Saturday, June 21, 2014


I just realized that there are a lot of comments people have attempted to post - that are sitting"awaiting moderation" component of this blog - and as a result haven't been posted. The reason is complicated and boring -  but ultimately this was the fault of yours truly :)  

So my deep apologies to those people who posted comments (which didn't go up) and may have assumed I didn't post them for other reasons - that is certainly not the case. In fact there were some great (as usual) comments that I missed. 

I know how to fix this problem so hopefully it won't happen again. Many of these comments are older (weeks) so I'm not going to go back and post them all - just a couple from the last week or so. 

I did remove the "coded letters" we all love so much, so hopefully that will help the comments section as well. 

I may also bring back the column on the right side of the blog that contains the last 8-10 comments, now that I'm moderating there is no reason not to bring that back. 

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