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Another Prophetic Surge: Birthpains Rapidly Increasing

Another birthpain contraction is coming and it's coming fast. Just take a look at one day of news in prophetic perspective - not only the sheer volume of news, but the wide array of events that are now occurring and converging. It is also important to see the future, and where all of this is leading - and the future holds a massive invasion of Israel. What we are seeing now is a lead-in to the future prophetic wars of the Middle East as foretold in biblical prophecy:

Today, every American, everyone in the West needs to step away from their backyard barbeques and pool parties and pay close attention, look long and hard at what is being engineered in Iraq, for life as we know it will soon change. For Americans, Iraq is a half a world away. For others, it much closer. For everyone, though, it’s soon to become very personal for all of us.

America, the West and the world is bearing witness to one of the most significant geopolitical events of the last century taking place in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. But few fully understand the enormity of what they are seeing.

Our world as we know it will soon change, and no one will be left untouched by the events that have been orchestrated by the globalist screenwriters and directors.

Briefly, the first part of the latest play taking place on the global stage began with the fictional tale of the Arab Spring, which was supposedly a spontaneous uprising by freedom fighters against oppressive tyrants. It was neither spontaneous nor engineered at the hands of lovers of freedom. It was a Western intelligence operation designed to change the balance of power for future events, future acts of the play on the world stage.

As I wrote, “If the script proceeds as written, the entire geopolitical world and balance of power could, and most likely will, change with this next curtain call. No one will be left untouched by the coming events.” And now, here we are. Following the last curtain call, we are watching the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a U.S. CIA/DOS backed organization, taking over Iraq with relative ease.

The march of ISIS will proceed as intended, but it will not stop at Baghdad. They are headed for Syria and have their sights set on removing Bashir al-Assad from power.

The bigger picture has always been Syria via the “Death race to Damascus” as I detailed in my column dated January 20, 2014. The bigger picture has always been to topple Assad and take Syria. So, when all of this comes unraveled, and it will, look for it to explode eastward into Saudi Arabia, into the Arab sea, north into Iran and all the way to the Strait of Hormuz. And when—not if it does, that attack will not just damage shipping and the free flow of oil into Western markets, it will kill the dollar and with it the hopes and dreams not just of the U.S., but western civilization itself.

The ultimate goal is to kill the U.S. dollar through a proxy war with Russia while the Renegade-in-Chief, his band of outlaws and his global financiers hide under the pretext of plausible deniability. For it is the destruction of the middle class through economic Armageddon, vis-a-vis killing the dollar, that is needed to create a new global economic order and ultimately, the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States.

Recent news reports suggest the Israelis are possibly preparing to leverage the counter terrorist operation – currently being carried out in and around the Hebron area in search of the three teens abducted by Islamic terrorists – into a fully blown showdown with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Gaza which has recently joined forces with the PLO regime in Ramallah. Missile defense batteries have been deployed in the Southern areas of the country and reserve mobilization has been reported.

The sheer speed at which ISIS was able to operate has caused the Shiite residents of Lebanon to become increasingly apprehensive that the same thing could happen here.

There are reports that the success of ISIS, first in eastern Syria and now into western and central Iraq, in creating an Islamic caliphate under strict Shariah law has galvanized not only the tens of thousands of unemployed Sunni young men but is beginning to prompt al-Nusra fighters to join ISIS.
Al-Nusra and elements of ISIS are in Lebanon now, embedded in Sunni areas and in most of the Palestinian camps throughout the country. At the moment, there are more pockets of al-Nusra fighters in Lebanon than ISIS.

Shiites in Lebanon fear something similar happening that could get them embroiled in another sectarian Sunni-Shiite conflict that led to the 1975-1990 civil war and could well-happen in Iraq in just a matter of days as ISIS sweeps toward Baghdad inside a Shiite-controlled area.
There, the moderate Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has issued a call-to-arms to young Shiite men to fight the Sunni fighters who are advancing toward Baghdad.

The fear, however, is that any al-Nusra or ISIS initiative will quickly get recruits from young people in the Sunni pockets throughout the country, including those in the Palestinian camps where unemployment tops more than 90 percent.
If this were to happen, combined with ISIS’ advances in Iraq, the entire Middle East region will soon find itself embroiled in what could become a major Sunni-Shia conflict that may ultimately determine who wields the most influence in the Middle East – Shiite Iran or Sunni Saudi Arabia
The Saudi kingdom not only has provided financial backing to ISIS but is pushing other Sunni fighting groups to join ISIS in a major Sunni push to take back Iraq.

An Israeli aircraft struck a “terror activity site” and three weapon storage and manufacturing facilities in the northern Gaza Strip early Monday morning, according to a statement released by the IDF spokesperson’s office.

The IAF also struck a site in the southern Gaza Strip.

The IDF said the strikes were a response to a rocket attack from Gaza on Sunday evening.
Direct hits were confirmed, according to the statement. .

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, while accusing Hamas of perpetrating the abduction of three Israeli teens, hinted Sunday that Israel, either in retribution or in order to thwart future attacks, may reestablish its campaign of targeted killings against the organization’s leadership.

“We will know how to exact a very heavy price from the leaders of Hamas wherever and whenever we find it appropriate and from whomever ponders the notion of harming the citizens of Israel or disrupting their lives,” Ya’alon said at the Israel Defense Prize ceremony at the President’s Residence on Sunday evening.

The statement came as security forces further intensified an ongoing search for the three missing teens – Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel – who were kidnapped on Thursday night.

The army has placed the southern section of the West Bank under curfew and flooded the region with troops.
Thus far, over 100 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials and activists have been apprehended, including one of Hamas’ founders, Hassan Yousef, and several former government officials.
On Sunday night, IDF troops converged on a house in Hebron andarrested two men wanted in connection with the kidnapping.
Ya’alon, like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, held the Palestinian Authority responsible for the kidnappings

“The same Palestinian Authority, which some call moderate, recently cut a deal with Hamas, a terror organization that has emblazoned on its flag the murder of Jews, wherever they may be, and whose aspirations are to seize control of Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], and it bears the responsibility for the kidnappings of the three teens over the weekend,” he said.

Signs of an approaching IDF military operation against Hamas abounded this week as a possible outcome of the massive military-cum-intelligence effort to rescue the three Israeli boys Hamas is accused of abducting near Hebron on June 10. Military strength constantly poured in to reinforce the siege around the Hebron, a West Bank city of 170,000 and is environs. Sunday night, June 15, Israeli forces surrounded and then stormed two houses for suspects, after detaining up to 100 Hamas operatives.

During the day, a limited call-up of reserves was announced.
All in all, it looked as though the fundamentalist Islamic organization was in for a major smack - and not only in Hebron. Opposite Hamas’ Gaza base, Israel deployed Iron Dome missile interceptors at important towns within range of Palestinian rockets – Ashdod, Beersheba and Rehovot as well as Ashkelon, where Sunday night, the battery caught two missiles incoming from the Gaza Strip.

Pent-up Israeli fury against its constant menace and routine extortions is fueled by the anguish of the teenagers' families. The government would find it hard in the current environment to bow to yet another demand to hand over Palestinian prisoners. Dealing with Hamas in military terms is backed across the political spectrum under popular pressure.

This confrontation may blow quickly from the West Bank to the Gaza sector. There, Hamas holds its vast missile arsenal and terrorist infrastructure, which it has refused to relinquish even for the sake of Palestinian reconciliation and a unity government, and will use it to the full to terrorize southern and central Israeli cities and villages.

There, too, Hamas could count on backup from the pro-Iranian Palestinian Jihad Islami, which has accumulated firepower that rivals that of Hamas as well as a strong foothold in West Bank refugee camps.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, in his brief comment Saturday night, June 14, made an important point when he said: “While bending all our efforts to rescuing the three boys, we are keeping a watchful eye on the north and the south.”

AUSTRALIAN and US embassy staff in Baghdad are being evacuated as terror sweeps Iraq following the release of images showing captured troops being massacred.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says a number of embassy staff members have been withdrawn from Baghdad due to the deteriorating security situation.
Islamic militants have taken over a swathe of territory in northern Iraq in an offensive that has brought fighting to within 80km of the capital.
“The Australian embassy remains open with reduced staffing levels,’’ DFAT says in its latest travel advice.

The New York Times reports the US embassy is also preparing to evacuate “a substantial number” of its 5500 staff in the face of the relentless insurgent advance.
The $600 million, fortress-like embassy on the Tigris River is the heart of what used to be known as the Green Zone, a heavily fortified and defended compound in the heart of Baghdad.
A US State Department spokeswoman said in a statement that key staff will stay in place, but would not reveal how many will be pulled out.
“Overall, a substantial majority of the US Embassy presence in Iraq will remain in place and the embassy will be fully equipped to carry out its national security mission,” she said.

Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a statement that a “small number” of military personnel — believed to be 100 Marines and US Army troops — were being sent to help keep State Department facilities safe in Baghdad.
US civilian contractors employed in training Iraqi defence and police forces throughout the country have already been recalled to Baghdad or evacuated from the war-torn nation.
Meanwhile, the Islamic militant group that captured two major cities last week has posted graphic photos that appeared to show its fighters massacring dozens of captured Iraqi soldiers.

The timing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s condemnation Monday morning of the kidnapping of three Israeli youths is no coincidence; nor is the timing of his telephone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Over the preceding 48 hours, it seems, something has shifted in the upper echelons of the PA and Abbas’s Fatah party. Essentially, Abbas has come to realize that the recently inked unity pact with Hamas ended at the moment of the abduction.

In off-the-record conversations, confidants of Abbas’s say that Hamas will pay a steep price for the kidnapping — beyond the massive Israeli operation to recover the abductees, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel — in the form of punitive steps with which the PA plans to target Hamas in Gaza.

Since its announcement in April, analysts have been seeing the Fatah-Hamas unity agreement as a gamble, due to both Israel’s outright rejection of it and the US’s ambiguous stance (Washington has maintained that it will continue to work with the PA, although it still considers Hamas as a terror organization). And yet Abbas decided to proceed and check, for the umpteenth time since the Palestinian rift of 2007, whether reconciliation with Hamas was possible.
For him, it was practically personal – a matter of critical import.
It was on his watch that the Hamas government of Gaza splintered from that of Fatah, in the West Bank, and he hoped that before his presidential term ran out he would succeed in restoring Palestinian unity.
Yet, from the moment the agreement was finalized, some two weeks before the kidnapping on Thursday, Abbas’s security forces realized that Hamas was trying to undermine the relative peace in the West Bank and foment unrest against both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
One must note that, so far, there’s nothing to indicate that the kidnappers are seeking to trade the teens for Palestinian prisoners. The kidnappers haven’t made approaches to anyone — in Israel, the PA or elsewhere – with the intention of negotiating for their release. Even Egypt, long considered the go-to negotiator between Israel and Hamas in such situations, hasn’t received any word. The passage of time only exacerbates fears for the fate of the kidnapped youths, and sharpens the prediction that Israel is hurtling toward a massive conflict with Gaza.

IRS lost emails by official in tea party probe ... The Internal Revenue Service said Friday it has lost a trove of emails to and from a central figure in the agency's tea party controversy, sparking outrage from congressional investigators who have been probing the agency for more than a year. The IRS told Congress Friday it cannot locate many of Lois Lerner's emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year. Lerner headed the IRS division that processed applications for tax-exempt status. – AP
Dominant Social Theme: These things happen.
Free-Market Analysis: This is a good example of the deteriorating level of US government behavior. It's disturbing because it seems to shows an escalating level of recklessness. We last wrote about this here:
That article was focused on the IRS sending a database containing confidential taxpayer information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But illegally sending a database to the FBI can possibly be explained away, illegal or not. Claiming that hundreds or thousands of recent emails have been "lost" beggars belief.

The reality – though no one involved will directly or at least officially state it – is probably both tawdry and obvious: Top elements of the IRS likely conspired with political operatives at the Obama administration to investigate Tea Party organizations and to keep them from gaining certain tax benefits. It was part of a chilling effect intended to reduce opposition to Obama's reelection.
Perhaps there are other elements that are not so apparent at first glance. It is perfectly possible that this incident is intended at least to some degree to bring home the point that the IRS, like some other larger government facilities, is increasingly beyond "the law."
Modern governments are increasingly part of an obvious globalist enterprise. This is no "conspiracy theory" but a simple and realistic observation. It is an evolution that has been exposed by the Internet; such recklessness may be a way of "sending a message."
It may indeed be meant to intimidate, but it risks polarizing millions, even tens of millions, not previously aware of the evolving internationalism. This sort of cold contempt may have the effect of cowing citizens; it may also awaken them and generate defiance over time.

It's not good for civil society either way. While modern law has increasingly concealed lawlessness, the apparent determination of the IRS – and probably the FBI and other government facilities as well – to place themselves beyond the reach of official enforcement is an unsettling elaboration of what has gone before.
It also reminds us that global financial legislation such as FATCA and GATCA are meant to intimidate as well as to provide additional investigative tools. The modern Western state – whether in Europe or the US – is progressively more inclined to regard its citizenry as an impediment to the avowed goal of so many of the power elite ... the goal of additional global facilities.
Seeing the evolution of these trends, citizens of the West especially must be giving increased thought to protecting themselves, their wealth and their loved ones from an increasingly adversarial sociopolitical and economic environment.

Dominant Social Theme: Global warming exists and any other perspective is incorrect ... and illegal!
Free-Market Analysis: Western officials are increasingly willing to make threats in support of elite dominant social themes. Not surprisingly, we're seeing this sort of behavior as regards global warming.
There is no doubt that warmist sentiment is waning in the West but this does not mean its official backers are willing to give up the dream of regulating "carbon" – and thus basically controlling global energy consumption.

Breitbart brings us this particular news, and it's troublesome because it indicates an increasing willingness to enforce the meme via threats of censorship and worse.
This is in fact a growing trend. The power elite increasingly has abandoned tactics having to do with elaborate promotions designed to generate compliance from a willing audience and is resorting to intimidation and worse.

Here's more from the article:
Oettinger complained in a letter leaked to Euractiv: "We have seen similar attempts in the past, when national press has used these measures in a way that risks creating anti-European feelings amongst citizens. This should not be taken lightly. Attempts at undermining ecodesign and energy labeling directly undermine our energy policy."
Resistance to Oettinger's policies has been notably strong in Britain, where EU directives have banned traditional light bulbs and forced their replacement with expensive eco-bulbs, which are considered to be both ugly and dim. Many people complain the eco-bulbs lead to head aches and eyestrain because they do not deliver the same quality of reading light as traditional incandescent bulbs.
In Germany, the new Alternative for Germany (AfD) party attacked eco-design measures in its successful campaign for the elections to the European Parliament last month, when it won seven seats. What Oettinger plans to do to stop the campaigns against his eco-policies is not yet known. However, he has a history of vengeful behaviour against member states which do not meet the demands imposed by Brussels.
This is really an outrageous letter in that it equates legitimate differences of opinion with an attack on state policy. The implication, of course, is that "undermining" is illegal.

Of course, the "science" of global warming is not proven, nor can it be. There are too many variables in weather forecasting to be sure of any given trend on a short-term basis. It may take further decades or more before a given weather pattern becomes clear.
But that is not the point of the global warming meme. The idea is to create a crisis that can only be solved by united global action. Once again, we see that an issue is being politicized for purposes of advancing elite internationalism.

Rossiter makes a good point in this article. Not only is this sort of warmist intolerance affecting individual careers, it is also depriving groups – even whole continents – of the right to a broad energy marketplace.
As in other areas, warmist tactics and intolerance increasingly polarize issues and make rational discussion difficult to pursue. When political interactions become marginalized, or even criminalized, then authoritarianism inevitably expands.

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For those in the "know", the feelings of treachery and betrayal has to be driving them mad.

And little Israel.....watching the circle form, to complete with the sea being the only non hostile and deadly border. Their hand is almost being forced now....they can't let this encirclement play out. One hope, I guess, is the enemy would be so busy fighting each other they would wear themselves out before getting to them. Hezbo supports Assad and ISIS is at war with him.

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