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ISIS Enforces Ramadan Fast By Crucifying Two Children, The UN Has Israel's Blood On Its Hands

'ISIS enforces Ramadan fast by crucifying two children' - Middle East - Jerusalem Post

Two boys under the age of 18 were crucified by ISIS in the streets of the Syrian city of al-Mayadin for not observing the laws of Ramadan, watchdog group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Monday.

The children, who were charged with the crime of "not fasting on Ramadan," had placards around their necks announcing their crime was committed "with no religious justification," The Independent reported.  

Founder of the watchdog group, Rami Abdel Rahma, told The Independent  that the boys had reportedly been caught eating, and their bodies were found "hanging on crossbars" near the ISIS police headquarters.  The boys were reportedly hung from their wrists, and their bodies were left on display until late Monday evening.

This is not the first time ISIS has crucified its citizens for breaking Sharia law. 

A UN Committee on the Rights of the Child report exposed “several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children and burying children alive." 

In May, Islamic State militants in Libya crucified three brothers of a local family after suspicions arose that they were supporting the local Libyan government, which under ISIS law is equivalent to apostasy.

"We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of children,"  UN Committee on the Rights of the Child member Renate Winter was quoted as saying.  "The scope of the problem is huge."

In response to the United Nations report issued today which accused Israel of war crimes, Israeli Foreign Ministry officials thundered that “it is well known that the entire process that led to the production of this report was politically motivated and morally flawed from the outset.” We agree.

Across the political spectrum in Israel, the United Nations report was condemned – noting its purpose was simple – to undermine Israel’s right to defend its citizens from attack.
Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett noted that the report “has blood on its hands [for] allowing the murder of Jews.”  Speaking from the Knesset, Bennett said, “It is a report with blood on its hands that is trying to turn Jewish blood into the cheapest product in the world. This is a report with blood on its hands because it’s trying to restrict soldiers who protected this country’s citizens; it’s trying to tie our hands.”
There is blood on the hands of those who wrote the report – as well as those organizations funded by theNew Israel Fund who provided factually inaccurate information to the United Nations.  They are responsible for this modern day blood libel against Israel.

MK Tzipi Livni – a Netanyahu opponent — denounced the report, noting it was “born in sin by a committee that systematically and proactively attacks Israel.” Livni added, “We will not accept a comparison between IDF soldiers and terrorists. We will not agree to speak about IDF soldiers and terrorists in the same breath. This is an important distinction for any country fighting terrorism.”
Put most simply, this report gives a boost to terrorist organizations around the world by allowing them to continue to attack innocent civilians.
While Israel chose not to cooperate with the biased UN, factually questionable information was provided by numerous organizations funded by the extremist New Israel Fund (NIF), including B’Tselem (69 mentions in the report), Human Rights Watch (22 mentions), Physicians For Human Rights-Israel (16), Hamoked (12), Breaking The Silence (8), Adalah (8), and Yesh Din (5.).

Many in Israel have called for an end to funding of these organizations who harm Israel’s interests.  We join them, and agree it is time that those responsible for funding the organizations behind this report immediately stop helping the enemies of Jews.

Labor Zionist leader Berl Katznelson once asked, “Is there another people on Earth so emotionally twisted that they consider everything their nation does despicable and hateful, while every murder, rape, robbery committed by their enemies fill their hearts with admiration and awe?”

Professor Gerald Steinberg, an Israeli academic, said recently that “While the leaders of the New Israel Fund… claim to support Israel and human rights principles, they enable the highly destructive activities that do the opposite. By the time these funders acknowledge this failure and end their support, the damage will be done.”

We say loud and clear to the United Nations, the New Israel Fund and their donors: The State Of Israel will continue to defend itself whether you like it or not.  And we will say forever – shame on you. Stop strengthening terrorists and funding the enemies of Israel.

These exercises “officially” begin next month on July 15. But if you’ve been following the news, you know they’ve been training for weeks in various places in anticipation of Jade Helm.
Yes, they are performing training exercises for their training exercises. And they are not your run-of-the-mill combat training. They appear to be in preparation for civil disturbance on a mass scale.
For example, I’ll show you a video our military source sent over in a moment (shot by the Marines themselves). In it, volunteers are instructed to shout “We want food! We want water!” behind a fence. And the military is instructed to guard them and capture anyone who attempts escape.
These exercises are part of what they call “Realistic Military Training” (RMT).
RMT is training conducted outside of federally owned property. And it’s designed to ensure the coordination of Department of Defense representatives and local and regional authorities.
Many of these RMT exercises will be conducted from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.
And if you live in a “Jade Helm area,” the two months between July 15 and Sept. 15 are going to include…
ONE: An increase in military presence…
TWO: An increase in aircraft of all types flying above your home…
THREE: Suspicious and unprovoked activity happening sporadically throughout your town… especially at night…
FOUR: Military carrying weapons with blanks… meaning, you’ll probably hear gunshots. Possibly, a lot of them.
FIVE:Some participants will try to deceive you by wearing similar clothes as you and driving unassuming vehicles…
Don’t want to play? Sorry. You have no choice.
But Jade Helm, we just learned, isn’t the only game in town.
Our new military source also spoke about military exercises being conducted outside of the U.S. that few people know about.
First, what worries us most about Jade Helm, really, is that there’s no clear explanation of what they’re actually doing these exercises for…
It’s all very cloak-and-dagger.
This inability to answer questions straight and honestly, they must know, creates suspicion. And that’s precisely what they are doing. Stirring a pot full of paranoia.
Why are such large-scale exercises necessary? And what are the intentions behind them? These questions have been asked many times by the American people over the past few weeks. Not once have they been answered directly by those who claim to represent the American people. Only vaguely. And in general terms.
Sure, Jade Helm could be as innocent as some of the apologists say:
“These training exercises are not discussed,” one article from the Mint Press News writes, “because America’s most elite units will most likely be committing a slew of minor crimes along the way. They will certainly trespass, engage in petty theft, sneak onto a train, hide in the back of an 18-wheeler, they might even steal a car. This training is absolutely necessary for these troops’ survival in extreme situations, however, the public reaction to the above wouldn’t be favorable.”
Oh, so they’re just goofing off? Hiding from imaginary terrorists in our streets, stealing things from our stores and yards, and trespassing on our property? On our dime?
This is all they want to do, the apologists sneer, and you should be A-OK with it. And if you’re not OK with it? You’re a conspiracy theorist.
Well, we’re not conspiracy theorists (not always, at least). And if this is what they are doing, which it very well may be, we’re still not OK with it. It makes us angry that they are sneaking around, wasting more of our money and resources in anticipation of more wars we already don’t agree with…
And while trying to keep it a secret from us.
The burden, we believe, should be on the military to justify their actions to the American people. The burden should not be on citizens to justify why they are asking questions.
The “national security” argument is getting a bit tired. Uncle Sam is looking a bit senile. And the American people are getting a bit fed up.
OK. So here’s what we do know about Jade Helm…
The “official” states that these drills are taking place include: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana. (Colorado was originally included, but opted out.)
jade helm war preparedness
The drills will be conducted by Special Forces in collaboration with local law enforcement, the FBI, DHS, the DEA and Border Patrol.
“Interestingly,” Mike Bibb writes in the Eastern Arizona Courier, “it is thought United Nations assistance in the exercise is also a possibility. The Jade Helm logo, depicting two crossed arrows over a vertical sword, a transparent klomp in the center (a klomp is a Dutch wooden shoe) and inscribed with the slogan “Master the Human Domain,” seems odd in a home front military training exercise intended to familiarize troops with strategies and tactics of non-friendly forces.
“Suspiciously missing from the Jade Helm logo is the American flag and bald eagle, typically representative of the U.S. military. This may be the first time American troops have embarked upon an operation wearing a campaign patch emblazoned with the menacing image of a wooden shoe from a foreign country.”
Here’s a picture of the logo, straight from the unclassified document about Jade Helm.
jade helm
The shoe in the middle, by the way, is also known as a sabot.
(An aside: It’s interesting to note, given last week’s theme of self-sabotage, that the word “sabotage” derives from 15th century Netherlands. Workers, in fear that machines would render humans obsolete, would toss their wooden sabots into the the gears of the textile looms to break the machines. Hence, sabotage. Why a sabot is in the middle of Jade Helm’s insignia? No clue.)
“To help calm public concerns of the exercise,” the Courier article goes on, “U.S. Army Special Operations Command has conducted a series of information sessions disclosing certain operational details.”
The explanations, though, as mentioned, are proving to cause even more suspicion. The Courier says:
“However, not everyone has been comforted by the Jade Helm publicity explanations. In fact, until existence of the operation was leaked, most people had never heard of it, including governors and representatives of the states involved in the exercise.”
And not to mention that it seems as if everyone is saying something different. For example…
First, the Army stated: “The public can expect nothing much different from their day-to-day activities since much of the exercise will be conducted in remote areas.”
And then more information started to leak about how involved entire areas — public and private — would be to military presence. The verdict? Very.
This is only one example of conflicting statements regarding what Jade Helm’s purpose is… and what will happen. So to shed some light on what’s really going on in America and U.S. bases around the world, our new Army insider agreed to answer some questions.
Provided, of course, I keep him anonymous.
Here is part of our discussion, edited only when necessary to hide his identity…
We’ll refer to him only as “BN.”
“Chris,” the first message from BN reads, “check out what I just found.”
He sent me a link to this video: Check it out here.
What’s this?” I asked.
He responded: “1-252 Armor Regiment of a Combined Arms Battalion (CAB) of the 30th Armor Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) within the North Carolina National Guard conducting a drill in a motor pool in Hohenfels training base in Germany for civil disturbance, riot control and “fire phobia training.”
“The folks throwing the molotovs are from the Portuguese army and are acting as cadre for the drill.”
This particular base in Germany, BN told us, rotates “in National Guard units to do training with NATO forces.
“The thing is,” he went on, “this kind of went under the radar, we need to ask why their doing that training. That’s civil disturbance training, cut and dry.”
BN had been to this base in Germany. And this type of training, he says, is incredibly uncommon.
And that’s when the interview began…
Unfortunately, we’re out of time today. We’ll reveal the entire interview in full in tomorrow’s episode.
BN had some pretty shocking stuff to say about what’s going on in Germany… and he also told us what he thinks about Jade Helm.
Stay tuned.
Today, though, we’re going to ask you a favor.
If you, or anyone you know lives within these areas and has any information on what’s happening with Jade Helm… information that isn’t already being discussed within the mainstream media…

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor on Monday called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to publicly condemn a flotilla that intends to challenge Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The convoy of boats, numbering at least two or three vessels is expected to reach the coast off Gaza later this week, if not intercepted.

“As these boats continue on their course towards Gaza, the need for your unequivocal condemnation of this provocation is as clear as ever,” Prosor urged Ban in a letter. “These kinds of actions are particularly troubling in light of the present turmoil in the Middle East.”

“The international community must send an unambiguous message to the organizers and participants of these provocations that such initiatives only serve to raise tensions in our region.”

“This attempt to challenge Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza holds the potential for dangerous consequences,” Prosor wrote. “The flotilla’s sole purpose is to create provocations that pose security risks, and constitute a breach of international law.”
Israel, he warned “is not interested in confrontation, but is firmly determined to enforce the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.”
Prosor noted that the maritime blockade is in line with international law as declared by a UN Secretary-General panel of inquiry in 2010 that, he quoted, found “the naval blockade was imposed as a legitimate security measure in order to prevent weapons from entering Gaza by sea and its implementation complied with the requirements of international law.”

The ambassador pointed out that the same report also found the blockade was “designed as one way to prevent weapons reaching Gaza by sea and to prevent such attacks to be launched from land.”
Prosor recalled that further justification comes from the fact that Israel has intercepted ships in the past that were found to be carrying weapons.
“Unfortunately, the maritime blockade has been proven to be necessary multiple times, as terrorist organizations have attempted to use the sea as a conduit for smuggling arms and to perpetrate terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens,” Prosor told Ban in the missive.

He listed several of the more notable incidents in which Israel stopped weapons ships including the SS Francop in 2009 that was carrying 500 tons of munitions, the Victoria in 2011 that had 50 tons, and the KLOS C in March 2013 that had a cargo of “40 M-302 surface to surface rockets, 181 122 mm mortar shells and 400,000 rounds of assault rifle ammunition.”

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