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The Collapse Is 'Picking Up Steam', Unconstitutional TPA Signed, NYPD On High Alert For July 4

The Collapse Is Picking Up Steam 

The Greek finance minister has just confirmed it will default TODAY.
Greece will NOT pay its IMF payment.
The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of central banks, has just warned that the world is defenseless against the next financial crisis…
The NYT has just reported that the default wave has jumped the Atlantic and has hit Puerto Rico whose governor has concluded that the commonwealth cannot pay its roughly $72 billion in debts, “The debt is not payable.” “There is no other option.” – an admission that will probably have wide-reaching financial repercussions…

The Chinese market is in an all out crash – The Shanghai Composite was down nearly 20% in just four days as the Chinese Plunge Protection Team finally arrived and ‘threw the kitchen sink’ at the stock market, deciding to go ‘all in’ stocks. This led to an unprecedented 11% swing from the lows – this was the single biggest intraday swing since 1997 and the largest point swing since 1992! China’s markets are imploding…

It seems the collapse is picking up steam…

Most ‘critical thinkers’ know that an increasing debt burden cannot go on forever. Debts DO have to be paid. The modern world has been in a spending spree for decades and it has become so bad that it’s now ‘normal’ for people to accept saddling up with debt to their eyeballs – to the very extent and reaches of their ability to barely pay each month. It has become an entirely accepted way of life – and one of entirely false illusions of real growth and wealth.

Our governments pale in comparison. The debts that have accumulated across nearly all developed nations are extraordinarily and ridiculously monstrous, and entirely not payable. We have been fooling ourselves that we can go on living this way for eternity. Kicking the can down the road. All debt payments come due.

There are many nations in addition to Greece (and now the commonwealth of Puerto Rico) which are teetering and may be in the same boat as Greece soon enough… Contagion may be setting in. Most all nations are technically ‘broke’ right now. The question is how long can this rigged game go on? When will the dominoes start to fall? The first big one might be starting to tip as we speak…

When it all begins to unwind, this thing might pop like a tightly wound spring. It could happen very fast. Do you think the world’s central banks can keep it all together? I have serious doubts as the music stops and everyone is trying to grab that last chair…
I believe that most people have no idea as to the risk we’re facing today and the potentially terrible ramifications which will result when it crashes down to reality. When their so called ‘money’ becomes worth less or even worthless, there will be social chaos in the streets and a worst-case chain reaction could result in the deaths of untold millions as systems of distribution and supply chains break down all over.

And if (when) this finally happens, where do you think it will lead? WAR. Nations will fight nations for supplies and resources. We would likely be looking at World War 3.

You see, it is all very predictable. We (critical thinkers) KNOW that this balloon is going to pop (the debt balloon). And we know that the time is certainly close. While we don’t know exactly when, we do know how people at large will react (in shock and horror and disbelief). We do know that things could get ‘bad’ (putting it mildly). This is why we prepare.

On Monday, Barack Obama signed the unconstitutional Trade Promotion Authority legislation. After failing to fully get through the House on a first attemptRepublicans snuck it back in the very next week under cover of the Charleston shooting and later helped to pass it in the Senate with a vote of 60-38. However, neither House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) nor Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY would attend the signing of the legislation.

Two weeks ago, Boehner and House Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) booted GOP Reps. Cynthia Lummis (WY), Steve Pearce (NM), and Trent Franks (AZ) from the whip team as retribution for their not going along with the establishment. Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) was also stripped of his chairmanship of the House Oversight Government Operations subcommittee.

Next up is the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty. However, as William F. Jasper points out, now that Obama has gotten what he wanted from the Republicans, he's dropping the pretense about what he will do with that authority and now his handlers at the Council on Foreign Relations are looking to bring China into TPP.

Now that Congress has passed Trade Promotion Authority/Fast Track, the Council on Foreign Relations is taking the lead in calling for China to be included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This represents a key reversal of the deliberately deceptive public message put out by the Obama administration and the TPP lobby over the past couple of years, to wit, that a TPP is absolutely essential to averting Communist China's economic hegemony, in the Pacific and globally.

"The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, would be the largest trade deal in American history, involving the U.S., Japan and 10 other countries that combined make up 40% of the world economy," the Times story continued. "China isn't among them. In recent weeks, one Obama official after another has hammered away at the same line of argument: It's crucial that Congress supports the TPP — including passing a related trade-promotion bill that would strengthen the president's negotiating hand — because the alternative is that China, not the U.S., will write the rules of global trade."

But, with TPA/Fast Track approved, the ObamaTrade lobby is dropping some of the pretense. As The New American has pointed out many times over the past few years (see herehere, and here), the architects of the TPP — especially the world government activists of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) — have long been on record in favor of the TPP as merely a "stepping stone" to a much larger Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) that would include China as a member. The anti-Beijing rhetoric is purely a ruse to lure support from conservatives concerned over China's stepped-up militancy, as well as domestic manufacturers and labor unions worried about loss of more manufacturing business and jobs to the Beijing behemoth.

The NYPD and some 18,000 law enforcement agencies around the nation have been ordered by Homeland Security officials to be especially “vigilant and prepared” for the possibility of an attack during the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show celebrations. ISIS has asked supporters to murder the enemy this month during Ramadan.
“The two main fears I would have would be the random attack — as we saw with hatchets or knives against individuals – probably police officers or uniformed personnel; military people who might be on leave. And the other is the IED – the improvised explosive device,” King said.
The NYPD, sources told CBS2, is especially concerned about a planned attack with multiple actors, which could include either one large explosion or a series of smaller explosions.
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department has been working “on a very elaborate plan as we normally have for crowd control, but heightened in some respects by the concerns for acts of potential terrorism – as reflected by the number of the arrests that have been made in this locale in the last couple of weeks.
“What we’re always worried about (is) it’s not so much what we know but what we don’t know,” he told reporters, including WCBS 880’s Jim Smith.
Chief of Counterterrorism James Waters added that the NYPD remains vigilant all the time — and will be particularly vigilant for the upcoming celebration.
“We see ourselves as the target. We understand that, we accept that, and we’re going to protect against it,” Waters said. “So there is going to be very robust deployment of both patrol resources; plainclothes resources; technology.”

There will be “things that you see, and things that, of course, you will not be able to see.”
The three terror attacks Friday in Kuwait, France and Tunisia last week and the demand by ISIS for attacks against the enemy during Ramadan, which ends July 17, has the NYPD putting in place a broad plan of action, sources said.
“I would say that this is the most serious level of threat that I’ve seen since September 11th, (2001),” King said.

We need to pay attention to what’s going on in Greece. This is what a real economic collapse looks like. It isn’t a Mad Max scenario or a scene from some other post-apocalyptic movie.
It’s quiet desperation, long lines, and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you wonder how you’ll feed your kids and keep a roof over their heads. It’s the discovery that you thought you had been doing the right thing financially, but you were deceived. It’s the realization that everything you worked for your whole life is gone.
The lesson in one sentence: if you don’t have your money in your hand, you’d better have tangible assets like a pantry full of food and the supplies needed for complete self-reliance.
First of all, this article isn’t about the poor financial decisions of the Greek government, whether social aid programs should exist, or if a bailout should have occurred in the first place. It’s about the real-life ramifications of an economic collapse on ordinary citizens who depend on fiat currency, consumer goods, and the availability of their wages when they need them.

A decree published by Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras cited “the extremely urgent and unforeseen need to protect the Greek financial system and the Greek economy due to the lack of liquidity caused by the Eurogroup’s decision on June 27 to refuse the extension of the loan agreement with Greece.” The following restrictions will be in place:

  • All banks are closed until July 6
  • ATM withdrawals are limited to 60 Euros per day (the equivalent of about $60 USD)
  • People using bank cards from other countries will not be limited to 60 Euros per day (so this won’t affect tourists aside from the long lines.)
  • The Athens stock exchange is closed today.
  • Pensions and wages will be unaffected – which means they’ll still be electronically deposited into the accounts that no one can access.
  • Debit and credit card payments will continue to work.
  • Online transactions within the country will continue to work
  • Foreign transactions will be prohibited without Ministry of Finance approval
  • Urgent expenditures ““necessary to safeguard a public or social interest” must be approved by a banking commission
  • Interest surcharges for this week are prohibited
  • Banks that break these rules will be charged a fine of 10% of the value of the transaction

The head of a messianic Jewish ministry predicts that the United States and other countries could push Israel to take action against Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries predicts she will wake up one morning to headlines proclaiming Israel "has taken out most or all of those nuclear reactors."
Israel views a nuclear-armed Iran as its greatest potential threat, but the United States  is moving ahead with an agreement that Israel opposes. 

Negotiations were ongoing Monday in Vienna, with a June 30 deadline approaching for the countries to announce a deal to limit Iran's plans to build a nuclear weapon. 
aeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dubbed the negotiations a "bad deal," saying it would leave Iran with the ability to rapidly obtain nuclear weapons. I

n fact, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is pushing the United States to lift sanctions immediately and announced Iran will not allow international inspectors access to nuclear plants and military bases, The Fiscal Times reported

The Weekly Standard noted Monday that a U.S. official said inspectors shouldn't be expected to gain access to Iran's military sites, since the U.S. doesn't allow access to its military bases either.
"Think about that," the conservative magazine observed. "The American official argues that Iran—a rogue regime that sponsors terror and that has lied about its nuclear program, and that is under sanctions precisely because it has proved time and again it can't be trusted—should be held to the same standards as the U.S."

"I guarantee you America won't be by her side under this current administration," Markell predicts of Israel. "And she may want to wait until 2016 to see if a Republican will get in to then be her ally." 

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