Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Coming NAU, UN in America, Jordan Requesting U.S./Israeli Intervention Against ISIS

There is certainly a lot going on recently regarding the signs we watch on a routine basis, and things seem to be falling into place rapidly. All of this is painfully predictable based upon biblical prophecy:

Former general and CIA chief David Petraeus (shown), a key figure in the globalist Council on Foreign Relationsand the shadowy Bilderberg network, boasted at a recent conference that the United States of America is set to be merged into the continental regime being erected under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty last week in London, the ex-commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq essentially celebrated the end of U.S. independence — and by extension, the demise of the Constitution.   

“After America comes North America,” Petraeus said confidently in answering the question about what comes after the United States, the theme of the panel discussion. “Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.” He also boasted about how the three economies have been put “together” over the last 20 years as part of the “implementation” of the North American Free Trade Act.

The “highly integrated” forces of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Petraeus continued, will become the world’s powerhouse for energy and science. “There are four revolutions that are ongoing at various levels in each of the countries but foremost in the United States,” said the former CIA chief, who now serves as chairman of the KKR Global Institute. “The energy revolution is the first of those, which has created the biggest change in geopolitics since the rise of China since 1978.” The other “revolutions” include IT, manufacturing, and life sciences, which, “as highly integrated as they are, allow you to argue that after America comes North America,” he added.

Most of the establishment press missed Petraeus’ comments at the summit, as well as the significance of what he was saying. Outside of the alternative media and a blog post about the London gathering in the U.K. Telegraph, in fact, there was virtually no coverage of the comments on the “North American” superpower that the senior establishment figure openly claimed was going to take over after America’s dominance fades.
One of the few to catch it all was reporter David Knight at Infowars. “He essentially dances on the grave of the sovereign state of America that he says is being replaced, or has been replaced, by NAFTA,” Knight said in a newscast about Petraeus’ extreme comments. “Of course, it's ironic that Margaret Thatcher was essentially driven out of being the U.K. prime minister after she opposed the idea of getting rid of nation-states in the European Union when she went to Bilderberg.” In recent years, Petraeus has become a regular at the annual Bilderberg summits, where top globalists in Big Business and Big Government meet.

It is not the first time, though, that Petraeus has been openly touting the establishment dream of building a “North America” by smashing American sovereignty — and by extension, self-government and guarantees for individual liberties under the U.S. Constitution. Earlier this year, for example, writing in the CFR’s Foreign Affairs publication, Petraeus was similarly boasting about the ongoing merger in a piece entitled “Perfect Partners: North America's Shared Future” he authored with fellow fringe globalist and ex-World Bank President Robert Zoellick. 

In the piece, the globalist duo wrote that “all three countries have the chance to forge a new forward-looking agenda for North American competitiveness and integration.” The term integration, of course, was and continues to be used to describe what is happening around the world as formerly sovereign nations are merged into unaccountable regional regimes such as the EU, the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the African Union, ASEAN, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and more. Globalists around the world often use the term “New World Order” to publicly describe the end game. 

The three “democracies” in North America, he said, need a “common vision” so the “region” can “meet its full potential.” While NAFTA laid the foundation, Petraeus said what is required now is “a comprehensive and interlocking program of policies and projects that draws together not only the three countries’ national governments, but also their state and provincial authorities, private sectors, and civil societies.” Why such a program was supposedly needed was not immediately clear, but it is happening quickly

Virtually every realm of government policy, though, should be continental in scope, Petraeus suggested. He called for “continental cooperation” in “security, commerce, and protection of the environment.” The continent must also have a “unified energy strategy,” Petraeus said. Even foreign policy should entail a “common approach,” and crime fighting should feature enhanced “North American coordination,” the globalist operative declared. He concluded by calling on Obama to work with the government leaders of Mexico and Canada to “advance the shared future North America needs.”   

Petraeus again cited the “four revolutions” underpinning his dubious theories about “North America,” but as usual, failed to mention the fact that all of the “integration” is proceeding quietly and under the radar. Indeed, as Americans and Canadians discover what is happening, the opposition to the “North America” scheming continues to grow like wildfire. Still, the process of regionalization and sovereignty destruction is accelerating, too — all over the world, but especially in North America. 

North American “integration” reveals clearly, the plot to quash American sovereignty under various regional and global governance regimes is far from dead yet. In fact, at this moment, U.S. “trade” officials are quietly plotting with the EU and various governments along the Pacific Rim to erect even broader “free trade” regimes that threaten to obliterate what remains of American sovereignty. Already, transnational “NAFTA tribunals” are overruling U.S. courts and laws, with the process accelerating.

If Americans do not rise up soon to stop the dangerous “integration” schemes, their national sovereignty and independence will continue to be eroded until it is all but gone. The loss of U.S. independence will inevitably be accompanied by the further loss of freedom, self-government, God-given rights, and likely prosperity as well. That is what globalists such as Petraeus and his cohorts at the CFR and Bilderberg intend. Whether they will get their wish, though, depends largely on the levels of resistance mustered by everyday Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians to the wild plot.

[This sounds sensational and radical, but is it really? With everything that is happening in the world today, this sounds not only plausible, but quite possibly expected]

In Part One, I detailed how the United Nations is posturing to seize American guns as a prelude to martial law. If you have not read Part One, it will be helpful to do so before reading the rest of this article.
Any police detective will tell you that it is sometimes necessary to look at the facts of an old crime in order to solve a new crime. If one wants to understand the forces at work which are posturing to enslave America, one has to first take a summary look at the forces behind the so-called Gulf Oil Spill because many of the players, one in particular, will prominently figure in what is coming.

On June 19, 2014, I wrote a story which detailed how America’s southwestern border is being overrun by illegal aliens, mostly children. Why just the children? That same day on my website, I published an article which contained an advertisement by the US government for escorts to help illegal immigrant children who were going to be illegally crossing the border. In other words, this immigration crisis was planned at least 7 months in advance by the United States government.
The national mainstream media is not yet covering the growing holocaust on our border with Mexico to the degree that it needs to be. People are soon going to be starving, dying of thirst from crossing the border in very hot 110+ temperatures and some of these immigrants are bringing diseases into the US because of the extremely unsanitary conditions on the border.
The local media in Arizona is covering this horrific event, but not the national media

Question: When will the UN be called into play and take command of the “international crisis on the American border? Answer: When helpless children begin to die in the hot Arizona summer and America’s compassion for children, regardless of where they come from, is put into play. This will get the UN “relief workers” to be initially accepted.
Watch the news events in the coming days and weeks. Soon, every news item on this event will accentuate the suffering that these poor children are going through as they are herded into America without any adult supervision. And yes, God does command us to help these innocent ones. However, this will be the excuse that is needed to roll out these prepositioned UN assets.
The immigration/border crisis is at least one part of the plot to subjugate America. And when it comes to relocating the soon-to-be millions of children flooding here to safe havens, who will be in charge? It will be Peter Sutherland and the UN Migration Council. And once the UN troops are openly on our streets, the foothold will have been achieved. Gun confiscation and martial law will be a foregone conclusion as the next, yet undefined, false flag event will unfold.
When you see the blue helmets on your streets, it will be Peter Sutherland in charge. And I am certain that he will handle this crisis with the same demeanor and integrity as he handled the Gulf crisis.

Jordan may ask Israel and the United States to help it fight the al-Qaeda-linked jihadi group that threatens Syria and Iraq if it threatens Amman as well, senior Obama administration officials said.
According to a Friday report by The Daily Beast, the officials told senators in a classified briefing earlier this week that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is eyeing Jordan as well as its war-torn neighbors, and that some of its jihadists have already tweeted out photos and messages saying they have seized a key Jordanian town.

The Daily Beastquoted one of the Senate staff members who attended the briefing as saying that, according to the administration officials, if Jordan were to face a military onslaught from ISIL, it would “ask Israel and the United States for as much help as they can get.”

Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994.
Another senator said the main “concern” voiced during the briefing was that “Jordan could not repel a full assault from ISIL on its own at this point.”
On Thursday, the US met with its top Sunni state allies in the Mideast to consider how to confront the region’s growing turmoil that has been spawned by a Sunni Muslim insurgency group.

However, according to The Daily Beast, Israel has indicated behind the scenes that it would be willing to give military assistance to its ally Jordan, with which it signed a peace treaty in 1994.
“I think Israel and the United States would identify a substantial threat to Jordan as a threat to themselves and would offer all appropriate assets to the Jordanians,” the media outlet quoted Thomas Sanderson, the co-director for transnational threats at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, as saying.

Israel and the US may be prepared to aid Jordan as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) eyes the Jewish State's eastern neighbor, The Daily Beast on Saturday quoted US officials as saying.
US officials speaking under anonymity have speculated that if ISIS were to pursue a full-on assault on Jordan, the Amman might not be able to repel the Islamists. The official continued by stating that in such an event Jordan, "will ask Israel and the United States for as much help as they can get.”

"Behind the scenes, Israeli diplomats have told their American counterparts that Israel would be prepared to take military action to save the Hashemite Kingdom," stated the Daily Beast report.
ISIS, with its recent take-over of the only Iraqi border crossing to Jordan, set off alarm bells that the country could be the next to find itself engulfed in jihadist mayhem.


Gary said...

Could the new massive U.S. Embassy in Iraq be the future home of the antichrist?

Scott said...

There was a lot of speculation around that at the time of its construction. Personally I don't know but it sure is an interesting complex - in fact to even call it an "Embassy" is crazy, given that its far more than that.

harnessandleash said...

"The Senate Foreign Relations Committee estimates the State Dept.'s plans will cost $25 to $30 billion over the next five years." (to run the embassy)

"But no matter how impregnable the embassy compound now seems, it may, in the long run, be doomed. 'How long can this enormous fortress on foreign soil stand without at some point offending and angering the population?' asked retired Army Col. Douglas MacGregor, now a military analyst."

US Embassy in Iraq-- selling to the highest bidder on Craigslist soon.

Hammer said...

Could the new massive U.S. Embassy in Iraq be the future home of the antichrist?

Answer: No. The anticipated Anti-Christ is going to stay at Koufa city and there will be built a huge mosque to accommodate him and all of his acolytes. Old scriptures (both; Sunni and Shi'ite), have talked about this a very long time.

Scott said...

What 'old scriptures' are you referring to? If non-biblical, is there 100% accuracy with whatever source you are referring to? If biblical, which scriptures?

Hammer said...

Some sources are indeed, Biblical; and they were written and transcribed by Islamist scholars more than a thousand years ago from old Torahtic scriptures circulated since the birth of Islam and its Prophet.

The most referred-to book is the old, so-called 'untampered with' Book of Daniel, according to Islamists at that time. I have read no less than 78 of these old manuscripts and transcribed books in the last twenty years or so, simply because I was very interested in everything that goes around me taken from an eschatonic records' point of view and position.

Well, there is a lot of truth in these books; even when the Sunni ones can so evidently conflict with their Shi'i counterparts (Note: These two act sometimes like a mirror, so much that when one book says for example, "up", the other says "down", and so forth).

Terribly, these books are very rare to find and none of them is actually translated into any living world language, let alone English. The story of the el-Mehdi and his conquests in the West are canvassed throughout the Islamic mainstream literature, though: You can find people nowadays—especially, with the rise of such extreme, right-wing coalitions like ISIL/ISIS—that firmly believe in these books and the 'Tradition', or legacy of the oral literature written, contained, and transcribed through a series of either well-revered people, or what some can dismiss as mere 'fraud' oralists.

I so sadly had to renew my interest again in these books, discovering in the process more than 20 books that I haven't read nor heard about, thanks of course to some intensive searching through the vaults of numerous on-line libraries on both sides of the 'religious pool' (read: Sunni and Shi'ite). The search is still going on to find more.

Last, there is a lot to know in these fantastic books, speaking from an academic perspective. I have speed-read through some and got really amazed at the accuracy in which these books are describing the events that are taking place right now as I busy myself typing these few words to you. It's really, unbelievable. Yet, it might be the only truth.