreign affairs and monetary policy while its client states dutifully carry out instructions.

But the world order is not unipolar, and the existence of Russia and China is a stark reminder of that.

The US government knows that Russia will not blithely accept Washington's dictates, yet it still reacts like a petulant child flying into a tantrum whenever Russia dares to exert its sovereignty. The existence of a country that won't kowtow to Washington's demands is an unforgivable sin, to be punished with economic sanctions, attempting to freeze Russia out of world financial markets; veiled threats to strip Russia's hosting of the 2018 World Cup; and now the seizure of Russian state assets.

Thus far, the Russian response has been incredibly restrained, but that may not last forever. Continued economic pressure from the West may very well necessitate a Sino-Russian monetary arrangement that will eventually dethrone the dollar. The end result of this needless bullying by the United States will hasten the one thing Washington fears the most: a world monetary system in which the US has no say and the dollar is relegated to playing second fiddle.

Greece Is The Model For A Catastrophe That Is About To Engulf The World
So it’s not just Greece that is required to continually increase its debt in order to remain afloat.  Most countries, particularly in the West, have the same problem.  Greece is just a model of the catastrophe that is about to engulf the world.  
But central banks, governments and Nobel Prize winners refuse to recognize the problem.  They know that if they allow Greece to fail today, it will be Spain and Italy next, and then Portugal, France and eventually the entire financial system.
What we have to remember, Eric, is that a Greek default would not just lead to 320 billion euros disappearing from the system because the lending banks and institutions are all levered up to 50-times that amount.  But even if we only take a figure of 20-times leverage, it would mean that over 6 trillion euros would disappear out of the system.
But the carnage wouldn’t stop there.  A lot of the world’s $1.25 quadrillion of derivatives would be directly affected by a Greek default.  This would have a dramatic impact on interest rates, credit risks and volatility in the system.  We would see disastrous losses in the global derivatives market.

Whether the unraveling of the world’s financial system starts now or in the autumn, there is no way the system can be saved.  Governments are not going to create $200 trillion out of thin air, plus potentially more than one quadrillion dollars for the derivatives.

When the Great Financial Crisis started in 2006, U.S. interest rates were 5 percent.  Today they are at zero.  So there is nothing to be gained from lowering rates.  The only tool left will be more money printing from the IMF and the major central banks.  This will lead to a hyperinflationary period before a deflationary implosion of the financial system.  And any attempted reset would just be a disaster because of the enormous amount of worldwide debt.

Still no deal with Greece as deposits hit an 11 year low. Consumer confidence surges as food and gas prices rise and people cannot find full time jobs. All indicators, geo-political and economic are pointing to an event with in the next 100 days. Germany may lose 9 billion dollars because of the sanctions with Russia. When the supreme court is blackmailed with NSA spying they will change the law. US color revolution continues in Armenia. Ukraine has increase the number of troops to 60,000 soldiers. US invasion of Syria could start at any moment. Terror attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait push the agenda of the Authorization of War. US authorities warning of an event on July 4.

["Tolerance"...Isn't that the buzz word we keep hearing?]

The editorial board of PennLive/The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. is taking a hardcore stance against those who disagree with the Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage.

After receiving strong pushback, the newspaper’s editorial board, which is overseen by Editorial Page Editor John Micek, quickly revised its policy. Freedom of speech will be allowed — but only for a “limited” period of time.
Micek explained on Twitter: “Clarification: We will not foreclose discussion of the high court’s decision, but arguments that gay marriage is wrong/unnatural are out.”
Before that, there was this: “From the edit: ‘PL/PN will no longer accept, nor will it print, op-Eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same-sex marriage.’ …This is not hard: We would not print racist, sexist or anti-Semitc letters. To that, we add homophobic ones. Pretty simple.”

A wealth of commenters were not pleased.
  • “Big Jasper” opposes the policy: “Nice to see strict speech codes will be enforced by a ‘free’ press,” he wrote. “No need to worry about that messy ‘freedom of expression’ thing anymore.”
  • “Motown” remarked, “God has the real say not some loony editorial board.”
  • And “hgunwilltravel0″ said this: “In layman’s terms, any Christian view on anything will not be tolerated on this liberal website. Say it like it is and cut to the chase, and add my statement above to your manifesto.”
  • “Chappedunderkee” focused on his bottom line and saw the glass half full. “I don’t mind who’s marrying who. It’s a good day to be a divorce lawyer.”
The editorial heavily praised the Supreme Court ruling, saying, “[Justice Anthony] Kennedy nailed it: There are no rights more fundamental than due process and equal treatment under the law.”
The board explained the newspaper’s policy to allow limited freedom of speech on the matter. (Bolded emphasis, mine.)

Meanwhile.....We see another group who similarly allows no discussion on this matter - as we are being told (by the same people) that Islam is a peaceful religion. Interestingly, there is no pushback from the left on "events" such as this (what an "interesting" paradox):

[Open link and see the pictures - keep in mind, Islam is a "peaceful religion"]

A massive crowd assembled to watch ISIS rebels throw another gay man off a building top earlier this month.
Hundreds of spectators came out to watch the brutal public execution.

It looks like they drove their cars to the execution!
They hung the man from his feet and then let him drop!
The execution was most likely filmed in Nineveh Province where the Islamists have murdered several gay men.
ISIS is reportedly using “flirting squads” to single out gay men for trial and execution in the Caliphate.
The Islamic State has posted several public executions of gay men online.
ISIS released photos and video of Islamists throwing two men off a rooftop in January.

The people of Iraq are increasingly blaming the United States for the spread of ISIS in their country, a Wall Street Journal report reveals.
While interviewing Iraqi refugees in a tent city in Baghdad, journalist Yaroslav Trofimov discovered that a growing number of residents believe ISIS is receiving direct support from the American government.
“We all know that America is providing ISIS with weapons and food, and that it is because of American backing that they have become so strong,” said Abbas Hashem, a 50-year-old who recently fled Ramadi.
Others, such as prominent lawmaker Alia Nusseif, made equally striking comments, accusing the US of using ISIS as a proxy army to split up the country.
“We don’t have any trust in Americans anymore,” Nusseif said. “We now think ISIS is being used as a tool by America to divide and weaken Iraq.”
Sabah Karhout, chairman of the Anbar Provincial Council, stated that America’s shockingly “shy” role towards ISIS has been disastrous for opposition groups.

Declassified Pentagon documents recently obtained by political watchdog Judicial Watch revealed that the US has deliberately supported al-Qaeda and other radical groups in an attempt to destabilize Syria.
As noted by Insurge Intelligence writer Nafeez Ahmed, the US went forward with the policy despite admittedly knowing it would lead to the rise of ISIS and the fall of Iraq.

“According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of this strategy, and warned that it could destabilize Iraq,” Ahmed wrote. “Despite anticipating that Western, Gulf state and Turkish support for the ‘Syrian opposition’ — which included al-Qaeda in Iraq — could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the document provides no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels.”

Since the secret 2012 report was written, the Obama administration has continued its support of so-called “rebel” groups despite their admitted ties with ISIS.

Just last September, a commander with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group deemed “moderate” by the President, admitted to cooperating with multiple terrorist groups including ISIS.
“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in… Qalamoun,” Bassel Idriss, an FSA commander, told the Daily Star.

One of the most troubling aspects for Iraqis has also been the repeated US weapons airdrops to ISIS fighters, a continuous mistake according to US officials.

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Unknown said...

Today is a very sad day for our world & legal system,as cindy lupica put it this may be the beginning of the great separation. She woke up this morning in tears & said to me the lord must be very sad as she cried. I MYSELF AM PISSED OFF.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the falling away begins to build steam. I'm so grateful my Dad is in heaven far removed from the current state of America and its relationship with our Heavenly Father. You can actually feel the shift in worldly thinking. Thoroughly ashamed of our Supreme Court.

Scott so sorry I've been away for awhile. So many things going on and not enough time to write them all down. Can you update me on your thoughts about the blood moons. I'm currently reading John Hagees book on the subject. Also reading "The Mystery of the Shemitah" by Jonathan Cahn. Your thoughts on both of these books would be welcome.

Thanks for all you do!

James N Nashville

Caver said...

The conversation with Putin was interesting. More than interesting....very revealing. This world ain't what the MSM wants us to believe.

Between our treatment of Israel, the number of abortions we're responsible for, and now the gay marriage thing.....Oh My! It don't look good.

Scott said...

James - How are ya doing brother!? So nice to hear from you! Couple of thoughts on the Blood moon Tetrad....It DOES correlate to things happening in Israel, so if trending maintains we would expect to see something happening to Israel - of significance, around this general time frame. I, personally, find more interest in the fact that there is also a solar eclipse that week, which MAY give us the Acts 2 prophecy, that the moon would turn red and the un would darken before the great and glorious day of the Lord - which would be an event(s) that foretell the coming Tribulation. Its also interesting that all of this is happening at the same time of the last month of the year of the shemitah -ALl of this is converging in the same week - along with the Pope's address to the UN and congress. Very interesting month (september) and most definitely worth watching closely

Scott said...

Caver - indeed - we are getting a very distorted version of what is really happening - that article was an eye-opener thats for sure. Putin seems to be the only "adult" in the room....